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Internet of things assignment: Development of IoT in E-commerce


Task: Write a research report on internet of things assignment discussing about the methods to prevent the security threats for the better development of IoT in E-commerce.


1. Introduction
The proposed research on internet of things assignment will discuss the various techniques and strategies that will help in enhancing the system of IoT in E-commerce. The proposed research on internet of things assignment has a specified goal of mitigating the issues in the existing research. Various journals have been published and several pieces of research have been done on IoT. However, the main issue that remains to exist is a security threat. The security threats in IoT are demotivating the E-commerce for adopting IoT technology in their site (Gulumbe&Rahman, 2017). The internet of things assignmentwill help to address the problem with the help of technology tools in the IoT system. It will motivate the E-commerce sites for implementing the IoT tools for their operations.

The proposed research has a specific goal regarding IoT technology and its implementation in E-commerce. The E-commerce sector is depending upon the technological tools from their processing process to the delivery (Kalyani, 2017). Thus, they need the latest technological tools for doing their operations. The IoT is emerging as an effective technological tool in recent decades. Its applications are getting implemented in every sector for their specific purpose (Kalyani, 2017). Especially, it has a great contribution to the IT industry. The E-commerce sector is related to the IT industry as its operations are also related to the IT industry (Kshetri, 2018). Thus, they need a secure tool for storing their data. The proposed research on internet of things assignment will result in providing an effective tool for E-commerce. The security threats can be resolved by applying the theme of this research. The existing researches are lack in resolving security threats of the IoT for commercial purpose. The applications of IoT have been discussed in the internet of things assignmentand it has been also shown that using low power protocols has made vulnerable to hackers (Xu, Qiu, Fang, Kou, & Yu, 2019). Thus, the IoT tools need to be upgraded for providing interactive services to E-commerce.

2. Related work
At present, there are billions of IoT devices connected across the world. One of the main problems with these devices is security issues which can create several risks when using this technology. Updating the devices to fix these issues is also difficult because the companies are not providing proper updates for the devices (Celik, Fernandes, Pauley, Tan, & McDaniel, 2019). This makes customers feel insecure when using these devices for serious transactions or data transfer. "Brute-forcing" is one of the major hacking attacks which is very easy to apply on these devices due to its default password issue. This makes the device vulnerable to attacks using default usernames and passwords. "Ransomware" attacks on the IoT devices could steal the private user data like pictures, videos, banking information and even can disable the whole device. Since the data privacy and data security is one of the largest problems in the world, the failure of IoT devices in this field created distrust among the users (Chiang & Zhang, 2016). Also, the industries like "Remote Health Care System", power systems and the "supply-chain" may fall in severe risks if using the IoT technology because of the autonomous systems and decisions. Furthermore, the IoT devices are used for home devices in many countries and there is a big chance for the IP (Internet Protocol) address exposure which may affect the residential address of the house.

The nature of the IoT devices is "resource constraint." This forces the technology to use the minimum power for its consumption. There are several IoT applications like detecting the fire or monitoring the changes in the climate factors that have a crucial effect on the IoT network's lifetime. The main problem identified in the internet of things assignmentis to access the nodes which are deployed in the application. Since the IoT infrastructure has several layers to operate, some of the layers consume more power. In the performance research method of IoT applications, there are various applications among which the "Remote Health Care Monitoring System" requires a minimum latency. In this case of internet of things assignment, E2E ("End-to-End") latency is an essential factor (Dorri, Kanhere, & Jurdak, 2017). It needs a speedy transfer of the packets between the nodes across the internet. This creates a typical pattern of traffic between the systems of the IoT. This affects the overall performance of the system. The communication system of the IoT network is not reliable due to the huge loss of packets during the transmission. It also increases energy consumption by creating high latency in the network.

Introduce the opportunity to improve the growth through modern manufacturing processes with sustainable development the way to contribute to the "global sustainable growth." Although, this practice and application of such innovative technology in industrial facilities are still restricted as numerous researches noticed the issue. As discussed in the internet of things assignment, just a tiny segment of industrial stakeholders takes the advantage of the opportunities that are offered by the developers of the IoT with "smart mobile devices (Khan, Pohl, Bosse, Hart, & Turowski, 2017)."According to researchers, Facebook started with the "" as its chatbot enhanced platform, to ensure the further integrating facilities of the chatbot to other common "messenger applications" like WhatsApp or IMO which provide the "official APIs" for this purpose ("Twitter, Viber, Slack, Line, Telegram") (Kolias, Kambourakis, Stavrou, & Voas, 2017). The "Dialogflow" platform offered by [] was selected for its development. ‘Dialogflow’ (known as in the previous days) is an "open-source platform" which installs chatbots through numerous features that are similar to "" An in-line code is implemented on the top editor which allows the performance of several jobs straight from the system.

