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Information Systems Assignment: Discussion On The Challenges Confronted By IT Systems


Task: This assessment covers the following unit learning objectives:

  1. Articulate the characteristics and elements underpinning business and IS strategies and apply appropriate analytical tools and techniques to align business and IS planning and decision-making strategies
  2. Analyse and evaluate problems, opportunities and challenges in IS management and make recommendations based on sound IS management theory and practice
  3. Evaluate issues in the management of relationships between IS and the host organisation demonstrating sensitivity to cross-cultural and interpersonal communication issues associated with the successful management of global IS teams


The report on information systems assignment is focusing on the various aspects of information systems in the industries. The fourth industrial revolution has been one of the greatest achievements of mankind as the same has been quite successful in evolving the ways of humankind in a way one could have never imagined a few years ago. Information Systems are regarded as the fruit of the fourth industrial revolution, where the same has assumed a dominant role in every organization and the lives of every individual. The systems used by all these individuals are quite easy to implement and does not require much of a skill to use the same. However, in the case of a business, the Information Systems manages huge clusters of data, which not only requires a better capacity machine but also needs a certain level of expertise from the operator's end. Data and Information have emerged as the lifeline of every company as these data have been used by the organizations to get an insight into various situations and trends, which might affect the company. The insights from the data and information have been the major influencer of decisions in every company. However data needs to be managed, sorted, classified and then analyzed, all of which is a magnanimous task. The IT systems in an organization along with their various comments have been collectively used by these organizations in order to attain maximum efficiency from the data. The discussion carried on this information systems assignment aims to provide wholesome knowledge of the various ways these systems are being managed along with a bit of insight with the different challenges and the possible solutions that can be used to overcome such challenges.

Importance of the Information Systems in the context of this information systems assignment
The IT systems have been regarded as just a name to define an endless number of concepts and machines that can be used by different organizations to fulfil their business requirements. In the digital era, data has assumed the driving seat forcing almost every company to take part in a rat race to procure every and any at they might get their hands on (da Anunciação et al., 2018). These data have been used by companies to gather valuable insights on various market trends, which has always affected the managerial decisions of a company in a direction, where the chances of success in quite high. Though data has assumed an important role, the procured data are in a raw form and these data needs to be categorized and paired according to the type of information provided by them. After the same is classified, these data are fed into various analytical tools that help a company by highlighting the pattern or insights from the data (Müller et al., 2016). As per the readings used to develop this information systems assignment, the systems which are responsible for dealing with the data are collectively known as the IT systems. Apart from managing data, there are some newly introduced concepts and IT systems, which can create data based on the surrounding environment. Therefore one cannot deny the importance of IT systems in the digital era, as these are the systems which are responsible for managing the most important asset, which can be owned by an organization in the digital era.

What are the challenges of IT systems in regards with the case scenario of information systems assignment?
Management of the Information systems in a company has been quite a task and the sam requires a team of expert professionals to procure utmost efficiency from the system. As there is a wide variety of concepts and machines provided by the Information systems, opting a team and recruiting capable candidates to manage the same has always been a huge task for any company (Neto, Oquendo and Nakagawa, 2016). The challenge of identifying and recruiting individuals is just the peak of the iceberg as there are many other problems and challenges that have been faced by these com[anies while managing the Information SYstem. Well the choice of the Information System depends on the requirements of a company and it can be used that e information system of one company differs from the other, hence the problems faced by these companies while managing the Information Systems are also quite different (Becker et al., 2015). However, there are some common problems that have been identified. The lack of strategy mentioned in this segment of information systems assignment has been touted as one of the challenges which are faced by many organizations while using the information systems. Well, the experts might be aware of the tools in the systems that are required to aid the completion of their task of gathering a certain set of information, but putting the information into actual use has always been a challenge for these individuals who control the Information Systems. Technology is evolving every day and the same has resulted in huge changes in the IT systems. According to the research on information systems assignment, it can be stated that these changes are either pushed by the vendors of the IT systems or completely new systems are brought in the market to implement such changes (Shiau, Chen and Tsai, 2015). Keeping up with the change has been considered is considered as one of the challenges of managing these systems. In the competitive era, a company will leave no stone unturned to procure the best systems that will help them to achieve their targets in a better way. Therefore a company should always be on their heels to ensure that they are able to identify the changes that might aid the development of the company in a better way. However, identification of such change is quite tough as the company has to balance many ends and keeping an eye out for every change in the Information systems is quite impossible.

There are certainly other challenges discussed in the study explored in this information systems assignment such as the cross-cultural challenges and the inter-personal challenges, and these types of challenges are mostly faced by multinational companies. As diversity in such organizations is quite high (Soomro, Shah and Ahmed, 2016). The cross-cultural challenges highlighted in the context of this information systems assignment are confronted when certain data regarding the information of certain individuals are gained. These have been regarded as a challenge, especially in such places where the company is an employer to individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

