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Business Plan Assignment: Key Performance Measures And Outcomes


Task: Provide answers to all questions and provide a report (approximately 500 words) addressing all the questions below.

  • What should you do when you notice that a system is not working well? Provide possible examples.
  • You decided to conduct coaching sessions with a number of staff. To start with, you chose to speak to customer service staff in order to resolve poor customer service. During the coaching sessions, you hope to not only improve their performance but hope to identify if performance indicators need refinement. Use the GROW model to list the questions you will ask during the session. Attach the list to your report.
  • Explain how you would use process improvement tools and techniques, in line with Deming’s PDCA cycle, to ensure continuous improvement. Provide possible examples for each stage of the cycle.
  • What communication methods are appropriate to use to consult with key stakeholders including business partners, financiers, customers, staff and technical advisers?


This Business Plan Assignment outlines the importance for any firm, be it small or big, to follow a considerate business plan, that aids the company in achieving their corporate objectives (Wirtz, et al., 2016). Rather this business plan is the comprehensive strategy, comprising of the key performance measures and anticipated output. It is often observed that the organisational performance tends to vary from the anticipated performance levels thus raising concern for the management to devise and integrate an improvement system to control the declining graph of the company (Romiszowski, 2016). The project evidences a similar sort of improvement process in AAC warehouse, Sydney, also evidencing the ways for the turnaround of the organisational procedures to achieve the desired results.

When system is not working well
The first and foremost step to take while system is not doing well is related to the monitoring and tracking of the minute details in the business process and identify the factors causing the decline (Camarillo, et al., 2017). In the given scenario, the stage requires identification of the poor customer reviews, overload of staff works, non-completion of the work on schedule and lack of newer technologies. The next step involves analysing the actual ways to get over these issues by obtaining commitment and maintaining higher organisational efficiencies, with improved training and motivation level of the workforce.

Model for coaching sessions
For a better implementation of the coaching process, the GROW model can be used by collecting response from the concerned staff to the following questions (Baker, 2019).

Do you think that your job targets fit with your overall career objective and the same for your team’s objective? Response to this question will evaluate the level to which the goal is SMART.

What is actually happening now and does the present goal conflict with any other objective(s)? This Business Plan Assignment will be useful in understanding how much the staffs are focused toward achieving their goal or target anyhow, without even having relevant information.

Do you think there are other alternatives to achieve the target and are there any related constraints? This process will encourage better involvement and thinking of the interviewee thus indirectly guiding them toward increasing efficiencies.

So, how often do you need to monitor the progress and how you will remain motivated for moving forward? This response will certainly establish high levels of commitment and willpower of the staffs, ultimately augmenting their motivation levels.

Process improvement Procedure
The Deming’s cycle model is one of the successful approaches for continuous quality improvement, referring to the four main stages of Planning, Doing, Check and Action, abbreviated as the PDCA (Taylor, et al., 2014). In the given scenario the PDCA cycle is performed by the following actions:

Planning the requirements of the new technologies, staff training and providing better customer service.

In the Doing part, the aspects are required to be consulted and incorporated into the changed organisational activities focussed towards reviving the company reputation.

Next come the Checking part where the gradual outcomes of changed activities are reviewed to analyse whether the performance level is improving.

Finally, in the Action stage, the upcoming opportunities are being identified and the necessary changes are adopted as the mainstream of the organisational work process.

Communication methods
The best communication method is through establishing timely meetings and performance appraisal programs, where the workforce is encouraged to contribute to thought process and through use of 24x7 online communication portals, ensuring quick message conveys from the lowest level to the topmost level.

There are various aspects that need to be considered before inducing continuous improvement in a degrading business scenario. This Business Plan Assignment outlines how planning and adoption of rightful approaches, a failing business can be made to improve to achieve towards anticipated performance.

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