IoT or the Internet of Things is insecure for several years due to the improper system of securities. The manufacturer is mainly responsible for this insecurity even they are warned by the security developer experts and researchers (Marjani, et al., 2017). It is stated in the internet of things assignmentthat the manufacturers only aimed at the operating functionality of the technology without giving the priority to secure the device. The main vulnerability of the device is its "firmware code" which is also commonly known as OS (Operating System) of the devices. It has been observed that in many cases, the manufacturers not check for the vulnerabilities of the codes implemented in the system. This type of approach mentioned in the internet of things assignment reduces the cost of production of the devices increasing the sale of the IoT devices (Khan & Salah, 2018). However, the risk goes to the customer who may result in heavy financial loss or leakage of private and sensitive data. The researchers also observed that the firmware used by the IoT devices contains "third-party codes" and are not updated properly. The IoT manufacturers are aware of these issues but the risk of losing the business they remain silent.

Big cities are also big regulators for IoT-based systems that transform the city life more improved and advanced, such as faster and easier transportation systems, safe lights on the street and "energy-efficient" buildings (Mohammadi, Al-Fuqaha, Sorour, & Guizani, 2018). The Internet of Things can enhance the cities by improving public health. Polluted air and water led to severe diseases for the population. Cities having problems with pollution, such as Delhi and Beijing, are starting to install sensor networks for alerting the people when the degree of pollution is higher. From large agricultural business players like Cargill to small organic farmers, agricultural growers across the world are using the Internet of Things to reduce the water consumption and fertilizers, wastages, and enhancing the quality and volume of their agro products (Stergiou, Psannis, Kim, & Gupta, 2018). It has been observed in this section of internet of things assignmentthat from tracking microclimates across cropland, monitoring the temperature changes and humidity levels as perishable goods move from field to warehouse to store to extend their shelf life and eliminate waste. The degree of IoT failures can be dangerous; therefore, the study and research conducted on this internet of things assignment in security issues in the IoT are extremely significant. The main objective of IoT security is to preserve privacy for the security of the users, infrastructures, data, and devices of the IoT, and guarantee the availability of the services offered by an IoT manufacturer. Thus, research on internet of things assignment in IoT security has recently been gaining much priority with the help of the available simulation tools, modelers, and computational and analysis platforms (Novo, 2018). According to the researchers, risk management is created to forecast IoT issues which could be explained as the method, which can identify and prioritize the risk to the devices. The common solutions for the risks are: "Risk acceptance"-Considering the level of the risk, the organization may decide that it is acceptable or not in the specific case. Mitigating the risks-strong security systems and security control from the organization's end reduces these types of risks. "Transferring the risks"-This could be done through the process by purchasing a "cybersecurity" system. With the advancement of "wireless network technology" IoT ("Internet of Things") is becoming more popular(Schulz, et al., 2017). Few practical examples of IoT are e-tickets (electronic tickets) and payments through mobile phones, which is a cashless method.

3. Proposed Researchon internet of things assignment
3.1 Problem Statement of the Research

The problem statement of the research discussed in the internet of things assignment is focused on security threats in IoT devices and their effects on E-commerce. Due to the presence of security threats in IoT, the devices in the system are facing a major challenge to be trusted by the users. The IoT devices are mainly used in large numbers of commercial sectors. Thus, they always need a system that provides high security for doing operations. The proposed research has been developed for addressing the problem that is facing by IoT users.

3.2 Research Aim
In this internet of things assignment, the research aims to solve the security threats in the IoT system and implementing it in E-commerce. The aim has been set by studying the problems in the existing research and thus solving it to provide an effective tool for E-commerce. The aim will help to extract the outcome of the research and helping the users in E-commerce. Achieving the aim helps in addressing the current problems in the research. Thus, the research will help to generate an effective result that can be used in the future. The research on internet of things assignment has been conducted based on the following SMART objectives: -

  • Specific- To study the security issues in the IoT and resolving it for drawing an effective result.
  • Measurable- To measure the effects of security threats in the system and discussing points for resolving the issue.
  • Achievable- To achieve sustainability in the IoT by resolving its security threats and implementing it in E-commerce.
  • Realistic- To gain effective measures for addressing the security issues in IoT and providing solutions to it in E-commerce.
  • Time-bound- To research within a specific time.

