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Information Technology Assignment: How IT is managed in Apple?


Task: Overview of Information Technology Assignment: Students must write a report about leading IT companies like Microsoft, Apple or Google and discuss the following:
1. Contemporary IT Management issues the organisation(s) experiences, their impact and solutions
2. Risk management processes in the organisation(s).
3. The value the organisation(s) can achieve from aligning IS/IT solutions with business operations and strategy


Introduction to Information Technology Assignment
In any organisation, the infrastructure of IT faces a huge part. The IT is where the server works and the data is stored. Over the years enterprises over the world no matter how small they have made significant investments in the IT industry because of the potentials it has. Here in this report, analysis is done about how IT is managed in big tech companies. The study here is done on Apple Inc.

IT management of Apple Inc.

Enterprise technology has seen rapid growth in the last decade. There is an excessive amount of companies who are bringing their product to the market every year with the hope to achieve some success (Mishra, 2020). The competition has got tough over the years. In this kind of competitive market, big companies like Apple Inc. should provide solutions and innovative products that would give tough competition to others (Aljafari, 2016). To do this Apple Inc. needs to have strong IT solutions and effective management for them. The following is a few of the management issue with IT that the company encounters and the impact it has on them. This list also contains the solutions.

1. The first on the list is the problem of setting up the infrastructure for 5G support in their products. The present IT management structure that Apple Inc. has is designed to support the solutions to their current products which runs on 4G support (Mirzoev et al., 2014). However, as the current trend of the market predicts the network that is adapted in the world very rapidly is 5G. So if they do not upgrade their IT system to support the new technologies, they can fall behind.

2. The second on the list is the issue of data protection. In the present market the issue of protecting the consumer data has been given a huge importance. Privacy has become a big concern for the IT industries (Lockamy III, 2017). The IT management system of Apple Inc. has in the past protected many of their customers from their data being stolen (Vergara, 2021). The company has a very good reputation of protecting their customer’s private data (Silva et al., 2015). However, new technologies have emerged and with them has emerged new threats that are seemingly immune to the older systems of security and tend invade the private data of people with Apple products (Gvili 2020). So, Apple Inc. needs to work on this matter and upgrade their security systems of the IT management on regular basis (Otte, 2017).

3. The third the issue of the alternative futures for the company and the preparations that the IT management needs to take for them. The global pandemic has brought in many uncertainties (Pooja, 2020), but it’s expected that someday in a distant future this will end and people will begin their recovery journey. Apple Inc. being a big company needs to figure how contribute to this situation (McCarthy et al., 2020). There are many issues they can face like demands of digital equity, infrastructure of online security, and finding ways to reduce the institutional costs (Sharon, 2020). What Apple Inc. can do is they that focus on sustainable technological strategies and align them with their future goals.

Risk Management of Apple Inc.
In the present market Apple Inc. is one of global leader in the market of technologies. Being in that position it is expected of Apple to offer the best products in the market to their customers (Mukul et al., 2021). To make sure that they provide the quality that is expected of them Apple uses a very strict and tough risk management system that helps the company identify risks of all kind no matter how trivial it is and resolves it. The department of risk management in Apple Inc. has the responsibilities to take care of identifying risks, accessing the risks, communicating about the issue and then managing the risks identified (Owsley, 2017). The main goal of risk management in the company is to create an environment and working structure that is devoid of any kind of risks. The first thing that the department does is to identify the potential risks by simulating different scenarios, and then categorizes them in different areas of risk. Then the most prudent methods are decided to mitigate those risks (Michael & Abbas, 2020). As their goals suggests they get try to get rid f any kind of risks from their system. Thew objective of Apple Inc. has always been very clear and it is to become the leading manufacturer of technological products and offer the best quality to their customers. At a time their aim was to bring a revolution in the industry of mobile phones and they did because of this detailed process of their risk management system.

Value of an Organisation
The solutions that IT has to offer goes hand in hand with the business operations in any company. The objective and the strategies that a business have are effective when they are aligned with IT solutions. The department of IT collects and manages the data and the information’s for the company (Kim et al., 2021).

These data are then utilised by the company to achieve the goal they have. If the IT solutions are aligned with business goal of a company then the IT department will start collecting data with the business goals as a factor and that will make the work much effective and smoother. The IT solution will also help in predicting the possible outcomes of different goals that the organisation would have. This can help them manage risks very effectively and provide quality services and products. So once the IT solutions are aligned with the business goals then the value that the company has will automatically increase in a steady manner.

The future of IT industry is changing rapidly and the market is evolving. The new technologies that are surfacing everyday are slowly changing the world as it is now. The companies are very much depended on their IT department and this is high time that they focus on improving its structure and upgrading it according to the present market. This will help the companies understand the different ways they can identify the risks that arises with the products they have in a better way and mitigate them. The operations that the companies follow to manufacture their products and services will also become more effective.

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