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Leadership And Management Assignment On Self-Improvement And Development


Task: How can Leadership and Management assignment skills help student gain a better understanding towards self-awareness and development?


This Leadership and Management assignmentwill focus on determining my leaderships style. As a transformational leader, I merely set performance goals for my members, help to build relationships at the workplace and further inspire them to contribute to their respective innovative ideas. This reflection report will shed light on my existing capabilities, appropriate development activities of them and an e-portfolio at the end.

Existing leadership and management capabilities
On this Leadership and Management assignment I determine I follow the transform leadership model as this model relies on team encouragement to realize the organization's overall success. By following this model, I constantly increase the self-confidence and morale of employees. As a transformational leader, vision and integrity are my main qualities (Zec, 2021). By following this model, I am achieving my organizational goals via open line communication with the employees and exhibiting the integrity and respect I hold for the organizational employee's knowledge and experience. This respect resulted in employee satisfaction and retention, enhancing organizational productivity and performance (Nuraeniet al., 2019). I also follow the PDCA management method which is an iterative design utilized in business for the control and process enhancement in a continuous manner.

Like every leadership, this leadership model also has some advantages and disadvantages. Those are


  • By following the transformational leadership model, I realize that I have become ethically driven. I mainly focus on values, transparency and authenticity. As a transformational leader, I mainly focused on doing the right things properly.
  • By following this leadership model, I realize that I encourage more creative ideas and innovative solutions in the organization via good collaboration. I collaborate with the employees to make various organizational decisions and solve issues by evaluating and synthesizing various insights.
  • As a transformational leader, I help organizations go through various changes because these changes can positively influence employee behaviour. I help organizational employees accept the organizational changes by proper engagement and enhancing cooperation or relationship.
  • By following the PDSA model I realise I can resolve a brand new and recurring issue in the industry.


  • By following this model, I realize that I face issues in emergencies that require immediate problem solving or quick decision making.
  • I also realized that some employees of the organization find additional leadership and collaborative roles too demanding as I distribute accountability across the organization by providing them ownership over their tasks.
  • By following PDSA management method I realised I take approximately much time to yield the final result.

Leadership and Management assignmentdevelopmental activities
It has been overseen from the above-stated section that I have certain weaknesses in both my leadership and management capabilities, including difficulty in problem-solving and distribution of accountability across the workplace (Kjellströmet al., 2020). Yet, there are certain development activities that can be enlisted here that I can include to boost my leadership and management capabilities indeed. Here they can be depicted as beneath:

Leadership and management development activities

  • Immersive experiences of team building: This immersive experience of team building would allow me to consider both accountabilities as well as committing on investment on time for learning to further work as a team by strategically leading the members.
  • One-on-one leadership coaching: This would further rapidly develop me as the senior leader of the workplace; this would also empower my management team considering this impact coaching which would be quite a pivotal leadership development deed which I would learn to steer the actual impact.
  • Attending leadership workshops about dealing with resistance: I perceive this would be quite pivotal to further learn the tools regarding the way I would be able to deal with possible challenging conversations in quite a constructive way (Kjellströmet al., 2020). This would be even quite elementary and pivotal for further exploring the participant-driven practice through which I could be able to deal with the confirmed resistance to change.
  • Simulations upon employing or steering significant changes: As I have perceived that, change merely facilitates the core professional growth; indeed, this is the reason I should know regarding implementing the possible changes quite suitably (Kjellströmet al., 2020). Again, the participant-driven approach to the core management development deed would shift me towards presenting to manage change considering the leading consultants to the members with thoroughly navigating the change as per the organizational structure.
  • Listening and providing feedback: Learning to listen to the employees would help me be an effective leader as it helps me understand the needs of the employees and know what is required to be done. This helps me to engage the employees in organizational work.
  • Discipline: Discipline is needed to execute the organizational goals. If I have a vision or goal, it is useless without proper discipline. To be a good and effective leader, I need to be self-disciplined and ensure that employees of mine are also disciplined appropriately.
  • Constant learning: I need to learn continuously and challenge myself by studying other leaders, their qualities, communication style and mannerisms. This constant learning will help me to enhance my leadership skills.
  • Conflict management skills: while preparing this Leadership and Management assignment conflict management was identified as an important component. To develop my conflict management skills. Suppose a specific employee does not work to their best capability and brings a poor attitude to the organization. In that case, I, as a leader, have to step up and talk with the employee to resolve the conflict.

E-portfolio of personal development activities, evidence and self-reflection

Welcome to my Portfolio

Hi there,

My name is XXX, and you all are welcome to my portfolio; I am quite glad that I am going to reflect on my leadership and management development activities here. However, I should state that I need to improve them through some tasks such as gaining an immersive experience of team building, getting one-on-one leadership coaching, attaining leadership workshops, application of numerous thought processes or ideas and finally, employee reward or recognition as I am adept enough as the transformational leader at my workplace where I have found both vision and integrity as the pivotal qualities of mine. I have also achieved the organizational objectives by employing open-line communication with the workers. I also motivate the workers so that they can further make the best use of their respective skills and competencies indeed.


Contact me!


Phone: xxxxxxxxxxx







Through this self-reflection, I concluded that the leadership model which I have been following helps me in various ways to manage or maintain employees. By following this leadership model, I realized some strengths I acquired, such as my focus on values, transparency and authenticity, encouraging creative ideas, and helping organizations go through changes. I also realize some weaknesses. In thisLeadership and Management assignment self-reflection, I also provide an E-portfolio of my personal development activities.

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