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IT assignment: A Journal Review on IoT Security


Task: You are required to write a report on IT assignment critiquing on the journal article related to some information technology.


The term IoT refers to the internet of things which is capable to interconnect numbers of physical devices and computer networks effectively. Today, the uses of IoT devices and systems are growing quickly that helps to reduce communication-related issues and help the companies to improve organizational performance. Security is a major problem linked with the IoT networks and technologies where the private data can be hacked by the criminals in less time. The lack of awareness and improper security both are major risk factors that increase cyber-crimes and security threats in IoT enabled devices. The aim of this report is to review a journal paper related to IoT security. The title of the selected paper is "Towards Security on the Internet of Things: Applications and Challenges in Technology" which is related to the research topic.
This report will address various sections for example intention of the paper, research methods, findings and conclusions.

Intention and content of the article
According to the writers, IoT is a leading technology which is capable to connect physical devices and systems like computer software, sensors and software without requiring human assistance [1]. IoT devices are mainly included in healthcare, businesses, e-commerce and other areas of the businesses where performance and effectiveness can be improved in a significant way. Securing private detail is a challenging task for companies while using IoT technologies. IoT is not capable to protect data from the hackers where cyber-crimes and data breach issues can be performed in a reliable manner. The writers examined that IoT makes it possible to perform automation control systems for the companies and lead the level of performance [2]. This research provided a way where security-related issues and threats are addressed and examined from the IoT technology. The presence of cyber-crimes and risks can impact on the IoT devices and computer networks where data breach operations can be done in less time. RFID is a leading technology used in the IoT that helps to reduce business problems in a reliable manner.

There are numbers of papers were issued in the last five years where the writers examined that ransomware, DoS, malware, phishing and social engineering all these are common security threats occur in the IoT enabled devices. In terms of reliability, IoT technology is more effective which is capable to reduce business problems and issues in a significant manner but not capable to detect security risks from the systems [3]. Most of the criminals transfer unauthorized access and unusual activities to the IoT networks so that the performance and security of the IoT servers easily. In order to manage security threats and risks, the writers reported that the companies should develop and implement security policies or plans where cyber-crimes can be managed effectively. Moreover, the firewall is more capable to detect frauds and malware signals from the IoT networks due to which it is important to adopt and implement firewall-based networks.

Research methods
From the selected paper, it is demonstrated that the writers focused on the security threats and issues related to IoT technologies. The researchers adopted various research methods for example design, approach, data collection and data analysis. The term research design refers to the research plan which is capable to provide effective frameworks and structures to the research. In the chosen paper, the qualitative design is adopted because it is more effective than helped to address research questions effectively.

Moreover, the qualitative design provided theoretical information related to IoT security and its challenges. The research approach is able to manage research concerns and allows the researchers to complete a research study in a significant time [4]. For this research, an inductive approach is selected because of their ability to deliver depth examination about security threats linked with the IoT networks and devices. In order to gather effective information, the writers included secondary data methods that helped to find reliable points related to the IoT security and its implications. Systematic literature is also added due to their potential to find and review the previous papers related to the research topic. Therefore, it is reported that using such methods and approaches helped to attain the objectives of the research study. For analyzing the collected data, content analysis technique is used by the writers and provided effective conclusions in the research.

Findings and results
From this research, it is found that lack of awareness about IoT security is a major concern linked with the companies that help the criminals to target computer networks and IoT devices effectively. IoT is capable to connect numbers of devices and systems easily where performance and efficiency can be improved in a significant manner. IoT networks comprise of countless gadgets. These gadgets should be ready to adaptability interface the organization whenever.

As IoT gadgets produce as well as cycle delicate information, it must verify itself to get and communicate information to the entryway. Security weaknesses increment by the utilization of default passwords, set by the producers without transforming it additionally by the utilization of frail passwords on any gadget. Approval is similarly significant as to validation. IoT gadgets should have the option to peruse and keep in touch with a particular region of the information base and not the others. Aggressors may get perused/compose admittance to delicate information region if the gadget is undermined. As the number of gadgets in IoT networks are expanding each day, the executives of these gadgets are turning out to be increasingly confounded. A colossal number of gadgets present new security weaknesses. All things considered, presently, no nonexclusive administration framework has presented.

Issues highlighted
In this paper, the writer’s highlighted security related issues and risks linked with the IoT technology and also examined the problems faced by the companies. It is found that most of the criminals target IoT networks linked with the businesses and perform unauthorizedactivities so that security-related issues can be increased. There are quantities of papers were given in most recent five years where the scholars analyzed that ransomware, DoS, malware, phishing and social building all these are normal security dangers happen in the IoT empowered gadgets. As far as unwavering quality, IoT innovation is more compelling which is competent to decrease business issues and issues in a critical way yet not proficient to distinguish security hazards from the frameworks. Therefore, it is important to address and reduce the security-related problems and issues linked with the IoT technology and companies need to focus on security concerns and develop effective security plans or policies in the workplace.

Conclusions of the paper
It may be concluded that IoT is capable to improve organizational performance and effectivenessbut not able to detect and examine the security threats occur in the businesses. The selected paper helped to improve knowledge and understandingrelated to the IoT security and provided a way to review the security-related issues and concerns occurring in the IoT technologies.

It is found that IoT connects numbers of computer devices and systems effectively without requiring human assistance. Malware and phishing both are major security threats occur in the IoT networks and impact on the organizational performance and effectiveness easily. So as to oversee security dangers and dangers, the essayists revealed that the organizations ought to create and actualize security strategies or plans where digital violations can be overseen adequately. Besides, the firewall is more competent to recognize cheats and malware signals from the IoT networks because of which it is critical to receive and execute firewall-based organizations. The selected paper is related to IT security where the writers provided depth information about IoT and its security threats.

Conclusions of the report
This report provided a way to describe security threats occur in the internet of things faced by the business communities. It may be concluded that IoT is less capable to improve the security and confidentiality of the business networks because hackers can significantly send malware or fraud signals to the servers easily. The presence of cyber-crime in the businesses can lead the data loss related problems in the workplace and it is significant to develop firewall-based systems in order to improve the security of sensitive data. Ransomware and DoS both are common cyber-crimes and attacks linked with the IoT enabled devices by which the personal informationlike profile details, financial documents and other sensitive data can be hacked easily. Secure correspondence is significant for the exchange of delicate IoT information in realtime over the Internet. As talked about before numerous IoT gadgets don't encode information before transmission over the web. Secure private systems administration can diminish the weaknesses however as IoT information should be sent and gotten over a huge network by and large secure private organization couldn't be an appropriate arrangement.

[1]. K.M., Sadique, R. Rahmani and, P., Johannesson,“Towards security on internet of things: applications and challenges in technology,” Procedia Computer Science, vol. 141, no. 6, pp.199-206, 2018.

[2]. E. Bertino and, N., Islam,“Botnets and internet of things security,” Computer, vol. 50, no. 2, pp.76-79, 2017.

[3]. D.E., Kouicem, A. Bouabdallah and, H., Lakhlef,“Internet of things security: A top-down survey,” Computer Networks, vol. 141, no. 6, pp.199-221, 2018.

[4]. A., Alrawais, A., Alhothaily, C. Hu and, X., Cheng,“Fog computing for the internet of things: Security and privacy issues,” IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 21, no. 2, pp.34-42, 2017.


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