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   Free sample   Intrapreneurship assignment on how intrapreneur can help to identify innovations and help to build company

Intrapreneurship assignment on how an intrapreneur can help to identify the innovations and help to build the company


Task: How can you establish in your intrapreneurship assignment that intrapreneur acts as a roadmap to assist the planning of intrapreneurship within a firm?


There are different kinds of firms and companies in today's world with a lot of competition in the markets. Companies can overcome this competition and penetrate the market by using perfect strategy and innovation. Creativity and innovation are necessary for any firm or company so that they can differentiate themselves from the market and create their own market value. This is an intrapreneurship assignmentessay on intrapreneurship planning and how an intrapreneur can help to identify the innovations and help to build the company. In this intrapreneurship assignmentessay, the firm Unilever is taken into consideration and its roadmap will be discussed as how intrapreneurship can help the innovation and development of the companies. Goffin's Pentathlon framework is used to describe this roadmap and the ways it can benefit the firm. The different kinds of corporate entrepreneurship are also discussed in this essay along with the Unilever strategy for the market. Some recommendations are also provided in this intrapreneurship assignmentas to how the firm can improve its process of innovation and implement the different intrapreneur strategies for making the organization more successful. All this is discussed in the intrapreneurship assignmentessay with a proper framework so that it benefits the organization and also helps in understanding the demands of the market.

Unilever Strategy
Unilever is one of the largest companies to manufacture soap in the world with its headquarters in London. It is a consumer goods company with a presence in more than 180 countries (Amaechi, 2021). It has different companies under it whose products are from different segments like beauty, food, ice cream, personal care, and many more. The British soap maker, the Lever Brothers founded Unilever on 2nd September 1929. According to the intrapreneurship assignmentthey are mainly organized into three different segments, Home Care, Foods and Refreshment, and Personal Care and Beauty. They have a large number of established brands in all these different segments which are spread all over the world. According to intrapreneurship assignment, Unilever is a very eco-friendly company and its main objective is to create sustainable living accessible to all. They always try to create products with the changing needs of the world and adapt new technologies to their working condition. They try to shape the lives of the people with their products so that their customers can get the best products for them (Anifowose, et al.,2020). In the process of manufacturing and distributing they try to be very clean and use products and methods which will cause the least threat to the environment. They try to implement a different kinds of new technologies which will make the process faster and also help them to be friendly with nature. It is also found in this intrapreneurship assignmentthat they also try to adapt to new customer needs and demands and by understanding the changing market they come up with a variety of products in the market. These products give the customer product satisfaction and also help the company to be on pace with the market. The continuous improvement in technologies and products helps to retain the customers and form a loyal customer base (Besharov, 2022). According to the intrapreneurship assignmenttheir main strategy is to create a sustainable business that will be able to lead the global market even in the future. They try to create their business model in such a way that it is a future fit and so that it is continuously able to fulfill the customer demands. They try to expand their main products in new markets which provides a vast opportunity for growth. Entering new markets with their innovative products, in the beginning, will create a barrier for a similar company to grab such markets(Bulloch, 2018). This will provide them competitive advantage by gaining the trust of the customer of that market and creating a new loyal-customer base with proper acceleration in the market.

How an Intrapreneur helps business growth
All businesses need new ideas and innovations for growth and to maintain their position in the market(Carrington et al.,2019). As per the intrapreneurship assignmentUnilever is a vast company with different brands in different segments covering a huge market. This creates a need for new ideas so that their competitors find it difficult to catch up with these ideas and execute them. An intrapreneur is an employee who is responsible for the innovation of an organization and who ensures that new products are being made to satisfy customer demands. In every industry, there are many companies that provide the same products and services but creativity and innovations differentiate this business and provide a competitive advantage to them (Westall, 2018). The different segments in Unilever as per the intrapreneurship assignmentincrease the importance of an intrapreneur who can ensure that there are new ideas coming to the table regularly and new technologies are being taken into consideration while doing the present works. The success of an organization depends a lot on an intrapreneur as they create the differentiator of their company in the market. An intrapreneur in Unilever will make sure that all these segments are coming up with new products which will satisfy the customers and will also help the business to grow (Geradts et al.,2020). According to the intrapreneurship assignmentthey should continue to innovate new products in the segments, especially those which are their portfolio products. This will help to create a new customer base for such new products and will also work as a differentiator in the market. The loyal customer base attracted by the new products will help to ensure that the demand for such products is continous in the market. Unilever can maintain its position in the global market only by proper innovations and creating strategies to make those products profitable. Creativity is a continuous process for an organization and in order to survive in a market, companies need to come up with new products continuously which will be attractive to the customers and will also provide proper cash flow for the business (Katsigiannis, 2022). It is noted in this intrapreneurship assignmentthat the intrapreneurs should ensure that there is continuous innovation in the business and make sure that the business is adapting to the changing environment. They should ensure that new products are created for such changing environment and there is no gap created in the market which will provide their competitors competitive advantage. They should also make sure that these ideas and innovations come to reality and strategies are made to make them happen successfully.

