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Leadership Skills Assignment Individual Reflection


Task: To create TWO (2) individual reflections that apply the People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership theories and concepts that have been covered in the subject. Both reflections will be completed as inclass activities.

Task Description
An important part of undertaking postgraduate study, is that you actively reflect on what you’ve been learning and how you could apply it to assist your own professional development and/or future career. Reflection One will be conducted in-class in Week 6, and will be based on the Industry Guest Speaker the link between theory and practice), attendance at this class is a requirement in order to complete the assessment. Discussions, participation and self-analysis activities will be conducted in class. You will have 48 hours from the date of the class that they are enrolled in to complete their reflections which will be based on the in-class discussion to submit via Moodle

Reflection Two will be conducted in Week 12 and be a self-analysis of your leadership style and ways that you can develop your own leadership skills? You will be required to use the range of self-analysis and self-assessment tools to support your leadership development, that have been covered in the subject. Attendance at this class is a requirement in order to complete the assessment. Discussions, participation and self-analysis activities will be conducted in class. You will then be required to upload your final submission on Monday, Week 13 @11.55pm.


In order to achieve goals and objectives of an organization, it is mentioned in in the present context of leadership skills assignment that an individual with his leadership skills and qualities can guide, organize, manage, control, influence and direct the human resources and all the activities within the organization efficiently and effectively. Being a good leader, it is important to develop strategic vision and must be dedicated and optimist towards achieving the vision, which can help in motivating his team members towards the goal of an organization (Tie, et. al., 2020).

Therefore, it can be said in this leadership skills assignment that a good leader understands the internal and external environment before incorporating any strategy and to make sure that the strategies so developed are communicated properly to the group of people in an organization for performance growth (Englefield, et. al., 2019).

Self- analysis and self- assessment tools
For leadership growth and development, it is necessary to examine the strengths, weaknesses in an individual,various opportunities available and any limitations if any (Karagianni, & Jude,2018). For understanding this point provided within this leadership skills assignment, it is important to analyze certain reflective questions on personality traits and leadership skills. I have conducted various tests that will enable in determining my personality traits that will lead to ascertain my leadership skills and qualities. The motive of the test is to conduct examination of personality, and the result of which will lead to obtain various aspects of my traits of leadership which will eventually help in development of skills. I have conducted two tests they are- psychometric test and my personality test.

As per psychometric test outlined in the leadership skills assignment,the result obtained was in percentage and it was above average result which means I am a competent leader. The result was based on few attributes such as- reformer, helper, achiever, individualist, investigator, loyalist, enthusiast, challenger and peace maker. There were various questions asked on the basis of which I have obtained result on my personality traits. I have observed that I put people and their feelings before my feelings that help in maintaining good working environment.

Self- analysis and self- assessment tools in leadership skills assignment

Second test conducted was my personality test the score obtained was between 0-4. As per the result pasted in this leadership skills assignment, it was found that there are few factors which are limiting my leadership skills and a lot of development is required to be obtained. There are many elements on which analysis was conducted, few of them are- dominance, consciousness, vigilant, self- reliance and more. In most of the traits I have got more than 2 out of 4 which means there is a scope of leadership quality which encourage me to become a good leader.

Self analysis of leadership style in leadership skills assignment

Self- analysis of leadership style
While conducting tests, there were self- reflective questions asked based on which results were obtained. It is evident in the leadership skills assignment that examination through test helps in assessing strengths, weaknesses and observing various opportunities available.

With the help of test, it was analyzed that I possess various strengths like-
-self- awareness,
-conscious about internal and external environment,
-flexible towards change of plans and strategies,
-self- reliant,
-loyal towards work and people,
-enthusiast that helps in developing friendly working environment and,
-a peace maker.

It is important to understand weaknessesto mitigate all the limitations in developing leadership skills. Few weaknesses observed in this leadership skills assignmentare-
- being emotional.Which can restrict in taking necessary decisions,
- lack of privacy. As being a leader, it is important to maintain an adequate relation with the group of people. Informal relation may lead difficulties in delegating responsibilities.
- fear and anxiety,
- tension and
- achallenger
With the help of examination of personality traits, I further observed various opportunities in career growth and development. I got to know that I am not only a competent leader but also possess management skills, which helped me considering many career aspirations.

Therefore, it can be said in the leadership skills assignmentthat these tools of self- assessment not only bring advantages of being a good leader but also help in assessing further options of growth and development. It is a process of developing leadership skills while accepting variations and alterations if it is required to be taken(Böck, & Lange,2018).

Ways to develop leadership skills
To achieve success in an organization it in important to control, motivate, inspire and direct group of people in the direction of attaining common goals and objectives. A good leader is responsible for growth and sustainability of an organization. Being a leader is the most challenging job as it involves many responsibilities and duties. To succeed in achieving goals and visions, it is important to develop leadership skills (Ashiq, Rehman, &Batool, 2019). Ways to develop leadership skills and qualities are mentioned below within this leadership skills assignment-
-Understanding environment both internal and external can help in developing strategies accordingly which enables in obtaining competitive advantage.
- Developing communication skills is another way to maintain leadership skills. Good communication in the organization can help in resolving various conflicts and issues.
- It is stated in this leadership skills assignmentthat Human resource management (HRM) is the most important factor that leads to develop leadership skills. To survive in an organization, it is important to maintain relation with human resource. It involves inspiring people towards work and increase in commitment towards the organization.
- Ask for Feedback is a self- awareness process which helps in developing leadership skills. A good leader asks for feedbacks in order to develop leadership quality.
- Maintaining transparency is a very important factor in developing leadership skills. People will only restore trust and faith in a leader if he is transparent in developing strategies and implementation there to (Sowcik, Benge, &Niewoehner, 2018).
- There are other ways also in developing leadership qualities such as - restoring trust, rewards accountability,promote learning and agood listener. Therefore, to become a good leader it is important to develop such qualities and skills to achieve overall growth of an individual and an organization (Sousa, & Rocha, 2019).

A good leader is a person who is responsible for developing strategic vision and implements it effectively and efficiently in order to achieve overall success. When it comes to a good leader who possess all the leadership qualities, the one of the best example is Mark Zuckerberg. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook which is the largest social networking site in the world and possess net worth estimating USD 55.3 billion. Facebook has more than 1 billion of active users. He is a person who adapts innovation, techniques and creativity to achieve customer needs and satisfaction and creating business environment where employees are encouraged to work in a friendly environment (Liza, 2019).

Path goal theory- Employees plays a critical role in an organization. Hence it is important to develop a work environment where employees are motivated and encouraged to achieve common goals and objectives of the organization. Contingency theory- This theory depends upon the behavior and personality traits of a leader in various circumstances. A successful leader will operate consistently and effectively in every situation. Transformational/ Transactional theory- This theory of leadership discussed in this leadership skills assignment explains the need of change in strategies if required according to the internal and external environment of an organization.

It can be analyzed from the above sections of leadership skills assignmentthat to achieve organizational goals and objectives it is important to become a good leader. To enhance leadership qualities and skills, it is necessary to understand strengths and weaknesses.Various tools of self- assessment help in ascertaining the qualities of leadership. There are various ways to develop leadership qualities. Therefore, to become a good leader it is important to develop strategies according to market conditions and maintain proper and healthy relation with the group of people which helps in achieving potential growth and development.

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