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International Business Management: Expansion Plan for Dusk group Ltd


Task: You must prepare a 1500 word market analysis report on international business assignment by using international business tools to various situations arising in the global market context based on a selection of companies.


Corporate background, product and services and market reputation
Dusk group Ltd is the selected company for the present international business assignmenthaving its origin based in Australia. It is a well-known reputed company having retail chain with specialty focused upon did home fragrance range of collections. The products mostly concentrate upon reed diffusers, electronic diffusers, essential oils, home-ware fragrances as well as air purifiers (Brewster, 2018).Product category expansion to establish their multifaceted positioning within the retail industry tries to diversify in the areas of home decor, furnishing products, hand poured items like candles, fragrances as well as one-stop solution for gift items. Having a dynamic approach,Dusk group plans for extending their business horizon across international trade relations to associate with a larger customer segment to geographically extend across to distinguished countries beyond their origin in Australia. Making their strong online as well as offline physical store retail presence strongly established how widespread popularity is gained by the company.

Having a wide popularity within the beauty and accessory collection in the retail industry, dusk group Ltd offers lucrative customer deals to entice large scale masses towards their product collection. It is the huge amount of appreciation, acceptance and incremental sales performance received from the customers concentrated within the geographical region of Australia and its retail chain that has initiated the idea of expanding their trade relations across international boundaries (Grare, 2020). With the perfect giftprovided to its loyal customers dusk group Ltd easy create its artisan collection along with do you later, tides as well as huge discounts as reward benefits. The company go to hell has exponentially risen with a two year membership through exclusive discounts and gift offers availed. This not only creates an impression upon the Australian customers but is hugely likely to Get appreciated by global consumers. It is this idea that generates within dusk group Ltdto think about expansion in two of the chosen countries.

Company expansion plan
India and Thailand add to distinguished nations typically identified as most suitable for dusk group Ltd to expand their company venture emerging out of Australian grounds. The reason to substantiate for selecting these two countries particularly is the company profile and the legacy of image created across retail industry (Hao et al., 2018). The behavioral approach and marketing strategy livid down by desk group Ltd primarily concentrates upon offering great deal towards its customers to propose value added product service design with each of the purchase. The marketing appeal projected by the definite company needs to match with consumer crowd dominantly manifested across the particular country identified for business expansion.

In case of India value attached with the product is given increased significance. Any additional perk like discount, offers and exclusive deals offered with the product having no extra cost to be provided on each purchase automatically becomes a lucrative opportunity. Such a brand approach projected from dusk group Ltd is likely to create a strong impact to attract the consumer segment interested towards perfumes, Home decor, fragrances of unique variety and home-made candles and other creative and subtle utilities for household. Similarly, in case of Thailand any new foreign brand emerging into their industry can gain competitive advantage when it offers reward based strategy with long-term sustainable membership. As dusk group Ltdfits right to comply with the needs of both the countries in terms of generating instant consumer interestwith the strategies, India and Thailand are typically selected for the present business expansion.

Risk associated with the selected company
In case of entering into the Indian market, economic instability becomes the major impeding factor to induce risk towards a foreign company like dusk group Ltd to establish its concrete position. As the GDP of the country keeps fluctuating with highly sensitive economic condition greatly subjected to impacts of inflation, the financial stability is not possible to support such trading initiatives in a guaranteed manner. This naturally impacts upon high level of recession and employment followed bye the poor state of economic crisis. Along with the unemployment, recession and intensified financial risk to support and welcome new brands like desk group Ltd originating from Australia, the complexities within the country further strengthen the risk factor (Grare, 2020). Foreign brand entry into Indian retail market requires a huge process to be carried out including increased level of complexity in terms of government protocol, legal proceeding, regulatory policies and tax related justification. International brands required to pay added service taxAnd increased GST which makes the profitability of the overall company suffer at a large rate.

In case of Thailand been chosen as the second country for expanding the business of dusk group Ltd, the risk factor is induced in the form of increasing number of competitors operating simultaneously as rivals within the industry. Thailand has several lucrative start-ups as well as longest reputed brands operating within the interior decor, home furnishing, fragrance or perfume brand and other creative household items and accessories already performing in a strong manner (Francis, 2019). To create a simultaneous parallel present, risk in the form of intense competitive rivalry is likely to divide the sales figure As well as lead to deplete the expected profit margin likely to be derived by desk group Ltd as received in their home country, Australia.

