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Report on How to lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships through proper Communication and Networking


Task: Write a report on way to lead and manage effective workplace relationships.


It is quite essential for an individual to transform oneself in the place of employment in order to lead and manage effective workplace relationships. Sustaining a healthy outlook and honour the different beliefs and opinions is critical. To establish a relationship in the working environment, it's a person's responsibility to enable and support everyone to discuss their work-related issues. A healthy work environment is advantageous as it becomes fun to work in the organization and the workers get more artistic and productive.

The study details the company's management dispute concerns related to its policies. JKL industries have certain difficulties in managing culture that influence the staffs' performance at work. The has appointed a new executive who will be responsible for solving the problems. Emotional maturity and intelligence are among the tools the new manager will have to employ to fix the problem. Constrictive culture of the organization produces bias between the colleagues. Organizational prejudice generates cultural divide inside an institution. The study also describes the administrator's prior experience in the above context. The other point in this report is regarding the interaction of teams in a conference having a difference of opinion. It is the obligation of the administrator to persuade the members of the team and staff regarding the principles of the firm's diverse culture. To lead and manage effective workplace relationships the new manager adopts a proactive style of interaction. The solution illustrates various forms of networking opportunities and consequences. To examine the situation, a networking strategy will be established. The networking strategy involves acts, timing and activity justification.

Part 1
JKL Industries is an Australian corporation that primarily supplies to forklifts, light trucks and replacement components The corporation also provides quality through its skilled, driven and competent employee pool to consumers and shareholders. JKL's main headquarter is in Sydney. The marketing privileges for sale of medium to large-sized trucks were arranged by JKL industries after they were in the business of primarily of small-sized trucks and forklifts. With this JKL industry has been transformed into an international distributor. The organization looks towards growing its sales market penetration. Thus, the company's framework has to be restructured to implement all such major modifications. Such huge amounts of organizational transformations will create difficulties because it will require enormous costs.

Human interaction and discussion in a company is vital since it helps to build relations within an establishment (Noe, 2017). Effective communication and mediation are fundamental to the mechanism of management. The challenges posed to the organization, without proper communication and consultation, are that it required an alternative strategy to manage the passing of information. Another faced by the company was of interference in response time towards the needs of the consumers. The performance and productivity of the employees are also increased through proper consultation and communication (Mikkelson, 2015). The communication adviser's primary function is to set up the appropriate communication strategy with an appropriate medium. They are also responsible for creating a notification that is needed for the project's different stages.

JKL Industries' business and operational preparation encompass the mission and vision of the company. The organisation's mission is to add value through its extremely competent and disciplined workforce, to its clients and also the shareholders. The firm's vision is to cultivate and acquire its consumers' capacity. Over the next 5 years, JKL has established financial and organizational plans to drive and steer its business. JKL's growth strategy has been to be both the largest provider of forklifts and trucks of all sizes.

The proposals for operations are as follows:

  • In 12 months, JKL must extend the available branches to accommodate the selling of large and medium-sized trucks.
  • Within the next 18 months, JKL shall leave the rental business and close down its rental section.
  • In the next 12 months, JKL will continue to sell forklifts and expand their business by 7%.

In order to fulfil their strategic goals, JKL also outlines the operating framework. Human resources, financial and physical assets as well as employee engagement are the main characteristics of its operational strategy. The firm's main goal is to be remedy-oriented and centred on consumer needs. JKL's primary shareholders are its consumers and customers.

(a) Following are the 3 major organisational goals of communication:
Enhanced Decision-Making- The ability to communicate effectively increases the company's efficiency.

Solid Business Relationships- The perception of the organization can be improved with the support of strong communication techniques. Employees tend to confuse one another and distort details without proper communication. It adds to the workers' lack of creativity.

Improved productivity - A company would be able to foresee issues and organize business processes with the aid of proper communication methods. Effective communication will help create partnerships and facilitate goods and services sales.

(b) Communication approaches for teams to fulfil administrative requirements are as follows:
Equal Contribution: Few employees may feel alienated by top-down information-sharing methods. This could be overcome by requiring all employees to speak freely. It will benefit the team members in meeting the goals of the company.

