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Information Technology Assignment: Self-Reflection Using Kolb’s Learning Cycle


Task Summary
This information technology assignment task requires you to reflect on your experiences in the subject by following a four-step process to gain insights into the work you have done and how it relates to your own career and life more broadly. In doing so, you will need to produce a weekly journal to record your learning and then as the trimester comes to a close reflect on these experiences and submit a final reflection of 1500 words (+/- 10%) that will include the weekly journal as an appendix.

This is an individual assignment that tracks your growth as a student of Information Systems over the trimester. It is scaffolded around your weekly learning activities. Completing the activities and seeking input from your peers and the learning facilitator is essential for you to achieve a positive result in this subject. Before you start this assessment, be sure that you have completed the learning activities in all of the modules. This reflective report gives you the opportunity to communicate your understanding of how information systems relate to your career and future.

Task Instructions

  1. During Module 1 – 5, you were asking to produce a weekly journal to record your learnings each week. Based on these weekly journals, please write a 1500-word reflective report about your experience.
  2. You are required to follow the four steps of Kolb’s learning cycle when writing the reflective report.


The execution of the self-reflection with the help of the four stages of the Kolb’s learning cycle is effective in understanding the learning modules. The model deals with the understanding of the different ideas about the information technologies. The module explored in the information technology assignment deals with the effective execution of the knowledge’s management. The idea of the value chain has been imparted in an excellent manner. The study is helpful in the execution of idea about the threats that are associated with the execution of advanced technologies within the business environment. The use of the models has been helpful in imparting systemic knowledge about the data thefts and the issues faced by the companies due to the poor management of the essential data. The learning journals on the basis of the weekly modules are helpful in the up-gradation of the understanding of the Information system in efficient manners. The different stages of the Kolb’s learning cycle is an evaluation in asystematic manner for a better understanding of the topics and evaluation of personal learning in an organized manner. The study is helpful in the identification of self-strength and drawbacks in the process of learning the topics as per the modules taught in five weeks in the class.

Reflective Observation
The models of each week have been helpful in the development of my understating on the information technologies. I was able to develop a core idea about the different information devices and their working application. The models have fetched me huge knowledge about the IT sectors, and I was able to work on my observation skills. I was able to develop a close understanding of the different Information system, including mobile phone and computers. The essentiality of the devices and their functionality measures were my core concern for the enter week. I even used the help of the internet to clear my doubts and thus was able to take up measures in developing my observation skill in determining the pros and cons of the information technologies in an efficient manner with the help of the different stages of Kolb’s

At the same time in week two, I focused on the knowledge management measures. The model was effective in elevating my understanding about the changing perfective of digital media. The advantage of used the sites like Netflix and Disney plus has been an advantage for my understanding. I was able to elevate my understanding with the help of the journal by (Gertych & Pietka 2016). We even introduced a debate within our group to undersign the changing media influences and thus ensure that the management met of the knowledge’s is conducted in excellent manners. Week 3 learning has been an advantage to my understanding of business execution process. The detailed explanation of the Potters Value chain has been excellent learning for me.

I was able to understand the different business experts and the needs of executing the systematic measures in the service execution process were determined by me. The model has been helpful in the execution of my time management skills. I was able to complete the group products on time due to the proper calculative management measures. Week 4 has been advantage of learning for me as it has improved my decision-making measures. In order to execute the services in an excellent manner, the use of proper project management measures is essential (Sartal et al., 2017).

The last model has been helpful in the identification of the threats that are associated with information technologies. This has been effective in developing my monitoring skills so that I can take-up proper measures in dealing with digital privacy thefts due to the process of executing my services in an excellent manner.

Abstract conceptualization
The execution of model learning has been effective in developing my skills in the process of learning about Informational Technologies. The concept has been helpful to me in exploring the different identification of Information technologies, starting from its advantages to its threats to data thefts. I was able to explore myself more into different privacy issues that are faced by the business in the process of handling private data. In the journal of Shi, Shen & Yang (2016), I was able to develop my idea about the data protection measures that are used by the business from time to time to ensure data protection. I was able to explore the fact that the companies are dealing with data backup from time to time so that they can secure the information in an effective manner.

I even used different internet sources to evaluate the understating about effective project management measures. The journal of Shukan et al., (2019) highlighted the fact that cost and time are the essential components that needs to be managed in the process of executing the services by the project manager. I personally believe that the development of Information technologies is for the betterment of society. The business is able to keep a proper track of the records, and the company is able to execute their services in an effective manner. As per my opinion from the Unsalan et al., (2017), the proper maintaining of the technologies is needed from time to times. As per my explored from my personal learning that the situation like Malware attack can hamper the stability of the business in an effective manner (Chen et al., 2019). The proper monitoring of the services of the technologies and proper daft backups are needed to about any extensive loss to the company. At the same timed, I was lucky enough to practices my identified skills with my peers. The group discussion and debates have been helpful in the up-gradation of my skills, and thus I was able to develop my understanding in an effective manner.