Opportunities for Information Systems
The fast-paced internet requires the managers of a company to quickly sense the opportunities as there is a huge number of competition a bit delay can result in the loss of opportunity as there are many companies who are also pursuing the same opportunity (Zhang and Galletta, 2015). Information systems help an organization in the identification of such opportunities as the same supports Business Intelligence, which can accomplish certain tasks with a certain cluster of data. Business iNtelligence is a concept that has been used to analyze a certain cluster of data, thus identifying the hidden pattern in the data and helping a company with necessary insights on the opportunities in the market that can be capitalized by a company given they take the correct decisions (Roberts, Campbell and Vijayasarathy, 2016). As it has been mentioned earlier in the context of this information systems assignment, Information systems come with a boatload of concepts that can be used by the companies to meet with the business requirements. Business Intelligence is one such concept ht has been used by most of the companies to analyze the data that has been collected by these companies. These data are analyzed using the Information systems of the company, which helps a manager of a company with an insight into the market trends and opportunities that can be capitalized by a company to boost the sales of a company (Dwivedi et al., 2015). Therefore it can be said that the Information systems of a company play a vital role in the growth and development of a company as the same helps to identify the potential opportunities in the market, which might help a company to boost their growth. 

Road to a Good IS Manager
An IS manager plays the most important role in the manager of the IT systems as he/she is the sole leader of the whole operation, where the systems are managed and used under the official's tutelage. The task of becoming a good manager requires some skills, which either is learned beforehand or is gained by experience. It can be said that the manager should be efficient in correlating the insight gained from the data with the real-world challenges faced by an organization. As an IS manager in a certain company, I tried to relate the insight gained from a certain cluster of data with the real-world challenges faced by an organization. Moreover, with each accomplished task I tried to access my capability of measuring the reliability of the information that is gained from the analytical tools provided by the Information systems of the employing company. In addition to that, my person always tried to access business requirements, has been quite helpful to identifying the changes that might be implemented into the systems of the company for better growth. As it has been mentioned above the changes in the IT systems are quite common, but every change is not required by a company (Prat, Comyn-Wattiau and Akoka, 2015). This was something that my person has always tried to focus on, thus helping me to identify such changes or developments in the IT systems, which can be implemented for gaining better aid in the process of developing the businesses. These are all the necessary trait, which I deem necessary for a good IS manager. There are various other ways that can be used to be a good IS manager. Information gathering and feedbacks are one such a way that can be used to accomplish the task and the same has been my forte since the time I entered the corporate culture. Gathering information prior to a task has always helped me as a manager to get a better understanding of the task, hence increasing the chances of success in certain tasks. In addition to that, my person has always tried to gather feedback from my fellow colleagues (Zhang and Galletta, 2015). Asking feedbacks have always helped me as a manager to identify the faults in the actions taken by my person thus helping me to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in the future.

According to the research on Information systems assignment, it is observed that there are many problems that have been faced by the companies pertaining to the It systems in a company. The lack of understanding in the strategy and business requirements has been one of the biggest problems that have been faced by these organizations. It has been seen that most of the companies tend to choose the IT systems that are the best in the industry and is used by all the gains. However, it has been seen that there are various other It systems on the market that can actually help the company to meet with their business requirements. Therefore, it can be said in this report on information systems assignment that a company should have a proper knowledge of the It systems they need to satisfy their business requirements rather than opting for the systems that are used by the giants in every industry. Well, business requirements vary from one organization to another and the It systems are selected according to such requirements. Therefore imitating the same system of a different company with better goodwill can prove fatal for any company, hence every company should first have a clear knowledge of their requirements and then opt for the IT systems that suit the best for any organization. Lack of Strategy is one of the problems identified in the study examined in this information systems assignment that have been saved by many organizations. In such a case, a company can always plan before executing a certain plan. A proper strategy will help a company to gain the best output from the It systems, thus helping them pursue their goals in a better way. Changes in the IT systems have been a common phenomenon given the fact that technology is evolving every day and changes have now ceased to surprise every individuals and company using the IT systems. Having A proper knowledge of the business requirements is a must, as a manager of a company can easily identify a change that can be implemented in a company to boost its growth. Well, a company need not implement every change that is being introduced in the market, but a good knowledge of the business requirements helps a manager to identify the specific changes that aid the cause of a company in a more efficient way. Therefore, by analyzing the findings obtained in the context of this Information systems assignment, it can be said that a proper assessment of the company along with knowledge of the business requirements of a company can be treated as a good solution as the same helps a company to deal with many problems that arise from the use of the IT systems in one go.

Therefore, considering the overall analysis developed in this Information systems assignment, it can be concluded that data plays a huge role in the growth and development of any company and Information systems play a huge role in the proper management of such data. Therefore the importance of Information Systems cannot be denied by any company as without the systems collecting the data is quite futile. Though the IT systems provide solutions for the data, one can bever say that implementation of just any IT systems will aid the growth of a company. There are various factors which play a huge role in the selection and the management of the Information systems. As the amount of data that is being managed is quite high, hence management of Information Systems has been a task for almost every company. There are various challenges that have been faced by these companies while managing these systems, but it has been seen that these problems only arise due to negligence and the same can be easily averted if proper attention is paid. Moreover, IT systems have helped many companies as the same has been used to identify opportunities in the market thus helping a company to capitalize on the same. Therefore, from the whole perspective of the readings utilized in this Information systems assignment, it can be said that the Information systems in a company play a huge role as these systems are the ones that are used to convert the required data into useful pieces of information that have been used to identify opportunities in the market. This identification of the opportunities has directly governed the managerial decisions of the managers in a company.

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