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Lean Project Management Assignment: Possibilities In Construction And Manufacturing


Task:The Board of Directors has chosen you to be in charge of implementing the LPM approach. This assessment, therefore, is to be done INDIVIDUALLY.

As the Director in charge, your task is to write a memo to all staff informing them about the decision and the proposed implementation process for LPM.

Your memo must:

  1. Address the initial reason for implementing LPM
  2. Describe the benefits that can be gained by the various stakeholders in a project from implementing LPM
  3. Describe the Critical Success Factors (CSF) needed to be in place within the consultancy organisation to achieve successful implementation of LPM
  4. Describe the steps by which you propose to ensure CSF are in place and how to achieve the LPM mindset within the consultancy staff
  5. List and describe training requirements for individual staff
  6. Describe your method to assess when the consultancy has sufficiently adopted the LPM approach to be able to tender for government work


Lean Project Management indicates the leanness in constructions, manufacturing and thinking to project management. Lean project management has so many ideas and concepts. In those concepts there are some principle in Lean project management which is giving more value with less waste in context. There are five principles are discussed in this Lean project management assignment that the Lean Project management delivers. About this it can be said to be lean when it applies the principle of lean thinking. The philosophy of this management is gained from the Toyota Production System and distinguished as “lean” in the 1990s. However, there are implementations of ideas that are different from one another that have not necessarily applied of the principle of equal weight. Here is a clear idea about the motivation of an organization that indicates the fact that how can an organization get profit from this Lean project Management. There is also a view for Government Tender why the organization takes the LPM. However there are so many things by which an organization can benefited by using this Lean Project management. Lean Project management is focusing on the process of continuing by using data-driven methods to manage the project. This Lean project management assignment has an aim to show how Lean Project Management gives the benefits to the company by its remarkable management system.

It is very important to implement LPM in management system. The client’s requirement is the primary reason of implementation of Lean Project Management. For the last few years as per Chief Legal officers Survey, Altman Weil enlisting 10 trends and said, ”Of the following service improvements and innovations, please select the three you would most like to see from your outside counsel.” In this list there is improved communication, alternative project staffing, preventative laws strategies and technology efficiencies are included. By this survey the clients wants LPM, LPM and more LPM. The reason of implementation of Lean Project management is that the law firms are moving slowly. Lean Project management is describing as a “must have”. It means by Lean Project Management an organization can get benefited. The uses of waste material are also a big reason of implementation of Lean Project management. The primary reason to implementation is to reuse the waste product that the reputed organization has provided. If the company uses the waste materials then there is of huge possibilities of that company will getting his success. Lean Project management can help the company to choose the right way that it can reach to it pick of success. This company has an intention to give its client satisfaction and reuse the waste as raw material of the construction. It is very important to gain business by low price thing and the waste that the company provides by the Lean project management. The defected products, waste materials, over produced products all are the base of the gaining company after implanting Lean project Management. This management system can provide the better facilities to the customers of a reputed organization. For that it is very important to implant this management system for better future of the reputed company. There are seven principle of lean development are dispose of waste, built the quality in, collect knowledge, defer the commitment, deliver fast, respect the customers and other people, and make optimal the whole. Those are the reason for that why Lean Project Management is implanted.

The benefits that can be gained by the various stakeholders in the project of this Lean project management assignment are as follows. There are two types of stakeholders in any organization. One are those who are doing their job in business sectors and other are those who are known as dealers and customers. Both are very important for an organization. With this two stakeholders, the company can be gained. Here are some benefits by which a reputed organization can gain:

  • In companies, the stakeholders are addressed as business manager, business experts and workers. These are the backbone of any companies. Their hard work gives profits to the reputed company. These stakeholders are always ready to give surprises by their work. Which is the main cause of company’s growing reputation.
  • A project manager works regularly with his project team to regulate the whole process. This is the vital point to give the reputed company fame.
  • As a project manager they have duty to identify the customer’s need and works on it. Whereas the business manager has to understand the people’s mind thus the unique think always grows into them. This is the sign of good health of a reputed organization.
  • Stakeholders have concerns. They have about potential events that can explain how the project may affect roles and responsibilities. That is the cause of gaining organization.
  • The stakeholders are always investing their time in right work and they know which place is the accurate for their job. They also know the right job that provides the greatest value to this project.
  • As a business manager they have to keep their stakeholders always happy and satisfied because they are involved in the project completely. As a project manager it is important to give less stress to the stakeholders. By this the manufacturing, marketing and sailing will going smoothly.
  • A stakeholder should need an improved communication skill. By which they can communicate with ease and Excellencies. With this they can communicate to other about their productions which is the most important part of this Lean Project Management system.
  • A business expert needed the ability to understand the stakeholder’s expectations. By which they can meet the people’s hunger.Which give the chance to the manger for promotes their product.
  • A project manager always has a keen to provide best performances for company’s reputation. This keenness is the positive sign for an organization’s future health.

Those are stakeholder’s role for company’s benefit. If this thins are happened by them a large success will come to the organization.

