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Leadership Assignment: A Reflective Report on Personal Management Skills



A Reflective Report on creating a ‘Leadership Profile’ to assess your personal leadership skills.

This leadership assignment requires you to prepare a reflective report on your personal leadership skills. Completion of four ‘Reflection and Action’ worksheets and observational exercises will enable you to evaluate your leadership skills and come up with an action plan. Hence, your report should include and consider the following:

Critical discussions on the findings of your leadership skills’ assessments

Use of appropriate theory/literature to support reflective discussions and practices with evidence of your evaluation

Creation of a ‘Leadership Profile’ to improve your existing skills and weaknesses


It is stated in the leadership assignment that leadership traits questionnaire enables identification of particular areas which in turn helps to prepare a plan for action to emerge an effective leader in the future. Various areas have been identified such that one can emerge an effective leader. Hence the current analysis draws from the findings of leadership skills questionnaire assessments.

Analysis of Reflective Skills
With the assistance of the leadership questionnaire different areas for emerging an effective leader has been discussed. Hence the reflection of leadership attributes has been undertaken in different heads as follows;

Personality attributes
I am an effective communicator, self-confident, self-assured, persistent, determined, trustworthy and dependable. I am friendly, outgoing, diligent, sensitive, conscientious as well as empathetic. These attributes make me capable to emerge a successful leader as I can commit to organizational goals and strive towards attainments of the same (Gleissner, 2017). These traits can be seen prominent across most noteworthy leaders of our times such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella and many more. However, I need to work on my empathy while working in a professional environment such that my followers are not able to take advantage of me.

Employee management attributes
Being a successful leader requires capability in dealing with employees with effectiveness. From the questions posed in the leadership questionnaire, I felt that there are various areas on which I could improvise upon as my current leadership skills demonstrate qualities of democratic leadership (Cameron, 2012). Analysing the various responses to my questions posed in this section reveals that I possess various qualities of authoritarian leadership and laissez-faire leadership as well. The democratic style of leadership comes easily to me with the prevalence of authoritarian and laissez-faire styles of leadership (Harms et al., 2018). I will follow a democratic style of leadership and enable and strengthen the same, however, I would like to change the feeling of insecurity amongst my followers by providing them with a secure and safe environment to work.

Strengths and weaknesses
While analysing my strengths and weaknesses, I placed myself in a leadership position. There were a lot of questions that I had gone through that revealed the various skills possessed by me. Calculating scores on those skills revealed that I possess extremely high administrative skills, interpersonal as well as conceptual skills. These are the key strengths that will enable me to be easily successful as a leader as they are my strengths. Due to my high emotional intelligence, I will easily be able to indulge with my followers, which in turn will support my role as a leader. I will also be able to easily practice administration amongst my followers while being able to resolve problems. I will also try and be socially perceptive of the options around me.

Action Plan
Any plan without an action is of no use, therefore it is important to have a proper plan to execute the visions. The following are the course of actions that is to be performed for executing the functions of this action plan:

Inculcate to becoming a visionary leader by reading articles and magazines on leadership
These days some several magazines and newspapers publish versatile articles on the visions and missions of the most famous leaders. Some of the leaders that have made to the news in the contemporary era are Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Satya Nadella and so on. There are various magazines such as Financial Daily, Forbes and Banking Strategies etc which publish interviews of the leaders and CEOs of the famous companies. I aim to read those articles and published interviews to gather better insights on leadership management and missions and goals for my future aspiration (Northouse, 2019). I ardently desire to be a successful leader and manage the team efficiently and therefore I must read such sources vehemently from now on words to capture better insights.

Identify challenging goals to emerge a successful democratic leader
It is important to face various challenging and diverse goals to successfully emerge as a democratic leader. The diverse nature of challenges such as becoming a successful captain of a team and managing the team will provide me with practical insights on how to efficiently manage the team. Moreover, becoming the class captain in my university will also help me to further my skills on gathering more knowledge on leadership and understanding the role of a leader. This will help me widely engage in different leadership activities and perform better.

Adopt time management skills
To adopt time management skills, I am intending to download various mobile applications that help us to schedule the task for the day and also provide a list of things that needs to be done and put a timer for each task. This will help me to remember what I need to accomplish in a day and initiate the course of actions immediately for that particular task. This will allow me to manage my timing effectively and not overdo something for seeking perfection in the task. As the most efficient task is to accomplish each task that has been enlisted for the day and overdo anything. This will help me to acquire the leadership skills for my future and help me to accomplish my tasks in the future as an efficient leader of my organization. The small steps that I am about to take from now onwards will help me to achieve my future goal.

Adopt multi-tasking capabilities by doing more undertaking different tasks at the same time
It is further important to acquire multi-tasking capabilities and deliver the actions accordingly. To acquire multi-tasking capabilities, I am intending to focus mainly on managing multiple tasks at one go and deliver each task with utmost efficiency. This will help in increasing my productivity and help me to gather better knowledge based on adaptability and flexibility of the circumstances that I am working on.

In conclusion, adopting a suitable action plan will enable me to become a successful leader in my career. I will try to follow my action plan and emerge a successful leader within a year of pursuing my professional career. I will try to excel at my skills and get a concrete grasp of the steps to becoming an effective leader at the workplace and effectively pursue organizational goals.

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Northouse, P. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


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