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Knowledge Management Assignment: Introduction To Information Systems


Task: Use the following questions to create a comprehensive self-assessment and reflection response including your experience after doing the Week 6-Class Activity (Video Making) and Week 9- Class Activity (Knowledge Management) and what you have learned from it.

  • Include examples to illustrate your reflections. This should reflect and draw upon the concepts and terminology you have learned in doing both the activities.
  • Please DO NOT describe the process you followed to do a particular activity.
  • Describe your experience objectively. You can answer the following prompts under each heading to present your reflective report. DO NOT use these prompts as sub-headings.


As a part of Week 6 and Week 9 learning for knowledge management assignment I took part in video making and knowledge management activities in which I discuss about two most important topics that is unemployment and technology impact on climate change. The activities that I took part in were done online such as we made a YouTube video showing the impact technology and digitalization is having on climate change. In addition to this, we also had to make an infographic for our knowledge management task using online software. I worked in a team of five where we all had to work as a team, as both the activities wereincluded in knowledge management assignment. We were a group of five including me, Kingston Chan, AadityaBishnoi, Yu Cheng, TanerAlca. The activities took place in two different weeks after we completed our weekly learning. The video activity happened after week 6 that is after we completed our learning of “Introduction to Information Systems”. The knowledge management assignment happened after we completed week 9 learning.

Both the activities that is video making and knowledge management was a part of our term assessment and carried a percentage of weightage for our total term marks. I did these two activities to gain marks for my knowledge management assignmentand do well in my course. In addition to this, I also participated in these two activities to learn team management skills, as it was a group task. Being a part of teamwork working on knowledge management assignment is highly effective way to learn various skills such as time management, conflict management, effective communication, work organization and others (Calvin and Igu 2019). Both the activities gave me a chance to experience these skills and analyze the personal effectiveness of these skills in me.

The activity was an interesting one to be take part in, as it helped me learnt various critical factors in a team work and the unanticipated problems that might occur and needs to be solved to reach an effective team outcome. Both the team work was done in a planned manner to avoid wastage of time and resources. However, unforeseen circumstances took place in the week 6 video making activity. There was a technology failure while assembling and editing the video. The video file on knowledge management assignment becomes corrupted and we were going to lose the entire effort our team made to make the video. However, one of our team members had knowledge about recovering a corrupted file and that saved us from such difficult event. In addition to this, there was also a conflict challenge that I faced in the team due to differences in opinions regarding the work division among each members. A team member and I had an ability to do similar parts of work and it became challenging to convince the other member for attempting other parts of the work. However, making use of accommodating as a conflict management style helped us overcome this challenge as well. Using accommodating conflict management style helped me forsake my own desire of doing a part and exchange it with the other team member (Oduma-Aboh et al. 2019).

What have I Learnt from knowledge management assignment?
I was aware of the benefit and concept of knowledge management activity, as I have read about it in theory several times. In relation to video making activity I was aware of the ways videos are taken and uploaded in YouTube. However, both the activities has been helpful in developing my knowledge both in relation to knowledge management and video making. After the completion of the activities I know that knowledge management activity requires deep research and video making activity needs creativity and correct assembling of video parts to make an attractive video. This means that I was only aware of the basic parts of knowledge management assignmentand video making methods and the completion of both the activities helped me gain a deep insight about both the processes.

Putting light into knowledge management process I have gained insight into the ways knowledge is created, share and used to manage the knowledge about a topic (Gonzalez and Martins 2017). I have gained the way the information is collected and presented in a concise manner to share the correct amount of knowledge and idea into the topic. I was not aware of the way concise writing take place, however, the activity made me aware of this process as well. Concise writing helped me gain effective insight into two major process of knowledge management that is creating and sharing. This is because concise way of writing not only helped me create the knowledge on unemployment and the way to share the correct and most important knowledge. I also gained an insight into the presentation process of knowledge management in which I chose infographic to present the ideas in a most creative way.

In relation to video making activity of knowledge management assignment as well I gained insight into several factors from the process. Video making process consisted of three phases such as pre-production, shooting and editing. From these three processes I was familiar with shooting the video, however, in the knowledge management assignment, the process of video making helped me gained insight into planning the ways the video will be taken, the things it will film and brought together to come up with a cohesive video.Further, it also helped me gain insight into editing or assembling the video, which was the most important and difficult part in the activity. Editing required matching the pictures or videos taken with the background narration explaining the meaning and importance of the image or scene.

For example the narration of increased carbon and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to deforestation and pollution is shown with videos of burnt forest and deforested land (Appendix 1). “700,000 Australians Lost their jobs in April” This is an example showing concise writing where these few words clearly shows the extent of unemployment in Australia (Appendix 2).

knowledge management in knowledge management assignment

What was easy for me?
There were various areas in my team work activities included in knowledge management assignmentthat were easy for me and those proved to be my strengths I was unaware of. While working in a team I was able to gain an insight that my strengths lied in my dedication and determination of completing the task on time. Dedication and determination is two most important things in teamwork because it is with that dedication one can also influence the other team members to complete the task on time. I was not aware of the level dedication and determination I can show in a work. Our team planned a time schedule for both our activities so that the activities are completed on time. My dedication and determination towards knowledge management assignment to maintain that time and influence my team mates to complete their parts in the assigned task was the symbol of my strength (Russell et al. 2018). This further, helped me learn that my strength also lies in time management ability. These strengths were new to me, as I have not faced in such a challenging and team work activities before.

