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Information Technology Assignment: Inspection of Superstar Firms



You are required to produce a report on information technology assignment. The topic of the report is “Technology Superstar Firms” and is an inquiry into leading technology firms characterized by key market positions, high valuations, many economies (scope/scale), and network effects.


It is evident herein information technology assignment that in the recent era of rapid digitalization, the companies are taking up measures to working on the innovative aspects. Artificial intelligence, as well as the upgraded technologies that the organization uses, is most likely to be the measures to build the largest customer bases. It has been evident that the companies like Facebook have been an outstanding example for the Superstar firm. It has been productive in fetching light that the company has been one of the most popular and has been using measures to develop a strong ideology in dealing with the proper business behaviour. The contents of the customer's interest are built in order to gain the attention as well as the interest of their customers. The proper evaluation of the customer’s data is done and thus the business keeps track of the events and notifying them annually. It has been an excellent feature it acquired. The study is based on the close inspection of superstar firms and thus seeks to point out its uniqueness that is making its customers wonderstruck, and they love the features proposed by the companies.

1. Information (Data) Model of a Superstar Firm
The business of Facebook is using the core business model of targeted matching. The matching of the contents that the user prefers is done with the return for data and matching advertisements to the profile of the user. It is evident that 98% of the income of this superstar business is from the generation of the advertisement (Guyader and Piscicelli, 2019). The features like graph search, timeline as well as the News Feeds are determined to be the three essential pillar of the business model as used by Facebook. The data modelling of Facebook is flexible of SQL. The solar graphs are generally formed on the PHP application, and the application power by that of the MySQL as per the meme cache and persistent database is executed. Facebook keeps the collected data even if the user leaves the website; the information's like the users IP address, what kind of advertisement do the users showed interest in.

The websites visit by the customers or the events attended by the customers is all kept as a record with the company. The company has included the measures like implicating a memory feature. It is effective in cherishing the events that the customer had (Noman et al., 2019). The data records are keeping so that the information can be used later in developing integrity with the customers. The use of the Off Facebook application is the third party application that allows the company is productive in fetching strong ideologies in dealing with the data of the sole customers. The superstar company of Facebook is collecting the data for the non-user with the evaluation of the browsing history and with their friends. This is an added advantage for the company in an effective manner.

2.1: Gaining more value from the data it already holds

The use of the data is productive in fetching information about the customers and their likings. The interest of the customers, as well as their closes persons, can be demonstrated. It is determined to be effective in highlights the events like family gathering as well as friendly events (Esteve, 2017). The information about the products the customers is interest in and their lifestyle can be evaluated. The data that Facebook has includes the information about the customers that are personal and maybe not even known by the customer them self.

2.2: Scope in order to generate more value
The data collected has value aspects as well. It has been evaluated that the customers can be tracked, and thus the help like medical facilities can be encountered. The customers can search for help and thus can stay connected using the application. The information of the collected information by the superstar firm of Facebook is determined to be helpful for the customers to deal with the better value generation and the customer’s investigation is developed (González et al., 2017). The memories that show up each year is creating value among the customers, and the customers are allowed to recollect the beautiful memories they have spent.

‘Technology Superstar Firms’

a. A broad description of the firm
Facebook Inc is a very well known American based technological conglomerates. It has been founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Being in the Social media industry, the company has annual revenue of US$85.97 billion. The company is having total assets worth US$159.32 billion. The company is very population among masses and recently employees around 52535 employees. In the year 2019, Facebook appointed Peggy Alfred as their new board member (Weedon et al., 2017). The use of the centralized decision-making structure has been used by the company to gain efficiency in entertain the customers. In the year 2019, the business of Facebook has been operating around 16 data centre.

Facebook is basically a social networking site that is generally made to make connectivity easier, the sharing of information with friends and family has become easier for the users developing connectivity access the globe, the application was originally designed for the college students with the use of the valid email ID, but recently Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites. It is more than 1 billion users worldwide. It has been evident that having a Facebook account is determined to be an essential part of people’s life as one of having their own email ID (Shakya and Christakis, 2017). The use of the application is done to ensure that the messages can be sending and the post of statuses can be used by the users to stay connected with the family and friends. Facebook is one of the most public applications and is a risk to privacy. It is evident that, being a superstar company, Facebook does not offer privacy tools to the customers. The design of the business Facebook is to promote the open and social mode of communication over the traditional toll for communication.