Roadmap using Goffin’s Pentathlon Framework in the intrapreneurship assignment
New ideas and innovations are very important for a company. The importance of innovation in Unilever and a roadmap on how to implement this innovation can be made using the Pentathlon Framework (Kempster, and Jackson, 2021). This framework in the intrapreneurship assignmentwill help to create a proper roadmap for this creativity and how it can be used to make a new product to make it profitable for the company.

The Pentathlon Framework has five basic elements which will help to gain the results more effectively which are given below:
• Method to generate ideas in the intrapreneurship assignment- There are different problems around the world that needed to be solved like the changing climatic conditions, changing needs of the customers, and many more. Unilever implemented many sustainable methods in their products and process of manufacturing which will help to reduce its effect on the environment(Koh, 2018). So, understanding the needs of nature and identifying the threats to nature helped them to come up with new ideas which can have less impact on nature and which will be more future friendly for the environment. According to the intrapreneurship assignmentcompanies need to understand these challenges and problems in the market and their products in order to come up with new ideas.

• Prioritization- Unilever has a vast number of segments and product ranges which makes it very a large group for innovations(Mirvis and Googins, 2018). So it is noted in this intrapreneurship assignment, there should be a process of selection for the innovations and prioritize those which have the potential to create a major impact in the least amount of time. The importance of the innovations should be taken into consideration while filtering the new ideas which do not have a complete piece of information. Unilever can prioritize innovations in their portfolio products as they already have a strong customer base in the market for it (Munro, 2020). So innovations in this intrapreneurship assignmentwill be advantageous for the company and its overall growth.

• Project management skills- In the process of converting an idea into a successful product, it is very important for an intrapreneur to have very strong project management skills. Unilever has intrapreneurs who will go through the new idea and try to implement methods that will help to make the product successful in the marke (Orchard, 2018)t. According to the intrapreneurship assignmentthey should try to create a path that will allow the idea to be implemented successfully in the market so that the product can maintain a good position even in this uncertain market environment.

• Innovative Strategy- In Unilever, the intrapreneur can identify the innovation, but some senior managers can also be included who will help to create a proper strategic plan which will help to create the product in a way that is successful(Portales, 2019). According to the intrapreneurship assignmentthey should create innovative methods and strategies for the manufacturing marketing process which can require a new supply chain or new skills in the workforce. New strategies should be created which are more effective and efficient and new technologies can be implemented which can lower the cost and time of production and give better profit for the company.

• Enterprise Culture- As per the intrapreneurship assignmenta business is successful with proper strategies and methods but a good workforce is needed to implement all this who can perform their work efficiently. The people and working environment of Unilver ensure that the product is successful in the markets. A good workforce reduces the risk of failures of new products in the market and helps it to gain a new customer base(Portales, 2019). The workforce ensures that the tension in the work is managed and they are working to their full potential to ensure the success of the organization and their new products.

Recommendations for improvement in the intrapreneurship assignment
No matter how big a business is there are certain areas a company can improve itself and gain a better position in the market. Employees can come up with new ideas and innovations which can prove to be very beneficial for a company(Samah, 2019). According to the intrapreneurship assignmenta company should always provide an open space so that the employees can share their ideas and thoughts about the new products they are trying to create. This feedback can help the company to understand the market and it is needed before launching its new products. This can help to avoid big failures in the market. So this open space where an employee is free and comfortable to share their thoughts is very important to create a good working environment(Sidibe, 2020). Unilever should make sure that their employees of all levels know the objective of the company and work accordingly. It is noted in this intrapreneurship assignmentthat they should make sure that each and every employee knows that they are a sustainable business and reduce waste generation as much as possible. They should always implement proper methods so that their company objective is maintained at all levels(Vinden, 2020). Unilever should also set goals for their teams in different segments to come up with new ideas regularly so that no segments are left behind and all of them can capture a good position in the market. They should set goals on the number of new ideas for the segments, and innovate them to create a variety of products(Wagner, 2022). This will provide them a lot of competitive advantage over their competitors and create a strong position in new markets.

This intrapreneurship assignmentessay highlighted the Strategies of the British multination company, Unilever, and how they can improve their creation of new products in the market. It showed the importance of an intrapreneur in Unilever and how they can help to create a new product in the market. The innovations of new products are very important and intrapreneur helps the business to achieve it. Goffin’s Pentathlon Framework is used to create a roadmap on how an intrapreneur in Unilever can innovate products in the market. The five elements of Goffin’s Pentathlon Framework are discussed which can help the success of their new products in the market. Some recommendations are also provided in this intrapreneurship assignmentfor the improvement of the working of Unilever so that they can capture a better position in the global market.

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