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Leadership And Management Assignment Self-Reflection And Assessment


Task: How I used Leadership and Management assignment research skills to determine my leadership technique and how I can improve my skills in future?


Assessing existing capabilities
According to theoretical models of leadership identified on this Leadership and Management assignment there are three types of leadership, approaches can be found, that is transformational, transactional, and servant leadership approach, the leadership approach with which I can associate my leadership approach is the transactional leadership approach. I attempt to stimulate my subordinates to act for some kind of incentive or reward. Instead of emphasizing common objectives, I stimulate my employees to work for their benefit. I set some performance goals for every employee and promise them a reward if they become able to achieve them. I also use some thresholds for failing to attain some standards of performance set by me earlier. This approach of leadership has been extremely effective to enhance the ultimate productivity of the employees and because of my ability to extract performance out of employees; I have achieved success as a leader. However, I have been unable to build an effective relationship with employees. As this approach just focuses on the transactional relationship based on self-benefit it fails to address the deeper aspects of a relationship between leaders and subordinate employees. This Leadership and Management assignment model has been effective enough to meet short-term objectives.

The leadership model introduced by Kurt Lewin segregates leadership styles into segments, one of which is authoritarian leadership (Benitez et al. 2022). Another one is participative or democratic leadership and the last one is delegative or Laissez-Faire leadership. The leadership approach with which I can associate my leadership style is the democratic leadership style. Daniel Goleman has segmented leadership approaches into seven categories, which are authoritative, autocratic, coaching, democratic, affiliative, and laissez Faire. A democratic or participative leadership approach is the style I obtain while dealing with subordinates. The ability of convincing others to act in a certain way is the key factor essential to acting by this leadership approach. I empower my employees and regularly ask for their suggestions and opinions while dealing with business-related operations. I engage all the subordinates in the decision-making process and as a result of it, all of them feel valued> eventually their commitment and devotion towards the organization and my increase thoroughly. I have witnessed several benefits of obtaining the democratic approach to leadership. As I engage my subordinates in the decision-making process, the scope for ventilating innovative and unique ideas increases, and eventually the business organization gets benefited from it (Butler, 2020). By imbibing democratic elements in my leadership style I have been able to resolve different complicated issues. By collaborating with my subordinates I have been able to combat numerous serious challenges and eventually, their motivation to perform has enhanced as I always recognize and value their efforts. However, due to obtaining democratic leadership approach, I faced several hardships too. The time involved in the decision-making process is high and due to the presence of numerous opinions and suggestions, the entire decision-making process gets complicated at times. I have valued the opinions and suggestions of some employees because of the proven effectiveness more than others, it caused resentment among other employees and eventually, the organizational interest has been detrimentally affected.

Leadership and Management assignment Development plan
While developing leadership and management activities it is essential to assess the requirement of the particular type of leader. I must be able to align the requirements of the business organization with the scope for the individual career growth of every employee. Some leadership and management-related skills and capabilities should be fixed and through adequate measures, attempts should be made to attain those. The most suitable method must be used for developing the plan and acting according to it. It is my responsibility to be able to choose the most effective method.

The Leadership and Management assignment activities I am planning to conduct include participating in active listening, developing a bond with coworkers, and getting engaged in a cross-cultural relationships. I am also planning to conduct and participate in sports to develop engagement, commitment, and bonding among coworkers. Initially, my weakness was holding patience for long hours. My interpersonal skills were not appropriate. By participating in the leadership development activities mentioned above my patience shall enhance substantially and my interpersonal skills shall also improve to a considerable extent.

Leadership and Management assignment E-portfolio
Hello, this is my final year as a management student. Initially, I was a bit confused and hence hesitated to identify the most suitable leadership approach for me. However, I have gained clarity about this matter and have chosen the democratic style of leadership as the preferable approach of leadership for me. I believe that this particular style of leadership shall enable me to engage all the subordinates working under my authority and eventually the productivity of employees can be thoroughly enhanced. Some of my behavioral traits including good communication and compassion have enabled me to act as a democratic leader. Another character trait that I possess is flexibility and adaptability. Because of this nature, I can easily integrate and assimilate with the workforce working under my authority, and by establishing an effective and harmonious relationship with them I can extract their maximum productivity. Due to sufficient self-awareness, I have a clear idea about my own set of skills and weaknesses. Due to adequate knowledge about capabilities and weak points, I can act accordingly. My cooperative style of leadership is effective enough to influence others (Gahan et al. 2021). By raising the sense of commitment and devotion of the workforce towards me and the organization I can maximize their productivity. Empathy is another major character trait of mine (cipd. co, 2022). Through my empathetic behavior, I can create an effective engagement with the workforce working under my authority. I always treat people with respect and consider everyone valuable for the business. I arranged training programs, sports sessions, Q&A sessions, and some other community activities to improve the interpersonal relationship between employees. However, I am yet to learn many other leadership techniques (educator access, 2022). As asserted by experts, leadership is a journey instead of a destination. Aligning with this concept it can be said throughout my career I shall learn new leadership skills (Sang, 2021). One essential component of democratic leadership is courage. I need to be more courageous as a leader and must allot challenging tasks to the workforce to increase their productivity. Probably I need to express more gratitude towards others and shall recognize the effort of the workforce in a more improved way. My integrity towards the organization is unquestionable; I believe there is enough scope to enhance my integrity. By enhancing integrity in the organization I can lead and guide the workforce in an improved manner. I always respect every individual working under my authority which is an important benefit of my skills identified on this Leadership and Management assignment.


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