3.2 Significance and expected outcomes
3.2.1 Significance of the Research on internet of things assignment

The research on internet of things assignment has a great significance in the present situation. The research has been conducted for providing solution to the security threats that have been faced by the IoT users. The users have to face a huge amount of loss if the IoT inbuilt system hacked by hackers. This research will provide significant solutions to E-commerce officials. It will help them to upgrade their system with the latest security tools. The security tools will help to form a barrier for hackers and save data from getting hacked. The hackers will thus get demotivated for using the data illegally. The research on internet of things assignment will provide integrative support for the users that are relied upon the IoT systems. It will motivate future researchers for research specified fields.

3.2.2 The outcome of the Research
The research on internet of things assignment will provide an effective outcome for the E-commerce industry. After the implementation of the research, they can blindly depend on the IoT tools without thinking about security issues. The IoT systems will be free of security issues and thus, helps in providing effective solutions for the operations in E-Commerce. The researchers have chosen a trendy problem, resolving it will help the IT industry to make effective growth. The growth can be effective for other industries including E-commerce. The effectiveness of the outcome can be measured based on the applications and its working on the E-commerce industry. The industry can upgrade its functions for the users and can trust to implement future products of the IoT.

3.3 What is the design of the Research on internet of things assignment? Discuss.
The research on internet of things assignment has been conducted based on the secondary research method. The secondary research method helps to obtain relevant data from the authentic sources. The data can be used for applying its themes to the research and achieve an effective result. The secondary research method utilized in this piece of internet of things assignmenthelps to give knowledge about the theoretical concepts of the research and helps to research a qualitative way. It helps in gathering the relevant themes from the articles and journals and applying its concepts to the research on internet of things assignment (Bompa&Buzzichelli, 2018). As a result, the research on internet of things assignment gets enhanced and can provide effective results following the objectives.

The research has been designed to provide a conclusive result based on resolving the problem. The path for conducting the research on internet of things assignment is transparent and clear. As the research on internet of things assignment is conducted based on the themes extracted from the relevant journals thus, it has given a precise knowledge (Krippendorff, 2018). The researchers have been able to follow a distinct study through the use of data from the archived sources.

At first, the relevant journals have been chosen for conducting the research. The journals have been learned thoroughly to gather information about the research. The themes have been extracted that have relevance to the proposed research on internet of things assignment. It helps to extract authentic information that has nourish the knowledge of the researchers (Weber, 2017). The themes have been thus discussed through thematic analysis. Thematic analysis is the process of extracting themes and discussing those to extract exact knowledge that the researchers are wanting. It helps to provide authentic knowledge and nourish the research on internet of things assignment.

The existing researchers show that IoT has several security issues that affect the industry of E-commerce. IoT is an effective technological tool for E-commerce. It helps in enhancing the operation of E-commerce and provide effective results. The IoT can be used in every sector but due to a lack of security tools, many of the users do not trust IoT. It has become a severe issue in handling the operations of E-commerce (Kravari&Bassiliades, 2018). It must be noted that the perfect data analysis against the research will help to find the solution to the issue. It has been observed by the researchers that acquiring data on the issues of IoT is time taking process. The identification of the exact issues is a must for the implementation of the research. The research must be engaged in extracting the issues from the existing researches. Then provide a solution for those issues.

The research design used to prepare this internet of things assignment has been planned in such a way so that it can help to extract relevant information for the research. The research can be conducted in a quantitative way that will involve views from participants who are suffering these issues (Castleberry & Nolen, 2018). However, it will unable to solve the issues that have been discussed in the existing papers. The research on internet of things assignment is focused on solving the issue of the existing papers and provides a relevant solution for implementing the future.

3.4 Data Collection method
In the full process of communication between humans and machines, the method of arrangement of data is the most difficult part. A lot of specialist suggested different methods of data collection. But the proposed methods can be made better by improvising the techniques. Therefore, this paper on internet of things assignment deals with a detailed review on previous methods of data collection in a qualitative way (Johnston, 2017). With the increasing demand for the Io T using various smart devices, different data are collected in IoT platforms. Secondary methods of data collection specially the “qualitative method” gives a quality understanding of written data (Castleberry & Nolen, 2018). This method not only focuses on the counting or recording data, but also it is comprised with collection, analysis, and data management and also goals at receiving factors like what the research participants think and feel. These are such techniques noted herein internet of things assignment which deal with data collection regarding the events that cast an impact. So, we chose it as a secondary qualitative way.

