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Intercultural Management Assignment Analyzing Diversity of QBE


Task: Students are to choose a company from the winners from the last 3 years of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) diversity-related awards and write a report on intercultural management assignment outlining and analysing the intercultural management models and approaches implemented by the company.


This intercultural management assignmentis about the phenomenal attempt of the QBE, to include the section of LGBTI within their workforce. The QBE had been awarded the Micheal Kirby LGBTIQ Inclusion awards in the year 2019 (Pienaar et al., 2019). This was considered a path-breaking step in the persisting situation especially after the legalization process of the freedom of sexuality all over the world. This research will deeply focus on the intercultural management strategies, which are employed by the QBE. Furthermore, the challenges faced by the office is trying to overcome this discriminatory stance will also be discussed and the ways in which the office was able to overcome them and move towards a new dimension of inclusion.

As a company, QBE is highly committed to the workplace culture in which its people are valued and recognized for what makes the different from others. The employee feedback implied that QBE has the opportunity of driving a shared sense of inclusive behaviors as well as raise awareness alongside the comprehension of LGBTI inclusion as a workplace issue. The QBE had created a landmark when it achieved the Micheal Kirby LGBTIQ inclusion award for giving equal chances of employment opportunities to the people of this community. This community is quite vast and hence cannot be denoted under one name. The reason behind identifying this particular issue if diversifications that it is firstly, very current, recent and relevant, secondly, it involves the social stigma which has been going on for a long time. Finally, the issues regarding equal opportunities for the LGBTQ community has been going on for long, there have been discussions regarding it but no permanent solution, this is definitely a ground breaking revolution(, 2020). The pertinent issues which arise during this were first; the existing policies did not or could not support this community. Secondly, there were almost about 18,000 aspirants of this community seeking government employment and finally, this phenomenon had to be spread across 24 offices all over Australia. The theories and strategies used to overcome these issues will be the component of the subsequent section.

Intercultural Management of QBE
Australia has been known for its intercultural management for a long, it is probably because the continent is so used to having these elements within their boundaries. The demographics of Australia represent the presence of about 23 percent of the population, which belongs to overseas (Calao et al., 2018). This population vibrantly finds mention in the labor market of Australia. Furthermore, there is 17.5 percent of the population is not of Australian origin but has been residing in the country since birth and hence they are accepted as first-class citizens of the continent. Sociologists have been very keen on understanding the strategy or principle, which Australia uses to maintain harmony within its population.

On the basis of intercultural negotiation theory, an important strategyemployed by QBE is the belief in economic benefits and increased productivity through effective intercultural negotiation is supposed to be a direct result of cultural diversity. As per the theory, it is essential to comprehend and negotiate with the clients in an effective manner to get business. However, this theory proposes a completely different approach by making a particular culture work in an effective manner by making them understand about the other cultures and the ways to negotiate with them effectively(GOUDA, 2015).The working population of Australia is mainly a migrant population and hence the ideas and inputs, which can be provided by them, would be more successful as they would have a wider range of perspective, which automatically endorses to better and more wholesome plans towards enhancement of economies. Another important benefit that would arise as a result of effective intercultural management was the widening and broadening of the market base. A friendly market that is not regressive towards any community is preferred and adored by all the communities and also it gains a vibrant and successful market as well as social image which are enough to increase its overall customer range and outreach area and deliver maximum profits.

On the grounds of cross-cultural adaption and construction of third culture, the second most important strategy, which has been employed by the QBE, is the policy of inclusion. The stated theory deals with the occurrence of a third culture along with the benefits and consequences related to the same(GOUDA, 2015).As mentioned vividly that one of the main problems which had aroused in the way of employing LGBTIQ employees was the persisting policies which were not compatible with the measures which the government wanted to implement and hence there needed to be a total re-evaluation and somewhat alteration of the persisting policies of the same. The policies, which have been formed concerning the inclusion of the LGBTIQ community, are inclusions policies. These policies have certain characteristics, some of them are:

  • Qualification criteria for any kind of job in Australia would be purely judged on the basis of merit and academic ability and not on gender, nationality, etc.
  • A diversified training program, which includes all the provision for an effective communication system was in the priority area of the policy.

The above-mentioned strategies have been successfully implied by the QBE, relentlessly followed, and supported by the population for the continent to reach a successful and effective intercultural management.

Evaluation and Recommendations for QBE
Even though the LGBTQ community was regarded to be legal in the previous years by the governments of all over the world the social stigma regarding the same has hardly changed (Kaniuka et al., 2019). A private firm to take such a daring step of unconventional diversification was truly remarkable as for QBE. Furthermore that this step leads to the breaking of the glass shield and guiding numerous other countries and organizations to be more considerate towards this community. The vanishing of differences between "us" and "them" was a phenomenal reach especially in the persisting conditions where many countries, regions, and governments are increasingly hostile towards them. The most interesting part of the alteration of policies was that the policies were altered in such a way that the LGBTIQ community was not made exclusive or treated differently or "specially", they were made to train with the general community and were kept in the same atmosphere as in the others. This created a sense of inclusiveness within the psychological sphere of this community making them feel oneness with the existing population.

The policies, which have been drafted and framed for the QBE, are extremely inclusive and well thought out in nature. However, more and more programs that would endorse and generate the idea of inclusiveness throughout the world will help towards greater development. Furthermore, public portrayal and media coverage of the achievements of this community will spread the idea of inclusion throughout the globe. It is extremely important to maintain a proper and somewhat strict HR department within the office of QBE. The community is vulnerable and is prone to harassment and other problems within the workplace such as name-calling, shaming, etc. The HR (Human Resource) department must maintain a good record of a healthy atmosphere within the office and promote it to other governmental and non-governmental organizations as a whole (Hubbard and Griffiths, 2019). It is advised that such offices maintain a good provision for health care. Scientifically proven, the LGBTIQ community is prone to physical discomfort and potential chronic degradation of health, and hence, provisions of regular health checkups and pushing towards medical insurances are a good step to maintain a happy and productive employee within QBE. Finally, they emphasize a free-flowing and lucid environment at the workplace which influences effective communication and better generation of ideas, and a more independent work environment is always preferred (Tripathy, 2018).

To conclude one can see that this report has explicitly emphasized the achievements of QBE in achieving an effective and successful intercultural management system. This research has taken up adequate space to emphasize the barriers towards the implementation of such policies and rules. Furthermore, the next step was to emphasize that how QBE managed to overcome these issues and how does it plan to on it in the future as well. The strategies, theories, and models employed by the QBE to promote the intercultural management system and its effective working have been abundantly highlighted in the report. Finally, the last section contains a detailed evaluation of the analysis of these steps that provides detailed relatable recommendations as to how can this situation be improved and further nurtured to aim for an overall successful venture of inclusion all across the globe.

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