The behaviours of the customers are tracks by the company, and the records of the data are kept so that the execution of the sound marketing measures can be executed. It is evident that around 98% of the total revenue of Facebook is generated with the marketing measures; thus, understanding the purchasing tendency of the customers are determined to be productive in building a better engagement with the customers (Hazelwood et al., 2018). The company keeps track of the post that are liked by the customers or the dress that has been bought by the customers so that similar content can be used by the company to execute the strategic measures in dealing with the company. Facebook is very popular and has been concern about the emotional contract of their customers. The company has been effective in entertaining the customers with the right context that is having the ability to build strong measures to fetch market popularity (Isaak and Hanna, 2018). Recently the business of Facebook has been servicing all its customers with features that are productive in building strong integrity with the customers. It has been effective in dealing with the changing needs of the customers and thus is improving them for the better. The privacy of the customers is at stake and thus is creating issues for the section of the customers.

b. Its history
Facebook is a leading social networking service that has been launched as TheFacebook on the 4th of February in the year 2004. It has been initially formed by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his college roommates. The friends include Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Andrew McCollum. Initially, the membership of the website was limited to the student of Harvard, but later it has been expanded to the different colleges in Boston areas. By the year 2006, almost everyone has the valid email id and the age registration beimg13 year and older were members in the year 2006 on 6th Septembers the feature of news feed was included in Facebook (Hoffmann et al., 2018). The initially started application just for college students has become popular among the masses, and recently, the application has more than 2 billion monthly active users.

The quick ballooned of the company as the leading social media company is history in its own kind. As soon as Facebook was launched in the year 2004, around 1200 to 1500 student signed in within 24 hours. It was then significant that the application is a masterpiece and thus has the ability to satisfy the customer base with its unique features (McGonigle yet al., 2020). Facebook is recently a most valuable and detained as one of the most important institutions in this 21st century, Web 2.0 has been a boost to the company, and it teaches all highs in recent times. The execution of the chronological evolution of Facebook executes the fact that the interpretation of the five recurring themes. The themes like profile and network sharing with the commercial activities as well as the outside the web as well as the software’s development is evident. The two essential elements of TheFacebook include network and the profile. The business has been one of the most promising companies in recent times and thus has been executing its services in an effective manner.

c. A commentary and critique of its future challenges value and contribution

Firm’s challenges
The challenges of the business are essential to be recognized. It has been identifying that a superstar business like that of Facebook needs to deal with numerous challenges in the recent working domain. The proper execution of the strategic measures in dealing with the challenges that the business is facing is essential. A few of the major challenges faced by the business of Facebook are listed below:

Privacy issues
In recent times, the data that are stored by Facebook is acting as a threat to the customer's trusts. The customers are finding it unethical when Facebook is attracting their measures, and thus the customers are not feeling safe in executing their measures on Facebook. The customers are protesting to keep their personal information safe so that the satisfaction level of the customers can be evident (Ayaburi and Treku, 2020). It is one of the notable issues, and this internet privacy is acting as a barrier to the smooth execution of the strategic norms. It is evident that the stem partly to gain the revenues is selling the information about the users. The loss of privacy is evident, and thus the company is failing to build strong integrity for better working attributes. The three aspects of the business have been identifying. It includes the Facebook does not take proper steps to protect users privacy, and the thirds party is activity taking up measures in the seeking of the end-user information which are using Facebook (Martínez et al., 2020). As per the Facebook-Cambridge Analytical data scandal of Facebook, the personal data of the million Facebook users were used for the political advertisement attributes in an effective manner.

Misleading campaigns against the competition
New Revenues sources: the news feeds are not addressing the needs of the customers in recent times. It has been evident that the next wave of growth is evident in the case of the Instagram and WhatApp stores. The change in demands of the customers is increasing the needs of the advanced technologies and design of the portfolio (Srinivasan, 2019). The contact updates are demanded so that the level of satisfaction among the customers can be maintained. The investors that are shopping and the commerce will be turning into meaningful sources of revenues in case of the applications.

Increasing competition in the market
It is evident that with the passage of time, new platforms for entertainments are seen into the limelight. It has been evaluated that the companies are taken up measures in dealing with the strategic outcomes and thus taking up approaches to fighting against all odds. Recently it is evident that 5% of the Facebook user mentioned that they find the application fake, and the reliability of the information of Facebook is very poor. Google, the US-based internet company at the global level, is determined to be the major competing business of Facebook (Glick and Ruetschlin, 2019). TikTok is at the same time gaining a lot of popularization and thus attracting the customers to entertain them self. The execution of Twitter is considered to be more reliable attributes which have been evident with the global revenues of $12.53 billion that is accounted for by Twitter. The business-like Snap chats as we as Pinterest are in high demand among the customers. The other competitors of Facebook include Quora, Vkontakte, YouTube, Microsoft and WeChat (Lee, 2021). It is evident that although the business has gained a monopolist in the industry initially but in recent times, the business has a huge threat to the increasing market completion auctioning as the threat to the business. The challenging situation is making it essential for the company to deal with the strategic norms and thus express better service executing measures as per the demand of the customers.