Reinforce business Communication: Communication among the different members of the team can be made more efficient through emails, cell phone calls, and text messages. In order to reinforce the communication structure, all of the communication in the company should happen through one medium.

Data must be accessible at all times: It is crucial to make data accessible at all times in order to fulfil administrative objectives through an effective communication approach. It is crucial to make data accessible at all times in order to fulfil administrative objectives through an effective communication approach.

Effectively communicate targets and information with each division: a strong communication approach will assist the teams to know the business's aspirations and vision. Employees are highly probable to interact freely with other employees if they are more involved with the project.

For individual employees, the various communication methods for addressing organizational expectations are as follows:

Integrated approach for communication: For individual workers to fulfill corporate expectations, an integrated communication approach should be implemented in an enterprise.

Communication mechanism must be focused on the results: An efficient communication framework must be focussed on its outcomes. So that it can strive to achieve the firm's beneficial performance.

(c) The 2 primary communication mediums are :
Visual Communication: Visual communication is the most significant way of interaction as it allows for a more comprehensive way of passing down information and provides a better rate of retention. Thus JKL Industries should utilise various visual aids for a more efficient communication approach.

(d) It is the manager's duty to inform staff about health and safety issues. The administrators must check with workers by introducing policies that could significantly affect their workplace health and safety. It is the manager's obligation to provide staff with health and safety training (Singh, 2016). For all staff, details regarding pay and conditions of employability are essential. Administrators are legally obliged to provide written documentation to workers pinpointing the key features of their contract within two calendar months of the start of the job. Most work contracts provide essential conditions of employment on top of those to be laid down in formal documents. By law, administrators are mandated to include listed salary declarations to staff anytime payment is made (Horodnic, 2016).

Grievance Flowchart

Type of communication adopted for different administrative level:

Type of Communication





Visual communication approach including video conferencing is generally used with directors


Sales Executive

The very first form of communication shall involve in-person interaction either written or oral or both. 



Interactions with manager mainly involve non-verbal communication because there might be a gap between management and staff

Feedback of Managers:

  • Staff is met with insufficient consultation leading to complications. As a result, there is a requirement for communication and consultation to eliminate skewed sense of staff engagement and job performance accountability.
  • Staff faces poor communication which leads to issues. Implementing a clear interface is very necessary to allow the staff to feel compelled to interact.
  • There is a scarcity of overall strategy for the governance of data.
  • The managers had detected the staff members with vulnerable awareness and understanding. Hence, the firm's uniform policy must be transparent to all staff.

Part 2: Assessment of conflict-creating policies
According to the staff's grievance, there were no incentives to handle non-Christians in the celebration of Christmas among other staff members of JKL industry. This sort of situation suggests the company's inclusion of strict culture. Two significant practices that affect disputes are, unwillingness to adapt and aversion of confrontation. According to the case-study, JKL's, management seems to have poor emotional intellect.

There are 2 key elements of emotional intelligence, which are: Social skills and interpersonal skills. To assemble a team, interpersonal skills include self-consciousness and self-management (Cragg, 2018). An administrator's social skills include social understanding and relationship managing skills. A manager's social skills involve the ability to understand worker and team member attitudes. The management team evades any problems that occur in the company because of the absence of this ability.

The ongoing issue generates a communication gap between staff and management as well as between staff members. If discrimination among the staff on the basis of race is not overcome at the moment, then it can intensify worker resentment and decrease business performance (Triana, 2015). The cultural gap between staff members inhibits team's close cooperation. Insufficient cooperation influences the whole team's exchange of information and innovation.