The Critical Success Factors (CSF) needed to be in place within the consultancy organization to achieve success in implementation of LPM.Critical Success Factor (CSF) are critical activities which is required to ensure the success of business. Smaller and pragmatic businesses are using this Critical Success Factors. CSF is used to identify the key factors that organization should concentrate on to be success. In consultancy organization there are some way to achieve their success. There are five key factor of success: leadership, management, planning, learning and development. These key factors help the organization to fulfill their target in market. It indicates what he company must do and do well to achieve their success goal which is outlined to its strategic plan. There are some alternative term that area Key Result Area (KRA) and Key Success Factor (KSF). “Success Factor” this concept is raised by Ronald Daniel of Mcknsey& Company in 1961. It has some dominant strategies. It has a clear definition of goals, roles, impacts and project chart. It is very important to access to financial resources that can help the company for getting profit. An organization needs to have a balanced budget for that the quantity of waste material they provide can reuse for production. The process should be under formal work. The company needed solid infrastructure for their upcoming growth. In Lane Project Management, the power is the experienced manager. The business manager can take his company to the pick of success by his power of knowledge, experiences and Excellencies. On the other side there is also some risk from other rival companies. If the organization and its manager obey the Critical Success Factors the company must achieve their goal of success. For why this factors are needed for company’s progress.

There are some steps that can able to setup the mind of staffs. For a better mind set a business experts should have a better team for the Lane Project Management system. It is very important to have faith for their work. This point of view can set the minds of staff active. A business expert should have to give reward to their stuff for their better work. Team member should get proper directions from their team leader. It is very important to have knowledge about the production produced by an organization. The team leader should set the mind of his team member always active and have to always encourage them for their work. The consultancy staffs should always have to be strong. The team leader should create an atmosphere of working in the job area. They should show to team member the positive side of this management system. The Critical Success Factor directs the whole process. In this method the staffs of an organization set their mentality with positive thoughts and full of courage. The business experts should have to deliver their knowledge and share their experiences for that they are being successful in this management system. A strong personality can give the strong mind set. For that an individual has to strong from their inner heart. This can give them the strength to fulfill the criteria the company needs. An business expert has also transferred the skills that can change the personality of the staff is always going to the path of success.

For implementation of Lean Project Management there are need of some staff who can handle and are expert to manage the whole procedure. For that an individual needs training. Here is some guide for an individual for their better performance:

  • Now a day technology is everywhere. For that an individual can get some technological knowledge. By this an individual can get knowledge about the modern technology. For that they can catch the system of the production machines very easily.
  • An individual has to learn about the gaining of experiences. For this they have to stay in the daily work. They should have also do hard work for gaining such experiences. As a result they can use that experiences in their work for progress.
  • An individual needs monitoring himself day by day. It means that the monitoring can change the personality of an individual. The positive mentality will grow with this training.
  • An individual should attain the class of lecture where the business experts give their point of view for their teammates. By this an individual can get many knowledge about the company and its production.
  • Group decisions are the most important thing for an individual is training. After having a result if an individual discusses with his team expert then he can get the ultimate outlook about his thought. This can give an individual an inner strength.
  • An individual can get a tutor and can follow his tutorials that help him to collect knowledge for his better future.
  • An individual should have to take part in management game. By this game an individual can improve his skills for better performance in company.

These are all need of an individual for implementation of Lean Project Management. By this training an individual can give their level best that indicates a good health of a reputed company.

Tender is the process that government invite bids for a big project that is must be submitted in the deadline. On the other side tendering is the process that makes an offer or proposal in responseto an invitation for tender. There are three modes of tenders are adopted:

  • Open tenders: Bids are invited to give wide and sufficient publicities. This is one of the preferable mode of tendering.
  • Limited tenders: Those tender is preferable for those who has small value works, and for only a few bidders are available in the market area. In limited tender the whole system is done by in transparent mode and is updated periodically.
  • Single tenders: In this process all system is done by nomination basis. For this it is also called a single tender. In this tendering process only one person is licensed who are also getting priority in respect for good sought to be procedure.

Lean Project Management is under the Open tenders. From the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court in case of Nagar Nigam, Meerut Vs Al Faheem Meat Exports Pvt. Ltd. Has been emphasized that all the public tender should be clear and transparent with sufficient publicity. In this tender the Government also take part for its profitable condition. It has assured that a large amount of sum will go to the Government’s house as a tax. If the implementation of Lean Project Managementis done carefully than the Government should take their profit from the company. If the Government get the tender of Lean Project management that there is large possibilities of company’s better growth. With this tender, the organization will get the opportunity to reach at the top of the success and the management system will get the help of Government that is the positive sign of getting success.

This is the system where a reputed company reuses its waste materials as their raw material. The over production, waste materials and other things that collected are reused and produces their product is the main concept of this management system. For implementation of Lane Project Management there are some important thing that will be the cause of company’s growth. An individual has to proper trained by their business experts. The stakeholders also play an important role in this management system. The main important thing that has to know what people want. By the proper training of an individual an organization can get their success goal. The whole team of Lean Project Management should have involved in the process of how the company gets its success. It is observed in this Lean project management assignment that tendering of the company can get their profit and ties up with the government. At the end of this Lean project management assignment we can say it is all about the Lean Project Management system where an individual can give his company a solid profit with his hard working habit, faith and dignity. Good luck team! Project management assignments are being prepared by our online management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable academic writing service .

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