Business value
The values of the business are determined to be the core business executing strategies. It has been evident that in the context of Facebook the business has been exciting their valuation of connecting people from the different post of the world. The term globalization has been ensuring with the technologies like Facebook. The application, which has been initially framed to develop connectivity among university students, has been effective in dealing with workplace strategies (Grover et al., 2018). It has been evident that the company has been effective in developing better working measures. The main concern of the customers is enabling its customers to keep a strong bond with their family and friends even if there are not physically presences. Measures of connectivity have been evident in the case of Facebook. It has been evident that the business values of facebook have been productive in attracting large customers measures, and thus attributes are executed to deal with the strategic measures and thus to gain loyal customers bases. The values like be bold, move fast, be open, build social values, as well as focus on impact are the listed public offerings of the country (Vidgen et al., 2017). It has been evident that the business. The company seeks to shed light on the development of positive customer experiences. The features like that of recalling memories are determined to be effective in shedding light on the aspect that the customers values are treasures and are respected by Facebook. The start business executing approaches are used by the company, and thus measures are executed for the development of better workplace efficiency.


Business model canvas
As per the opinion of Keane et al., (2018), the business model canvas is the measures to build firm strategic measures, and it is a tool that is productive in building blocks to make proper planning. The identification of the targeted customers is done, and thus measures are executed for better strategic measures. It has been evaluated that the company like Facebook are executing strategies to deal with the competing measures and thus address the identification market challenges so that the proper measures to deal with the situation can be taken. It is at the same time allows the company to work on the creation of values. The loyal customers of Facebook are due to this strategic implication by the company.

It has been evident that the correct use of technological measures are executed so that the business of Facebook can deal with the complex working situation and thus provide proper satisfaction to its customers. It has been evident that the business of Facebook is working hard to build a better working domain and thus is taking up the measures of using the business values to build connectivity among the customers.

Contribution to the society
The contribution of Facebook to society is worth mentioning. It has increased the connectivity and thus allows the users to get an idea about others cultures and beliefs. The contributing of Facebook is evident to bring historical changes within the society; it has been instantaneous in developing communication over the 2 billion people. The people are able to play games and this even allure to a start small business. It has been productive in increasing brand values of the companies and at the same time are determined to be effective in creating strong measures to promotes productizes and create mass communication (Bellucci and Manetti, 2017). The improvement of the relationship between the friends and the familiars are evident. It is productive in developing the fact that society can work on their interpersonal relationship with the help of Facebook. It has been evident that the company is developing better working strategies and thus is even helping the students to execute their services (Isaak and Hanna, 2018). It has been identified that the company is productive in increasing the measures to sustain the diverse audiences, and thus, attributes are executed for better services execution measures.


New Media theory
The use of the new media theory ate productive in conceptualization the implication of advanced digital technologies; the use of the novel sociopolitical measures by the use of computer-mediated communication is evident. The business of Facebook, with the use of strategic measures, is determined to be productive in dealing with workplace efficiency (Magaudda and Minniti, 2019). It has been evident that the development of integrity is done, and the technological advancement is used for the development of better valuated among the customers. The users on Facebook are able to deal with workplace efficiency, and thus the attributes of better services efficiency are fetched.

Thus, it can be evident that the superstar business like Facebook has been productive in developing customer bases but has to face challenges when the privacy of the customers are taken into consideration. On the other hand, the values of the company preach the motto of being bold and open, so the privacy issues are not considered by the business as per their service executing strategies. It acts as the uniqueness of the business, and thus the company is able to deal with the workplace strategies.

“Technology superstar firms create value from manipulating data and do not add significant value to society.”
Data manipulation has been the key to success for the business like Facebook. The personal information of the customers is used as an integral source of information for the business of Facebook to grow. The use of the approaches is done to showcase the personal information of the customers for the execution of better marketing aspects (Paasonen, 2018). However, the company is adding proper values to society. It has been evident that the company is able to build strong integrity and thus ensure that the business is able to execute proper values to society.

The arguments are represented against the statements as the company like Facebook is productive in executing proper measures to serve society in an effective manner. It has been evident that the use of the correct attributes is measured are done to build strong customers integrity (Bala and Verma, 2018). In a similar context, Assimakopoulos et al., (2017) mentioned that the data manipulation of the users is done with their convent. Facebook asked permission from its users so that they can keep a proper record of their activities and thus uses them later for business benefits. It has been evident that the business is manipulating data which is a worldwide concern, but it is at the same time adding positive values to society (Lee, 2017). The increasing level of connectivity is determined to be productive in fetching strong measures among the users, and thus the values are implicated within the society.

Thus, it can be concluded that although the superstar business like Facebook is manipulating the personal data of the customers, it is executing measures like developing global connectivity and are executing strong norms in building better business attributes at the global level.

Thus, it can be concluded that a business like Facebook is operating in the condition of the competitive market. The business is very popular among the masses, and the use of advanced technologies is done so that the company can execute better working ability. It has been productive in building a strong customer’s integrity, and thus the attributes of executing better strategic norms have been adopted. The company is able to develop better revenuers and are determined to be the leading business in the recent times. It has been evident that the business of Facebook is very popular among the masses and thus is productive in contributing positively towards society. The use of the strategic measures is done so that the company can contribute positivity to the society and thus allow the strong user values. The cherishing of the memories with the new features is productive in developing building connectivity with the audiences. The business is truly a superstar business and thus arte having huge growth prospects in the times to come.

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