Laws which address this: The 1986 (Cth) Australian Human Rights Commission Act seeks to eliminate prejudice on the basis of religion in the workforce. It is also necessary to apply the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act to dispute resolution. In the work environment, these legislations prohibit discrimination in any form. (Croucher, 2019) (Bielefeld, 2015)

Effect of Implementing such Reforms:
As per Australia's Human Rights Service initiatives, the first prerequisite to bringing cultural diversity into the workforce is to appreciate everyone's beliefs. (Sullivan, 2017) As a supervisor, the proposal will motivate staff members to embrace a diverse culture. Cultural diversity in the workplace is among the Australian government's top priorities. Disciplinary measures can be unfavourable if the staff has different beliefs and different cultural backgrounds. The senior management can thus take supporting training to improve cultural diversity awareness among the workforce. The administrator must perform a leadership role in dealing with this issue, which can maintain a valuable culture in the company. It could be beneficial to adopt a zero tolerance policy in the occurrence of prejudice.

Reforms at JKL and recommendations for solving the problems
If non-Christian staff were precluded from the celebration of Christmas, the management should speak openly to staff through strict actions. The existing culture at JKL demonstrates passive aggressive behaviour. The new manager should arrange an open conversation to reduce cultural gap and passive aggressiveness, where workers of different cultures can participate and voice their opinions on their own beliefs and cultures. This may alter the views of JLK industry staff about the demonstration of passive aggressive behaviour In fact, a reward framework can be beneficial for workers who act well with other colleagues regardless of their cultural background. The Human resources department should enter into a contract with the staff to demonstrate respectful behaviour in the work environment during the recruitment process.

Issues related to Teams:
The disputants are used to their culture of home. They may therefore not be willing to participate in the conference. The staff's narrow presumptions are difficult to rid of. The operation could be resisted by certain team members. They might act inappropriately and leave the discussion. Restrictive ideology limits us from acknowledging ethnic diversity's positive elements. (Lozano, 2017)

Confrontation among the members of Team
The supervisor must take a position of power to deal with the aggressive behaviour of members of the team and other personnel. Due to strict cultural practice, the supervisor may show several instances of organizational disaster. They also have to be encouraged by the principle that in an institution, professional capacity and understanding are much more valuable than an stiff cultural practice. (Jenkins, 2018) The administrator can put enlargement of the enterprise on a global market as an organizational objective. Cultural diversity is quite essential to accomplish the objective. The members of the team could be inspired by stories of corporate excellence in large companies in the world owing to a diverse working culture.

Style of Communication
The administrator's standard communication approach is assertive interaction modes. When addressing the issues, the administrator wanted to maintain this approach. Saving your own right and being considerate to other speakers is the key feature of this approach. Firstly, the administrator has to be an active listener. Every participant’s issue and complaints need attention without prejudice (O’Neal, 2016). The demeanour and phrasing of sentences must be stern and constructive during the time of interaction.

Past Experience
During the employment of the new manager at an MNC in Australia, a similar approach was used by him. The company was introduced a fresh chairperson group. The staff was, not willing to adhere to the transition in the establishment. New regulations had to be embraced by team members and the workforce. A new job performance assessment in the company was introduced. There was a communication difference between upper management and the workers. To alleviate the discrepancy, a delicate role had to be taken.

Part 3: Significance of communication to accomplish corporate goals
A firm's network is a community of individuals working with each other to accomplish a shared strategic purpose. In an organisation, three ways of communication are encountered. Various forms of communication include, personal networking organizational networking and strategic networking. (Bolander, 2015)

Types of Networking

The aim of operational networking is to allow group members to work effectively in the system. Developing a strong relationship with colleagues is a crucial operational networking activity. (Zerfass, 2017) The operational network involves investors including internal and external affiliates. Internal affiliates are organizational employees of various departments, executive team members and external investors are clients, vendors and suppliers. The role assigned to each individual indicates specific requirements for network representation. Everyone aims to reach a shared corporate objective after establishing a relationship. Another crucial element of operational networking is trust amongst the administration and shareholders. External investors help pinpoint possible market prospects and risks to the enterprise.

Personal networking is meant to improve personal skills along with professional skills. Personal networking top practitioners possess characteristics like the diversity of work knowledge of other team member's specific skills and strengths, collaborative behaviour, time commitment, and willingness to improve the network interaction (Hohenthal, 2015). The formal network has the mechanism of an organized conference. The connection with the co-workers is established over a long period of time in case of informal networking. The network illustrates a number of claims about internal and external workplace environment problems affecting organizational efficiency.