In addition to my strengths I have also gained insight into my knowledge and skills when conducting the video and knowledge management activities. From the knowledge management activity I gained an understanding that I know the usefulness of aninfographic and ways to present the knowledge about a topic through an infographic. Moreover, I also gained awareness about my creativity skills that was not known to me. I showed effective level of creativity in developing ideas of presenting an infographic in the most informatics yet simple way so that it is understandable by the readers. This showed that the knowledge management activity helped me develop an understanding about the technical knowledge and creativity skills that I have within me, which was unexplored.

In relation to video making activity within this knowledge management assignment I gained an understanding that I hold effective knowledge about technology and digitalization and used it foreffective presentation of information. Moreover, I acknowledged my time management skills as an integral part of video development process. It was due to my time management ability that my team was able to develop a 4.48 minutes video within the planned scheduled and in the most beautiful way. Therefore, it can be said that the activities were effective enough to help me gain insight into my knowledge about technological understanding and creativity and time management skills.

For example the 4.48 minutes of the video shows the level of time management skill in me (Appendix 1).

For example the features of smartphone app used for employment shown in small tablet forms such as interest, resume, search jobs, calendar and interviews shows the creativity level of sharing information in short and summative manner (Appendix 2).

time management in knowledge management assignment

What was difficult for me?
Along with the learning and positive impact of the activities covered in knowledge management assignment, I also faced challenges while doing the activities. Two most important challenges that I encountered while pursuing the activities were conflict between team members and communication between members. Conflict was common and prevailed in the planning stage of the activities due to differences in opinions in the use of designs and formats for presenting both the infographic and video. However, the team members managed the conflict method effectively overtime so that it does not act as a barrier in the teamwork process. Some of our team members made use of accommodation conflict management method where sacrifice of some opinion and low level of assertiveness helped in resolving the conflict (Marlow et al. 2018). Moreover, it was also seen that being an online task there was some communication gap in collaborating plans. However, the team members managed it by developing a time schedule and a team charter with work division of every member to avoid confusion.

Next time I plan to use more data in my informative activities with the planned outcome of better accurate information to the reader. Data helps in greater validity of the information and make it genuine. Thus, I would focus on using data when presenting my information in an effective and reliable manner within this knowledge management assignment.

For example I will use graphs and tables to show the percentage of deforestation or the reduction in disaster after inclusion of digital technology (Appendix 1). For example I will use more data on types of unemployment in Australia, percentage of online job recruitment and others (Appendix 2).

Video Making in knowledge management assignment

What more do I want to know?
I have investigated on knowledge management assignment about the use of information technology in handling various economic problems such as unemployment and climate change. Over time I am inspired to investigate about more such problems and areas in which information technology has left its impact and has benefited the society unlike any other technology. Some of the examples include video presentation on the role of technology in agriculture and education. I can find resources from the internet on both agriculture and education for illustrating my video and infographic in the most creative and informative way.

Video on the impact of new technologies on agriculture and irrigation effectiveness (Appendix 1). Infographic on education such as digital technologies being used and applications developed (Appendix 2).

 Appendix 1 in knowledge management assignment

The skills that I have developed from both the activities prepared within the knowledge management assignment such as time management, conflict management, creativity, technical knowledge and others will shape my future actions in project. This means that I will become more attentive when planning time and managing conflict. This will also affect my future actions in my career by making me more efficient when accomplishing tasks. In addition to this, I will also be able to develop more creative and innovative video in future with better editing. My learning from both the activities involved in the knowledge management assignment demonstrates that I will be a successful emerging IS professional with correct mix of technical as well as team management knowledge. I will be able to manage my team and technical requirements effectively as an IS professional in any field I enter. Moreover, such informative activities will also help me develop my knowledge about IS in various societal area, which will further help me plan new innovation in information system. ?

Calvin, J.R. and Igu, J., 2019. Culture, Conflict and Team Management in I4H: Experiential Learning in Business Practice to Support Community Development Entrepreneurship. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict. Gonzalez, R.V.D. and Martins, M.F., 2017. Knowledge Management Process: a theoretical-conceptual research. Gestão&Produção, 24(2), pp.248-265.

Marlow, S.L., Lacerenza, C.N., Paoletti, J., Burke, C.S. and Salas, E., 2018. Does team communication represent a one-size-fits-all approach?: A meta-analysis of team communication and performance.Knowledge management assignment Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 144, pp.145-170.


Russell, J., Pferdehirt, W. and Nelson, J., 2018.Team Formation, Team Management, and Project Leadership. Technical Project Management in Living and Geometric Order. ?

Appendix 1- Video Making
appendix 2- Infographic Activity

appendix 2 in knowledge management assignment

appendix 2 in knowledge management assignment


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