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Issues in Contemporary Nursing

There is a great demand for Contemporary nursing practices across the Globe. The Contemporary nursing practices offer intensive care and medical services to the patients. According to a statistic report, there will be a growth of 20% in the healthcare sector employment by 2022. Thus, there is a great scope for the nurses to show their skills. Look, Contemporary nursing is a profession, which is rewarding as well as challenging at the same time.

It has been observed that the nurses have to face a lot of critical issues in their profession. It is not easy for them to offer medical services to the patients, but still, they manage to give their best without any flaw. Some challenges are easy to overcome, while some are very difficult to handle. Below here, some of the typical challenges, which the contemporary nurses are facing nowadays, are mentioned.

Problems associated with Contemporary nursing practices -

  • Awkward shift schedules with long working hours –

 In the hospitals, it is true that the nurses have to deal with long working hours. But, long working hours along with back to back schedules seems very hectic. Yes, it’s true that contemporary nursing practices involve a hectic and tight working schedule. In such cases, the nurses find it difficult to sort out their priorities, and hence they fail to manage their tasks effectively.

  • Less compensation –

A nurse treats and assesses the patients regularly, does the paperwork, administers medications and also manages other important works in a hospital. In short, you can say that it is the nurse who works more than the doctors and physicians. But as compared to the physicians and doctors, the nurses get very less compensation. Despite of spending long hours in the hospital, nurses find it pretty difficult to earn a good living. Probably, this is the most typical issue which is associated with contemporary nursing.

  • Violence at the workplace –

Do you think, it’s easy to deal with patients? Well, that’s the most critical part associated with medical treatments. Patients with different attitude and mentality come to the hospital for treatment. Some patients behave very rudely with the nurses and start violence activities without any reason. In such cases, the nurses find it very difficult to handle the situations. But still, somehow they make the patients understand the situation, and make them calm. Apart from patients, the co-workers in the workplace, also abuse the nurses. Thus, violence in the workplace is a common factor which every nurse has to deal with.

  • The exposure the hazardous chemicals and diseases –

In the hospitals, nurses seem to be most active workers. Every time, they ensure proper presence around the patients. Thus, they are highly exposed to different diseases. Apart from that, the nurses are also exposed to hazardous chemicals like radiations, medications, and cleaning agents. The contemporary nurses have never complained about these issues and have dedicatedly performed their duties without any mistake.

  • Shortage of nurses –

To reduce the health care costs, the reputed hospitals are cutting the employment of nurses. Nowadays, the hospitals CEOs are investing more in innovative technologies instead of man-power. Well, this particular decision has developed an imbalance in the nurse-patient ratio. Because of less number of nurses in the hospitals, the patients are suffering a lot.

Probably, these are the major issues which the nurses are facing in their profession. Both medical sector and government should offer necessary considerations towards these sensitive issues. The government should plan needful incentives and attractive bonuses for the dedicated contemporary nurses. Indeed, it’s high time that these issues need to be resolved soon.

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