It is a ‘must’ to clearly understand what actually “data sources” stand for to make it understand the results and dare that recording of data can bring. Here we are collecting data from or with sensors. Sensors can be defined as such hardware components which measure multiple information related to the environment such as location, humidity, temperature, state of the machine, etc. These analog signals will be transformed into digital ones (Quinlan, Babin, Carr, & Griffin, 2019). This information can be accessed by some software related programs and in this context of internet of things assignment; the importance of data collection comes under consideration.

In the past, most of the data are collected via a limited number of hardware or software sensors. So, it is clear on this internet of things assignment that no of data from all limited sensor sources were also limited in numbers. Nowadays when we already belong to the world of technology nothing is impossible to maintain the uses of such devices in a proper way using the correct materials within it which make the system run systematically without an error. To minimize the errors proper sensors or software should be used that will collect data and it will be one of the major challenges for using IoT devices in the industrial sectors like healthcare sectors.

Several research works considered in the context of internet of things assignment have already shown that they are looking forward to the “traditional methods” of data collection though our networking and communication systems are now so much forwarding and way of advancement. Price index is coming out from the surveys but wireless networking issues or internet system is addressed as a problem to them. Internally connected sensors collect data from IoT devices, such as security systems and smart appliances or smart TVs and wearable health meters. ‘Data’ are collected from commercial security systems or devices that monitor traffic, and tracking systems of weather etc.

3.5 Data Analysis Method
IoT and data are intrinsically linked together. This influx of data is fuelling a lot IoT adaption as there are billions of billions IoT connected devices till now. IoT is not a single device. It is comprised of multiple devices like networks, mechanics, and man power to succeed. There is a wide range of IoT devices or implementations that are utilized by multiple zones and have achieved the goal of benefitting the users (Angelov, Gu, & Príncipe, 2017) hugely. After data collection, the data generated from the IoT machines turns out to become valuable if and only if it gets subjected to analysis. Here comes the importance of data analysis in the picture.

Data Analysis mentioned in the internet of things assignment is a technique which is used to test the sets of data with changing properties to pull out a significant ending. These endings are in the shape of contemporary styles, pattern, and census that benefit business organizations in getting directly functioned with data to apply a remarkable decision-making process. DA has a significant role in the advancement of IoT implementations. Analytic parts are those system that make a very advance use of their data sets like volume, structure, driving revenue, competitive edge, etc. very effectively. There exist several kinds of data analytics that can be made use of and also implemented in the IoT investments to make profit. Some of these types are mentioned in the following section of internet of things assignment:

  • "Streaming analysis"
  • "Spatial analysis"
  • "Time series analysis"
  • "Prescriptive analysis"

Nowadays with the gradual variations and development in mechanics there have evolved lots of fields where data analytics can be used accompanied by Io T (Castleberry & Nolen, 2018). For that, marketing actions can be carried out by applying analytical data will also make sure of a better security and observation possibilities through video sensors and utilization of data analysis techniques. To reduce the costs regarding healthcare, it is illustrated in the internet of things assignment that improvement of health checkups, and changing medical services, better detection and therapy can be made sure of by using it. The use of data analytics thus can be enlarged among all healthcare industries all over the world. While the sensors, mobiles, and wireless mechanics are bringing about a new era of the Io Ts, the original or nominal evaluation of the Io T lies in wide data analytics rather than the hardware originalities. So, it can be said that the strength of such sensors lies in the way they accumulate data about the physical environment, which can be added to other forms of data to identify such technology (Angelov, Gu, & Príncipe, 2017). The process of data analysis is thus so very much effective in the case of Io T.

4. Conclusion
‘Internet of Things’ is a great path paver to today's modern world uniquely with calculating and communicating to ease difficult tasks around the users and to provide other works such as easy detection of different incidents surrounding all. Our research work presented in the internet of things assignment regarding IoT is done to resolve the security threats to provide an effective service to the E-Commerce. It is a new pathway which comes up with different initiatives and ideas that can bring the upcoming achievements to the healthcare industries and other sectors that provides Io T services to the world in the near future. The research on internet of things assignment is done also to eliminate the issues of Io T regarding previously faced by the users and to provide the better solutions. We have done a series of literature review work with some relevant journals to discuss the problems of the existing paper. The qualitative data collection method by extracting themes from various authentic sources and the thematic analysis of collected data has made the paper unique. For that, we have used the secondary research method within this internet of things assignment as we are not ready to compromise with its authenticity. Though, more specialized work should be done on designing Io T devices before too many such devices are built with default security. ?


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