Suitability of each country for the company

Status of trade agreement with Australia-


In terms of trade agreement, Australia and India create a harmonious relationship to exchange not just cordial relationship but also trade products and services. India imports as well as exports multiple items in terms of fashion, accessories, Retail, food products, auto mobiles and multiple brands across various business sectors.

In case of talent, Australian products are widely used in terms of sports accessories, clothing brand and other software related trade as well as food retail products. In reciprocation, brands originated from Thailand and also openly accepted and operating in the markets of Australia.


Value of local currency versus Australian dollar AUD


In terms of Indian rupees, one Australian dollar or a UD is currently at the rate of 53 of Indian money. This creates a huge disparity in terms of economic imbalance making Indian market highly volatile and susceptible to risk prone situation.In case of the Baht, The Australian dollar value for one dollar is considered to be currently at 23.79 (Brewster, 2018). This also indicates an economic disparity which may become a significant factor to create differences in terms of labor wage, pricing strategy and cost per unit of the product intended to be expanded from Australian origin to operate in Thailand or in India.


Existence of an Australian embassy or consular section, its size and significance


NSW is considered to have a significant contribution to words the council board established in conglomeration of Australia with India. In terms of Australian government embassies, the consulate along with high commission has a multilateral mission established With overseas trade relations (Hao et al., 2018). In case of Australia, the overseas embassy is created through health and safety with the highest priority having the consular emergency centre established. Thailand and Australia are connected with each other in terms of Asian origin like that of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other regions like Malaysia and Singapore.


General relationships between the two countries


It was since 1952 Australia and Thailand has a deep connected history of long-standing relationship which formalized with diplomatic manifestation. There are cooperative relationship ties associated between Thailand and Australia having their mutual Interests satisfied on defense, investment, counterterrorism, law enforcement, agricultural, educational and tourism sectors (Francis, 2019).

Established back in 1941, trade relations with Sydney, Australia along with India created the strong foundation of the relationship. Having the Consulate general of India opened with Australian connection having relationship with their embassy, in terms of trade import and export Australia and India helps to consider them to be seventh largest partners for business. Exchange of coal, gold, copper, Pearl, petroleum and medicaments fulfill the Australia India relationship establishment. 


What are the regulations for international companies to set up their operations in the chosen country


For entering Indian market dusk group Ltd needs to abide by trade related regulations under foreign brand entry protocol. The taxes and value addition are levied upon as a complex determinant to fulfill the legislative as well as commercial requirement (Singh, 2017). Government involvement in India Is intense hence avoiding the complex city is not possible for dusk group Limited. To enter Thailand market, dusk group Limited requires two fulfilled foreign trade relation related complex regulation and mitigate the Thailand government requirement.


Recommendation for the company for choosing one among the two countries
For fragrance and home furnishing decoration retail chain organization like desk group Ltd originating from Australia, entering into Indian market is highly justified. The marketing strategy and customer segmentation approach delineated by the company during operating within the region of Australia fits right and most suitable to comply with Indian needs (Ali and Hakim, 2017). As consumer centric approach needs to be taken for a foreign brand to gain industrial presence with sufficient interest and attraction point, fulfilling the needs and type of necessity shall become the dominant characteristic feature. As high level of discounts, offers and reward benefits had given importance by desk group Ltd with each of their purchase, the Indian audience looking for opportunity for value driven purchase shall get increasingly satisfied.

The need for fragrance, home decor and creative accessories included within Doors shall get solved with one stop solution among Indian audience. Hence, the idea and a tent initiated by an Australia-based company like desk group Ltd shall be optimized in their sales proposition and fulfill their profit expectation (Ghosh et al., 2020). As an emerging economic stability orienting Country like India, the demand rise for new foreign brands to create an entry becomes a sustainable and enhancing opportunity. Therefore, it is suggested that an Australian company like dusk group Limited shall be able to enjoy optimum satisfaction in terms of industry sales And business success by offering their products and services to India on grounds. The strong history and business legacy of being trade partners in terms of import and export of multiple products and service dimension shall get further sustainably reinforced with the present attempt to create connection between Australia and India as international trade allies.

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