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Internship Assignment: Training Program At Continental Hardware


Task: Write a report on internship assignment exploring the internship project at Continental Hardware.


Company background
Continental Hardware Pvt. Ltd is selected to prepare this internship assignment which is a consumer product manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of different high-grade steel home accessories. The company is located in Noida and has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. It is due to the increasing demand for steel house and bathroom accessories and products which the company specializes. Stainless steel has been identified to be the preferred product choice by many consumers due to its durability. The delivery of high quality has always been the company’s motto, and this has resulted in the company developing into being a leading home appliance manufacturer. The company specializes in the production of cabinet handles, door and cupboard knobs, pull handles, lever handles, hooks, towel hangers, soap holders and practically every stainless steel house accessory one would require. It also happens to be an important and constantly demanded product in the home, which results in the industry being highly demanded. The wide verity of home and office accessories being produced by the company also makes it a preferred choice for interns since this allows them to secure considerable amounts of insight and experience linked to different products and information adding to their experience. The company’s good reputation also adds benefit to the individual's resume as it demonstrates one’s ability to have worked for a large company and gain recommendation.

Internship program 
The internship program was not limited to any specific program and was mainly aimed at securing experience and knowledge from the different production lines, products and work stations. It is very important since it allows the individual to gain considerable amounts of experience from a single company by placing the individual on different posts throughout the internship which results in them securing different forms of experience (Hamadeh, 2004). It is also the advised mode of gaining a wide variety of experience since it allows the individual to participate in an organization operation, thus pushing the individual to secure more information and knowledge. Internships are best secured with large organizations as they are well recognized, thus allowing the individual to improve their opportunities’ and chances of improving their CV when applying for jobs in the future.

What are the main objectives of the internship project examined in this internship assignment?
The main objective stated in this internship assignment of applying for and joining an internship is to secure practical working experience which will allow the individual to prepare to work for organizations in the future. In many situations, young professional will pursue their profession continually without gaining exposure to work experience, which results in the individual simply failing to understand the factual requirements of employment. The entire purpose of joining internships is to expose an individual to practical working conditions which would allow the individual to understand the demands of a particular field before opting to work in the field. In many situations, the individual or young professional will face serious complication linked to adjusting to a specific profession due to the working conditions and requirements and may opt-out before investing too much education. The first-hand exposure to the working conditions can be secured from joining internships which is very important thus one must take time to explore the working conditions and pressures required in each industry to get the best exposure to improve their professional exposure (Lasker & Guidry, 2009).

Securing work experience and knowledge
Another major reason for joining internships discussed in this internship assignment is to gain exposure to practical working pressures and strain since many young professionals who graduate fail to understand the pressure linked to work. Many will continue adding professional qualification yet have no experience to support their needs. It is very dangerous since it leads to mainly pursuing a profession only to discover they do not like the work involved and opt to begin pursuing a different profession. It is a serious problem which is affecting a large number of people since they are unable to perform the work, and this leads them to simply abandon the profession. It is very serious since many people are spending time to pursue their education yet unable to perform the work required to pursue education (Phan & J, 2008).

I would like to mention in this section of the internship assignment that the internship I had participated in with Continental Hardware Pvt. Ltd was mainly linked to monitoring and managing the stainless steel production lines and quality control. It helped me secure a considerable amount of experience as a young professional, but this is also not adequate to perfect one's career. It’s always best to secure as much internship in different fields as possible which would allow the individual to gain a wide variation linked to the experience expected from the different fields. It is important as it provides a wide verity of experience and knowledge to the individual which boosts their knowledge.

Contributing to the companies development
It is evident here in the internship assignment that many young professionals also tend to forget that an internship is not limited to only gaining knowledge but also provides the intern with an opportunity to provide their knowledge and contribution to the company. It is very important since the professional should be able to gain as well as give back to the company, thus improving its operations and growth (Perlin, 2012). Simply retaining information will lead to complicating the situation and would not deliver the required objects to the consumer or company. Companies are looking for leaders today, and failing to deliver impressive contributions to the company will only lead the company to seek better contributors.

Internships help and provide the candidate with an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, but at the same time, it’s important to understand the risks and challenges linked to the profession or individual. There are thousands of companies offering internships but failing to know one’s own weakness will lead to additional complications and hinder the individual’s growth in the industry (Payne & Askeland, 2012).

Considering the above scenario of internship assignment, it can be concluded that internships play a huge role towards providing experience in a particular field to the individual, but it’s important to also secure information from a wider verity of fields. Only through careful management of internships will an individual be able to benefit and gain from the situation. Internships are required being pursued before indulging in any professional education course as it provides a glance and outlook linked to the field. Internship assignment allows the individual to determine if the profession suites their taste after which they can move on to pursue the education required in the field so as to perfect their professional and practical qualifications.

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