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Leadership Essay On Qualities Of A CEO


Task: Consider the roles and situations, and the leadership behaviors that might be required, in the table below. Choose two of these and write up to 750 words (per topic) on how leadership might be exercised and what are the contextual factors that are relevant. The Topic

  1. By the CEO of a multinational firm
  2. Leading an inner city street gang
  3. Conducting a symphony orchestra
  4. By a social worker in an aged care


By the CEO of a multinational firm:
The roles of a CEO of a multinational firm are to create an inspiring vision and shared values. That is he needs to identify the various opportunities available to the business through proper research. A leader as discussed in this leadership essay should have the ability to analyses the data inputs that are available for the purpose of identifying the potential opportunities which can be tapped into gains for the company. This way a vision should be developed by creating strategies that will help in accomplishing those preset target goals and outcomes which will ensure accomplishment of long term gains and profits. This way the role of the leader who be towards directing the human resource in the organization towards particular target and outcomes. The attempts will be made by the leader to motivate employees and align their efforts towards the accomplishment of targeted goals which will ensure long term sustenance and growth of the business (DuBrin, 2016).

The CEO must act as a leader who led change. A leader must recognize the changes that are occurring in the industry. Based on these changes he could plan business tactics which could help in bringing ground level changes in the organization. The changes can be in the form of applying new age technology and improving the skills of the employees so that they could use the new technology for improving their efficiency at work. He should himself act as a lead example by learning the new technology and gaining the skills to better use them and apply them in business process. This will motivate the employees to follow the footsteps and take courage to learn new skills and abilities (DuBrin, 2016).

The CEO must have the ability to inspire others. As a leader he must be a good orator who can spell out words in such a way that could motivate the employees to step ahead and follow the leader. This way motivation which is the key to gain employee support should be accomplished. In addition to that CEO should empower the employees to give their ideas and take decisions so that the process of growth and expansion cannot face any set back. For this purpose a transformation leadership should be applied at the work place, wherein the employees are empowered with the ability to use their skills for the interest of the organization.

The CEO must showcase the ability to communicate with the employees. This way he can continue to keep the employees updated with the latest decisions taken for the improvement of the business. The effective communication needs to be made from top to bottom and also from bottom to top levels in the hierarchy. The top to bottom level of communication will help in conveying the message to all the employees about the latest decision made by the CEO. This way the efforts could be made to align their activities towards accomplishing particular set of targets and goals which are set up the CEO. On the other hand, the bottom to top level of communication will help in getting feedback from the employees. The low, middle and high level employees can convey their concerns, problems and cause of inefficiency to the CEO so that timely action can be taken and efforts could be made to remove the obstacles in the way of high efficiency outcome from employees (Little, Gooty, & Williams, 2016).

The CEO in different situations should display the following behaviors as proposed by this leadership essay.

  1. He should be optimistic and growth oriented so that the strategies formulated by him should display the ability to manage business efficiently (Aasland, Skogstad, Notelaers, Nielsen, & Einarsen, 2010).
  2. He should be a problem solver. That is, he should consider problems as challenges and keep an approach under which they can solved. This will help in getting the most desired outcome in the form of effective decision process, strategy formulation and business tactics.
  3. He should be a problem solver. That is, he should consider problems as challenges and keep an approach under which they can solved. This will help in getting the most desired outcome in the form of effective decision process, strategy formulation and business tactics.
  4. He should have good listening abilities. He should listen to the employee’s problems and frame out solution before they become issues. He should understand the employee’s prospective and take decisions accordingly so that the business process is not affected and the concerns of the human resources are dealt wisely (Woods, Bennett, Harvey, & Wise, 2004).

By a social worker in an aged care:
The role of a social worker in an aged care as a leader would be involving everyone using the tea approach. He should not just concentrate on improving his efficiency and outcome to the business but should also work for the active involvement of other employees as well. Therefore the efforts should be made towards developing a team approach under which the alignment of the efforts of each team member will be made such that the targeted outcomes can be achieved and high quality of service could be offered to the patients (Little, Gooty, & Williams, 2016).

The role of a social worker in an aged care as a leader would be to coach other employees and act as a mentor. The social worker should take training sessions of other employees so that their skills and abilities can be upgraded with the purpose to deliver high quality service to the patients. Also these training sessions could be used for introducing the other employees with the latest technological inputs which can actually improve their work efficiency and reduce stress of work from them. This way the right use of new technology will be taught to them so that they could easily handle the situations and offer the best in class service to the patients (DuBrin, 2016).

The role of a social worker should be to encourage group decisions. That is, the decision which are taken alone which encounter dissatisfaction and even opposition from other employees. Therefore it would be better to involve the employees in the first place before the decision is finally made. This will help in getting firsthand knowledge about the concerns, issues and problems of the employees which needs to be kept as priority. This way the problems will be addressed well in time and the decision which will easily get the acceptance of employees (Woods, Bennett, Harvey, & Wise, 2004).

The role of social worker as a leader should be monitor progress but avoid micromanagement. That is the performance appraisal of the employees needs to be made at regular intervals but the attempts should be made in avoiding the micromanage concept under which every single action is recorded. The idea behind the monitoring progress of the human resource as discussed in this leadership essay will be to reveal the employees with the current performance and compare them with the past year outcomes.

The leadership behaviors of the social worker in different situation should be as follows.

  1. Head the team in the time of issues and problems. That is when the team feels that their concerns are not addressed by the high level management than the social worker can head the team and convey their concerns to the high level management through personal contacts and meetings (Anderson & Sun, 2015).
  2. Identify the training, education and development needs of the employees. When the social worker feels that the performance outcome of the employees is declining and not meeting up to the mark than he can suggest for training, education and development programs so that their skills can be enhanced with new age skills and technological advancements.
  3. Recognize the need of change in the form of technological breakthrough. The social worker should recognize the changing trend in the industry which can be in the form of applying new era technology. Therefore he should contact the high level management to arrange them for improving the efficiency of the employees.
  4. Social worker should act as a big problem solver. That is, he should keep a positive approach under which the problems are needed to be identified and resolved as soon as possible. This positive approach will help him get support of the other employees in future (Laura, Batista-Taran, Bradley, Gutierrez, & Baralt, 2010).
  5. Social worker should learn and gain new skills and knowledge at regular intervals. This will help him in keeping up with the new era changes that are occurring around the world. He will also stay informed about the latest happenings in the hospital services. This way he can contact the high level management and ask for transformations that are needed to deal with the challenges coming their way in future. In addition to that his knowledge would help him convey the other employees to improve their skills and approach towards work so that they could help the hospital to sustain longer in the business (Agote, Aramburu, & Lines, 2016).

This way as discussed above in this leadership essay the role, situation and appropriate leadership behaviors help the social worker to keep up with the knowledge and skills that are required for effective leadership (Aasland, Skogstad, Notelaers, Nielsen, & Einarsen, 2010). Leadership essay are being prepared by our management experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best essay writing services.

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