Active experimentation
The modules have been helpful in the up-gradation of my skills in the idea about different information technologies. I was facing issues in the initial stage regarding the proper identification of the journals. However, the library has been helpful, and I was able to access the wider variety of journals on the relevant topics. I am willing to execute my understanding on the different project management measures so that I can develop my skills and thus execute effective measures in dealing with the different aspects of the project execution process in a vivid manner. I am planning to a take-up an internship in an IT sector so that I can learn the different measure of project management (Siegel & Dorner, 2017). I am planning up to take up measures in analysis the different journals to elevate my skills on the select module topics. It has been identified that I will need the help of my peer to elevate my personal understanding of the different approaches of Information technologies.

I will be taking part in group discussions so that I can develop my observation and decision-making skills. I have identified that I am poor with the time management process. The process of executing an excellent time management section, I will be taking part in different group projects (Sartal& Va?zquez, 2017). I will be using a time schedule and will be executing all the services as per the plan to ensure that I am able to improve my time management’s measure. I am planning to identify by drawbacks properly. I will be listing down the issues that I am facing in the process of dealing with the different Information technologies. I will be making the list of the changes that I need to include in myself so that I can serve the business better in the futures. I will be working on my issues one after the other so that I can overcome the issues and thus deal with them one at a time (Shi, Shen & Yang, 2016). This will help me to focus on my drawbacks and thus I will be able to rectify them in an effective manner. This will help me to grown and I will be able to execute my learning in an effective manner. I aim to develop expertise in what I do. I am willing to practice more so that I can reduce the hesitation in me and thus deal with the situation in without any kind of barrier.

Thus, module and weekly learning have been helpful in elevating my personal learning on the topic of Information Technologies. I was able to take part in different activities within by learning domain and thus the emphasis on my studies properly. The different activities have motivated my leaning process and I was able to develop my strength and weaknesses properly. The study has been effective in highlighting the drawbacks of the dependency on the information technologies without any kind of confusion. The execution of the learning journals has been an advantage in delivering the study on Information technologies and project management measures. It has been an advantage for the improvement of the analytical skills in an organized manner. I was able to identify the fact that I am having a good observation skill and thus cam execute the project management measures in effective manners. The idea of value chain analysis has been effective in the execution of the learning process in asystemic manner. The study has been helpful in modifying my understanding process and I was able to take up measures in executing my learning measures.

Reference list
Chen, Chongyang, Kem Z. K. Zhang, Xiang Gong, & Matthew K. O. Lee. 2019. “Failure to Decrease the Addictive Usage of Information Technologies: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Examination of Smartphone Game Users.” Computers in Human Behavior 92:256–65. Retrieved from

Gertych A & Pietka E. 2016. “Foreword to the Special Issue on Information Technologies in Biomedicine.” Computers in Biology and Medicine 69:234–35. Retrieved from

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Sartal, Antonio, JosepLlach, Va?zquez Xose? H, & Rodolfo de Castro. 2017. “How Much Does Lean Manufacturing Need Environmental and Information Technologies?” Journal of Manufacturing Systems 45:260–72. Retrieved from

Shi, Peng, Shen Yin, &Yang Shi. 2016. “Special Issue on Control and Management of Logistic Systems Based on Information Technologies.” Information technology assignment Information Sciences 373:512–14. Retrieved from

Shukan, Aliya, AituganAbdizhami, Gulnar Ospanova, & Dana Abdakimova. 2019. “Crime Control in the Sphere of Information Technologies in the Republic of Turkey.” Digital Investigation 30:94–100.Retrieved from

Siegel C & Dorner TE. 2017. “Information Technologies for Active and Assisted Living-Influences to the Quality of Life of an Ageing Society.” International Journal of Medical Informatics 100:32–45. Retrieved from

Unsalan, Ozan, Alpaslan H. Kuzucuoglu, Caglar Cakir, & Ersin Kaygisiz. 2017. “One Pilot Application of Mobile Raman Spectroscopy and Information Technologies for Cultural Heritage Inventory Studies.” Journal of Cultural Heritage 25:94–100.Retrieved from

Appendix: Concrete experience


Learning Activity



Week 1

Elevation observation skills

Identification of the different information technologies and the execution of the service by them has been helpful in the elevation of my personal understanding

The use of a discussion session of the advantages and is advantages of the digital system was conducted. 

Week 2

Knowledge management

It has been helpful in the up-gradation of the personal understanding about the changing domain of the digital media

Debates of the old and new media application

Week 3

Time management

The idea about the potter’s value chain analysis is helpful in the up-gradation of m personal understanding in management the time in well coordinative manners.

Taking part in group activities and paining the project schedule in a rational manner

Week 4

Project management

The skill has been along-lasting impact on my understanding. I was able to deal with the situation in an efficient manner and thus take up strong steps as per the business needs.

Group discusses with peers on the management topics.

Week 5


The skill of monitoring has been helpful in increasing my awareness measures that are considered to be essential measures in dealing with the business measures in an efficient manner.

The identification of different primary theft to the technologies has been evaluated.



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