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   Free sample   Leadership styles assignment on leadership choices make by boarder company

leadership styles assignment on the leadership choices make by the Boarder company


Task: how can young professionals asses the company Boarder leadership decisions using leadership styles assignment research strategies?


On this leadership styles assignment we assess Boarders leadership choices. Borders were founded in 1971 and quickly became a leading bookseller in the United States. The company expanded rapidly in the 1980s and 1990s, opening hundreds of stores across the country. However, Borders failed to keep up with the changing times. As per the leadership styles assignment research findings, the company did not embrace digital technologies, and as a result, it was unable to compete with online retailers such as In 2011, Borders filed for bankruptcy and liquidated its assets.

leadership styles assignment company Analysis
Before the incident, Borders' leadership style was highly centralized and focused on control.The leadership styles assignment investigations show the company uses an autocratic leadership strategy which means complete control and authority over others. Leaders who use this style make all decisions without input or feedback from followers (Hogg, 2021). This style is often seen as dictatorial and can lead to conflict and resentment.The company's executives made all the decisions and dictated what happened at the stores. This top-down approach prevented employees from being innovative and responding to customer needs. During the incident, Borders' leadership style remained highly centralized and focused on control. The company's executives continued to make all the decisions and dictate what happened at the stores.

leadership styles assignment- organization work culture
The work culture of Borders was one that was very resistant to change and innovation. This was one of the key factors that led to the company's eventual downfall. The company was very slow to adapt to the changing retail landscape and failed to innovate in its product offerings.

There are some opinions given for the work culture of Boarders
1. Build strong relationships with employees: Employees are the backbone of any company, so it’s important to nurture strong relationships with them. Make sure employees feel comfortable coming up with any concerns or suggestions they may haveand let them know that their feedback is always welcome(Stamolampros et al., 2019).

2. Focus on training and development: Training and development programs accessed during this leadership styles assignment research show employees that the company is committed to their growth and development(Karim et al., 2019). Encourage employee input Giving your employees a voice in decisions affecting their work can improve job satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Motivation for employees: Offering a competitive salary and benefits package is the most common way to motivate employees, but it's certainly not the only way (Ali & Anwar 2021). In fact, research shows that money isn't always the best. Other top motivators include a sense of accomplishment, recognition, and a feeling like they are part of a team

4. Recognizing and rewarding employees: Recognizing and rewarding employee contributions is a key part of employee retention (Gorde, 2019). The leadership styles assignmentresearch shows when employees feel that their work is valued, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best work and to stay with the company.

Key techniques or tools
There are a few key techniques or tools identified on this leadership styles assignment that can be used to encourage innovation at a company:

1. Encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking - One way to encourage innovation is to simply encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. This can be done through brainstorming sessions, encouraging employees to take risks, and providing opportunities for employees to experiment and try new things.

2. Encourage collaboration - Another way to encourage innovation is to encourage collaboration. This means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable working together to solve problems and develop new ideas. The leadership styles assignment research shows this can be done through team-building exercises, encouraging cross-departmental collaboration, and providing opportunities for employees to share their ideas with others.

3. Encourage communication - Another key way to encourage innovation is to encourage communication. This means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas with others and where there is open communication between departments. This can be done through regular town hall meetings, creating an open-door policy, and Encouraging employees to use social media to share their ideas.

leadership styles assignment - leadership style
The company should adopt a democratic leadership style to regain trust and be a strong competitor. This leadership style encourages employee input and involvement in decision-making, which can help build trust (Al Khajeh, 2018). Additionally, this style can help ensure that the company is making decisions that are in the best interests of employees and the company as a whole, which can help it regain its competitive edge. some characteristics of the democratic leadership style identified on this leadership styles assignment include:

• Encourages open communication and debate.
• Focuses on consensus building.
• Encourages input from followers
• Delegates’ authority
• Shares power and decision-making
• flexible and adaptable

leadership styles assignment Recommendations
Focus on selling more unique items:One recommendation is for Borders to focus on selling more unique items that cannot be found as easily at other bookstores. The leadership styles assignment research shows this will help to make Borders more of a destination for shoppers and increase the number of people coming into the store.

Focus on increasing its security measures: Borders has to focus on its security measures byIncreasing the number of security personnel: This will help to deter potential criminals and also allow for a quicker response in the event of an incident and Installing more security cameras: This will help to monitor activity and also provide evidence in the event of an incident.

Increasing its marketing efforts: Borders should focus on increasing its marketing efforts in order to reach a wider range of potential customers. This could include advertising in more places,

Focus on its inventory initiative: Borders to focus on its inventory initiative, which includes working with publishers to improve its inventory turnover and reducing the number of stores requiring inventory reductions.

On the above leadership styles assignment discussion about the border company, this report concludes thatthe border company is not doing enough to protect its employees from violence and needs to improve its policies and procedures. This report discussed the analysis of leadership style before the incident followed by the company after that some opinions are discussed regarding the work culture of the company. This leadership styles assignment report also concludes some key techniques must use by Boarder company and some recommendations are given.

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