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IoT SmartCity : Internet of Things Assignment


Task:Choose one of the topics given below and submit a research project, which should not exceed 4000 words. The help file is available in the Student Resources Folder on Interact2.

Topics to select from but not limited to:

  • IoT Smart City
  • IoT Mining Industry
  • IoT Health Care
  • IoT in Farming
  • IoT for Independent Living of the Older Generation
  • IoT for Reducing Food Wastage in Australia
  • IoT in Finance Industry and Security Challenges
  • Business Intelligence in IoT
  • Future of the Fog Domain
  • IoT and Data Analytics
  • IoT in Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Big Data challenges in IoT and Cloud
  • Machine Learning for Intelligent Decision Making in IoT
  • Common Currency for IoT
  • Utilising block chain technology in IoT

If you think of any other related topics please talk to your lecturer before deciding.

1. Analyse the Task (Milestone 1: Should be completed by 11 Aug 18)

Analyse what is expected of you. This includes careful reading of the assignment task as specified in the Subject Outline. The executive summary of the research project is to be written as an Abstract. For Analysis:

  • What is the purpose of this report?
  • What is the topic you have chosen for your report? (The topic can be one specified as above, but you can come up with new ideas and topics of your choice in IoT)
  • What is the expected format of the report? (Refer to the format on Interact2 resources: Assignment 3 Help file).
  • Come up with a Problem Statement based on your topic, note it down and discuss it with your lecturer.
  • Write a small executive summary as an abstract


Abstract: In today's world, most of the population lives in cities, due to which IoT Smart city is especially generated in the city. It is spread all over the world as it promises people to provide with various useful technology as well as systems that will give them better services and improve their standard of living. It will put a great impact in the future as it will provide with a better platform for the IT professionals. This Internet of things assignment will discuss the purpose of the report of what is expected from this research. It will introduce the concept of IoT Smart city as of how it will provide the citizen with better technologies and systems which will help them to interact with the people. The main aim of this Internet of Things assignment is to focus on the problems faced by the IoT smart city in building their technologies across the world.

Introduction: This Internet of Things assignment will analyze the importance of IoT Smart city, IoT (Internet of things) and Smart city, it mainly focuses on the concept of IoT in the smart city, the purpose of IoT, what is expected from IoT Smart City as well as the problem faced due to IoT Smart City to the environment.

Analysis: The purpose of this Internet of Things assignment is to cover the entire area of the study and the research design should be convenient to understand. The significant purpose of the research paper is to provide with the outline, brief as well as the basic idea about the topic to the instructor. It also aims to describe the problems or challenges faced.

The topic chosen for this Internet of Things assignment is IoT Smart City, it is an application that enables smart city throughout the world. It provides to integrate the sensors as well as monitoring various devices via a network, especially an internet, in order to provide better services as well as getting better opportunities to interact with the citizens (Latre et al., 2016).

The smart city is known to be the wired, the networked or a ubiquitous city which is grabbing attention across the world that promises of developing the technology for the economic growth of the city as well as its management. But there are various problems as well as challenges to be faced by the smart city, such as it requires smart citizen who ill energetically participate in governance as well as reforms (Monzon, 2015). The very first problem related to this IOT assignment is power, without the wireless power smart city will be seen to be a sci-fi kind of fantasy for the citizens. Another question arises when discussing the problem of the smart city is: What is deserved in a human habitat? This means that we could easily form a dystopia as same as utopia. Problem-based on Re-designing our environment that assures people that if the city is natural, the smart city will be supernatural is also a big challenge for developing smart city (Wiig, 2015). Without overcoming these challenges of IoT Smart City it will always remain a dream for the people as well as for the founders of IoT Smart City.

Latre, S., Leroux, P., Coenen, T., Braem, B., Ballon, P., & Demeester, P. (2016, September). City of things: An integrated and multi-technology testbed for IoT smart city experiments. In Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), 2016 IEEE International (pp. 1-8). IEEE.

Monzon, A. (2015, May). Smart cities concept and challenges: Bases for the assessment of smart city projects. In Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems (SMARTGREENS), 2015 International Conference on (pp. 1-11). IEEE.

Wiig, A. (2015). IBM's smart city as techno-utopian policy mobility. City, 19(2-3), 258-273.



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