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Leadership and Management Skills assignment on self-improvement and skill development


Task: How can young professionals use Leadership and Management Skills assignment research methods to determine appropriate skill and self-development skills?


This Leadership and Management Skillsassignment will assess critical thinking and self-reflection, as well as their development of values or abilities, have been the focus of scholars and educators for a long time. Reflecting on one's own learning experiences and making connections between that information and one's views is the ultimate goal of self-reflection in the classroom. The process of keeping a journal has allowed me to examine my learning and behaviour, allowing me to make necessary adjustments to my instructional strategies (Karagianniand Jude Montgomery, 2018). Strong leadership is a critical component in any business, and I studied this in my business classes.Continuous learning is essential in today's work environment since it promotes growth and instils the numerous skills needed for a long and fruitful career.

Leadership and Management Skills assignment Concept
A powerful activity, in my opinion, is to reflect on what you have learned to better understand and make decisions in a given situation and to plan and evaluate your actions. In today's business world, a company's initial success is primarily dependent on its executive team. A person's personal and professional success depends on their ability to lead. As per research done on this Leadership and Management Skills assignment, a good leadership style must be taught to students even if the teacher possesses exceptional leadership characteristics. Management can learn from their workplaces rather than depending primarily on the global workforce (Milesand Scott, 2019). Management can benefit from on-the-job training to sharpen their ability to reflect on their work. Leaders, on the other hand, are always ready to share their wisdom. So that I can set an example for my coworkers, I am hoping to one day become a manager.Understanding that building a foundation of knowledge can aid in the decision-making process of the business and assist shape its overall situation, I realised that my education and experience had taught me this. Communication and negotiation are two of the most important skills for leaders. They also need to be able to think outside the box and take on new roles in the company. As a result of research done during this Leadership and Management Skills assignment, I have learnt that a strong leader motivates and provides knowledge to their staff so that they can develop their abilities.According to my perspective, even when leaders have a strong grasp of the theoretical aspects of the situation at hand, they must be able to use that knowledge in the real world. As a leader, you not only inspire your subordinates and coworkers to improve their talents, but you also motivate them to help the organisation achieve its goals (Ayelekeetal., 2018). The ability to adapt one's actions and strategies to fit the situation and achieve one's goals depends on one's ability to learn well (Rubenset al., 2018). Developing a business requires both learning and leadership. I will probably require the organization's help motivating me to assist others in completing their mission. The success of these individuals might be ascribed to their never-ending desire for knowledge and their capacity for that knowledge to be transmitted to others.

Figure 1- Market data
Sources- (Sadowskiet al., 2018)

Leadership and Management Skills assignment - CIPD model
With the help of this map, we have been able to clearly articulate the skills, knowledge, and expertise we require in every position across every grade level. By aligning teams to their respective Specialist Knowledge areas, some of which overlap between teams, we have achieved this result this is critical to the division's future growth and career development discussions. In addition, it will aid us in broadening the division's skill set and showcasing the various paths our employees can take to further their careers in the matrix.


Figure 2- CIPD model
Source- (Temelkova, 2018)

Situational leadership
the Situational Approach used on this Leadership and Management Skills assignment shows leaders are not bound to a single style. It allows them to move through a wider range of aesthetic terrain, making them more adaptable in a variety of scenarios. They will be better suited for leadership positions if they can deal with a wide range of situations rather than just a single one. Instead of a one-dimensional leader, a more well-rounded one emerges.

I prefer this approach because I feel that in order to be an effective leader, you must be prepared for any event that comes your way. Leaders are taught this method by analysing specific scenarios and determining the type of leader that is required. They can use what they learn in these situations to better their own lives and the roles they have as leaders. When I have tried to be a certain type of leader and it didn't work out, it was because the people I was leading and the task at hand didn't match up with my leadership style. We did not get much done since it grew disorderly. As a result of this Leadership and Management Skills assignment strategy, I now have a better understanding of the four primary forms of leadership that I can draw on to be more adaptable in new scenarios.

People, businesses, economies and society all gain from a better work and working environment. Founded in 1913, the company has now expanded its operations to the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Middle East, and Asia. CIPD has been able to effectively segment and target its content since implementing Marketing Cloud. It can send emails automatically based on user behavior, which means customers are engaged sooner and with more relevant information, increasing open and click-through rates.

It's possible that the data utilised was based on assumptions that turned out to be wrong. It might take a long time and be politically challenging to gain access to reliable internal data sources. Because it lacks a well-defined framework, certain important aspects may be overlooked. Because of the rapidity with which things are evolving, it is becoming increasingly impossible to foresee could in the future affect a company.

Activities to reflect on Leadership
Self-awareness is a prerequisite for effective management and leadership, thus those in charge must be able to recognize their assets and liabilities. To build a culture of respect for myself and those who work with me, I am conscious that it may take some time. Skills training programs and courses can be beneficial if they are put into action correctly(ShalaandBaliqi, 2018). An honest leader's words and deeds are worth what they say. My goal as a future leader is for my coworkers and subordinates to have confidence in me to leave them to their own devices to achieve the organization's objectives.

Role-playing in groups is another important aspect identified on this Leadership and Management Skillsassignment as it allowes everyone to be creative and unique. A problem scenario is identified, and persons affected by the problem are identified, leading to viable remedies. For example, the facilitator asked us to pick a specific business that had leadership challenges affecting its performance and provide solutions (Temelkova, 2018). Using roleplays to expose strengths and weaknesses in challenging situations and obtain feedback from the facilitator can help leaders improve their leadership qualities and are the most successful exercise.

An easy field Leadership and Management Skills assignment analysis allowed us to spend a day with a certain company and learn about their work culture, as well as how they dealt with any issues they encountered. I found this informative in terms of learning about various leadership styles. Additionally, we were told to keep reflection journals about our experiences to help us grow as leaders in the future.

Action plan


How to improve


Time Management

·         Attending time management workshops or making it a part of our training. Learning about time management in a book.

·         Creating and adhering to daily log and task schedules.

3 months


·         In order to acquire these abilities, we must give up our independence. Taking care of ourselves first before worrying about others.

2 months

As previously said, successful leadership needs self-reflection and understanding of one's strengths and shortcomings as well as one's views and impact on others. Interpersonal behaviour is also an important aspect of leadership. Developing our leadership style can be made easier by self-reflection and awareness of various themes. Leadership and Management Skills assignment research and publications show that organizational leaders must have a contingency plan for dealing with unexpected events.


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