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Intelligent Systems Assignment: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications For COVID-19


Prepare a report on intelligent systems assignment on the topic “Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for COVID-19 pandemic”.


Background and aim of intelligent systems assignment: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is used in many industries such as education, financial services, transportation, and health services. The pandemicsituation of COVID 19 has increased the importance of AI technology in the health sector. Detection of coronavirus, tracking the corona positive patients have been made easier with the use of AI technology. The study aims to discuss the application of AI technology in dealing with the pandemic of coronavirus.

Methods: Secondary research method has been used here to get the desired outcome. Qualitative data have been collected from various sources like existing research articles, newspaper articles, and websites.

Results: The application of AI technology has made it possible for the government and medical authorities to control the situation a little bit. It can quickly diagnose the disease and also track the positive patients of nearby locations. The mortality rate can also be known by using AI-based systems.

Conclusion: Intelligence System methods can be easily implemented by installing a strong AI-based system in organizations. It has already made it possible to detect the virus at the initial stage and provide quality treatment. The workload of health workers has also been reduced because of AI. Further research on this topic can increase the scope of this technology in controlling pandemic situations in the coming future.

The spread of coronavirus has generated a huge requirement for advanced technologies in the healthcare industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such technology that can monitor and control the spread of this virus. This technology can easily track the virus, high-risk patients, and also can control the infection [1]. The major advantage of using AI to control coronavirus is that it can easily detect the virus and make the parents alert about the fact. The speed of the detection is also very fast so that the preventive measures can be taken at the initial stage. Moreover, AI technology also helps to reduce the workload of health workers. Here real-time data analysis is used to get the desired outcome. The mortality rate can also be known for the use of AI technology. Hence, it can be said that the data derived through this technology is reliable. The main objective of this research report is to know about the role of AI in preparing human civilization to cope up in this pandemic situation of Covid-19. The research report will discuss how AI technology can be used to act against the potential challenges generated due to this pandemic. The research methodology used to conduct the research has also been discussed in this report. The research report also includes the problems that are faced by the researcher while conducting the research. The entire discussion is all about the role of AI as a decisive technology by analyzing and preparing people to fight against coronavirus.

Literature Review
The pandemic situation of COVID 19 has affected the lives of people all over the world. It is very important to track and treat the virus-infected patents so that the spread of the coronavirus can be controlled. There are several applications of AI in various fields like finance, education, transportation, and many more [2]. The expectations for this technology have increased in this technology as it has managed to deal with COVID-19 in a very effective manner. The application of AI is also cost-effective. Therefore, it is being used in the healthcare industry toa great extent.

The rate of mortality and infections is increasing day by day. There is a need for such technology that can quickly detect the citrus and infected persons. AI technology has made it possible to detect and track the virus and prevent this with a quick approach [3]. It can be said that the tracking and mortality rate of COVID 19 patients can be trusted as reliable data is derived by using AI technology. Developed countries such as South Korea, Germany, and Singapore has launched many AI-based tools and machines that can be used to track the virus and the patients who are infected by the virus. Real-time data tracking is also possible using these AI-based tools. China is using free web-based cloud-based tools so that screening and direction of infected patients can be made possible [4]. AI technology can also facilitate risk prediction and rapid diagnosis of COVID 19. Computed Tomography (CT) is widely used to detect various diseases. AI technology is very useful in detecting diseases using CT. The workload of health workers is also reduced due to the implementation of AI technology in the healthcare industry. As AI technology helps in the quick diagnosis of coronavirus, the treatment of patients becomes easier.

Research Methodology
The secondary research method has been used here to get the desired outcome from the given research topic. Existing research articles on the application of AI technology to deal with coronavirus have been used to get reliable data. Various keywords like 'Artificial Intelligence'. 'Application of AI' and 'COVID 19' have been used to collect the required articles on the topic. Apart from the existing research articles, newspaper articles, websites, and e-journals are used to gather extra information about the topic [5]. Qualitative data was collected to derive reliable information for the research. A deductive research approach has been used here to get a clear idea about the application of AI technology to deal with coronavirus.

Limitations/ Problems Of The Research
There were mainly two problems that the researcher faced while conducting the research. The first one is that the concept of COVID 19 is quite recent and there were not enough articles on this topic. There are enormous articles on AI technology and its application but the exact articles on the exact research topic are very few [6]. Therefore, the researchers had to deduct the outcome based on the available research articles and current newspaper articles. Besides this, a lack of financial resources was also a major problem faced by the researcher. If the financial resources were enough, they could rely on the paid articles on the given research topic. If the research articles were more on this research topic, the discussion could be better. However, secondary data collected from the websites and newspaper articles helped a lot to make the discussion informative.

The research proved that AI technology is the best option to deal with the pandemic situation of COVID 19. Faster decision making is also possible as the virus-detection speed of AI is also very fast. The technology has also managed to monitor the treatment to measure the effectiveness of the treatments. AI-based automatic monitoring systems can monitor the treatment of the patients and help in improving their health status. Moreover, it can also identify the spread of coronavirus in the coming future [7]. Not only the patients but the health workers are also being benefited by AI technology. The technology can easily detect the virus and make the patient alert at the initial stage. As the work of detection is done by AI-based tools, the preliminary work of the health workers is reduced. They are also saved from various kinds of potential risks that can occur while detecting the virus [8]. Moreover, the treatment also becomes easier due to the implementation of AI-based technology in health organizations. Computed Tomography has also become easier and more effective with the use of AI technology.

The mortality rate can also be predicted by using AI technology. AI-enabled devices can easily predict the number of infected persons of a particular region. The people who use AI-based devices can also be made aware of the potential risks of COVID 19 at their locality [9]. Wearable devices are being famous due to their success in tracking the coronavirus and infected persons. AI-based wearable devices can also detect that the affected person is at how much distance from the user of the wearable device. In this way, the risk of COVID 19 can be reduced to a great extent by detecting it at the initial stage. Many private and public hospitals have already installed AI-based systems so that they can know whenever a positive patient comes closer to the hospitals. AI can also make a huge improvement in the Intelligence System (IS) of many organizations [10]. It is found that the people who are alert suffering from any serious disease are more prone to be attacked by the virus and they also have fewer chances to be cured once they get infected. Therefore, Intelligence System methods can be used to enhance the experience of decision making.

AI technology is a boon for human civilization as it has made the lives easier and advanced. The pandemic of coronavirus has also made everyone understand how important AI technology is going to be in the coming future. AI technology is being widely used to detect the virus and infected persons so that the treatment can be done at the initial stage. The application of AI technology has made the situation somewhat controllable. Various hospitals and organizations have already installed an AI-based system in their organizations so that they can easily made alert whenever a positive patient enters the organization. It will help to save other people from being affected. Health workers are also benefitted by the application of AI in hospitals and clinics. The detection of virus by AI technology has reduced their workload.

The potential risk related to coronavirus has also decreased due to the effective service of this technology. The research report has been made based on the secondary data available on the given researchtopic. The reporthas made it clear that the scope of AItechnology has increasedrapidly after thepandemic of COVID 19. Not only the detection of the virusbut the prediction of the virus in the coming future have also made possible by using this technology. The application of AI technology can surely mitigate the risk of coronavirus and help many people to recover from the disease by early detection. IS methods can also be controlled by the use of AI technology. Advanced research in this field is highly expected so that the scope of this technology can be increased in the coming future. Healthcare industry will be able to deal with all the pandemic situations like COVID 19 very easily if they can implement a strong AI system in the organizations.

Reference List
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