Future risks and difficulties are prioritized in the case of a strategic network. It concentrates on the firm's important partnership, which could also encourage organizational advancement.

Strategic Networking Framework

Strategic networking concentrates on the company's desires, taking into account the firm's assets. A strategy is built by evaluating the discrepancies in accessible data and resources needed. The strategy is regarding the portfolio of partnerships. The portfolio of partnerships makes it easier to understand the partnership which is of greatest value to the establishment. The partnership value is assessed on the basis of the shareholders' comparative participation and their involvement in the company. The network recognizes vulnerable relationships and strong relationships. Additional research is carried out to strengthen the firm's network and asset distribution. Strategic networking involves considerable energy and time from the supervisor, who might dedicate time and energy to building efficient relationships with shareholders and members of the team. The development of strategic networking is relatively more challenging for a new manager or boss. (Henisz, 2017)

Further analysis is conducted to improve the network and allocation of the company's assets. Strategic networking requires the manager's tremendous amount of time and effort, which could devote these efforts to establishing productive relationships with stakeholders and staff members. (Payne, 2017)For a new manager or supervisor, designing strategic networking is comparatively more difficult.

Past Experience
Strategic networking has been administered in the former workplace. The former employer is part of the same sector that JKL works in. The organization suffered decreases in productivity during the operating cycle. Strategic connectivity was thus chosen. Because the organization required urgent funds, the relationship was established with new business socialists. The investors also aided in the implementation of strategies by allocating funds. In times of strife, positive relationships with vendors greatly benefited the organisation. They allowed months of debt on raw materials. In order to lead and manage effective workplace relationships, social networking played a crucial role. The time of setback continued for several months. To resolve this problem, a specialist had been hired. Staying in the organization was inspired for the team members. Operating together, worker diligences got the organization back on its feet. The organization began to recover the income after several months.

Part 4: Networking Plan

Activities of networking


Time Period

Reason for networking events

Visiting the main vendors Samantha has difficulties with


1 month

This conversation could encourage the sales representative, as well as the vendors, to deal with the problems. In the involvement of the supervisor, the gathering will take place. The salesperson can share information regarding the possible disrupted delivery schedule with the vendors about reluctance to maintain prices down.

Develop good client relationships by enhancing standards


1 – 3 months

Close relationship with consumers is important for the success of the company. The business can be affected by confrontational attitude with the vendors. Consumers have to acknowledge that JKL values consumer needs and unanticipated postponement in delivery. Networking can reduce the distance amongst consumers and vendors in contact. Administrators must use their emotional maturity in networking configuration.

Working with new vendors


3 months

For the seller, the new vendor might be more effective. A new relationship enhances the firm's distribution network.

Eliminate communication differences with consumers


1-2 months

Alexander has a problem with client's interpretation. Alexander must know the aim of the company. He has to recognize the scope of his position and intent as a sales associate. He has the impression that the agreement is not known by consumers and believes it to be stupid. Nevertheless, administrators need to make him aware that it is important from a business standpoint to retain positiveness.

Professional integrity development and ongoing attempt.


2-3 months

The sales associate needs reassurance to deliver performance positiveness. For networking, respect and ethics are essential. Alexander has to make an attempt to improve valuable client relationships. Lack of communication skills can be a factor why consumers are not persuaded about the goods.

It could be stated in a company communication and consultation are crucial since it allows to evolve individuals within an institution. In order to lead and manage effective workplace relationships, personal proficiency demands self-consciousness and self-management. Also it was established that it would be the manager's responsibility to provide safety and health training for staff. In order to improve awareness of cultural diversity, the managerial team would take supporting instruction. People tend to confuse one another and distort details without proper communication. The administrator may put enlargement of enterprise on the global market as an organizational aim. JKL industries ' main goal is being answer-oriented as well as consumer-focused. The portfolio of partnerships makes it easier to identify the relationship that is of greatest benefit to the company. effective workplace relationships assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable online assignment help service.

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