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Information System Management Assignment: Business Report on Different Case Scenarios


Task: Prepare a detailed business report on information system management assignment discussing about the impact of information technology in three different business scenarios.


It is evident herein information system management assignmentthat an information system is designed to process, collect, store and distribute further in an Organization sphere. From a socio-technical point of view, it can say that the Information system generally consists of four necessary components, namely people, structure, task, and technology. An information system is termed a set of elements used to process, store, and collect information. For carrying out the purpose of a company smoothly and managing the situations, business firms tend to rely on the company's entire Information system to interact with their customers and suppliers (Svabova et al., 2020). Information systems are also used to run electronic markets and supply chains on an inter-organizational basis.

2. Discussion 1
In this context, we will discuss the reasons for IT failure in detail. Key indicators of a business are generally attached with a string. That particular string opens up the path for generating a smooth amount of revenue. If a company fails in certain aspects of Information Technology, it will face a dispute in the relationship between the customer and the stakeholders. For example, IT failure for a large scale business might be due to its payment system's failure. It is mention-worthy that failure in payments will result in a loss of revenue generation. Thus, to maintain the business's smooth functioning, it is of sheer importance to retain a stronghold of all its major performance indicators (Radovi? and Stevi?, 2018). Precisely, if a company notices sudden failure in its payment system, it might be due to its less popularity. Stakeholders of business should keep in mind that they should use a convenient and easy payment handling option that the fellow customers will find suitable for using further. In simple words, it can say that software developers of that particular company will be held responsible for creating payment software that will be easier and safe for the customers.

The problem, as mentioned earlier, can be aligned with Amazon Company. Amazon had launched its mobile wallet in the first half of 2015. Having failed miserably, the company pulled its plug just after six months. It enabled the customers to store their loyalty and gift cards on their mobile phones. Further, the customers were allowed to use their loyalty and gift cards for in-store and online purchases (Alnabhan, 2017). The major disadvantage of the online e-wallet is that it did not allow the consumers to store their debit or credit cards.

On the other hand, Amazon is viewed to have facilitated its online payment method, but it lacked a significant wallet like the ones that Apple and Google offer. As a result, consumers started facing major issues while paying online. Having met many problems, Amazon lost many of its customers. Amazon has tied up with all the major online payment partners like Google pay and PayPal. Thus, having improved its online payment platform, Amazon could revive back in the business by introducing a new, comfortable, convenient, and safe online platform to its fellow customers.

3.Discussion 2
Information technology has impacted the organization's productivity. The relation between technology and the economy has focused on the productivity of the organization. The trend of Information technology has also impacted job redundancy, which has harmed the organization's sales revenue. It can predict that new technologies can work on a more extensive basis, and it can also impact the reduction of employees in the organization. Like new technologies' automated tasks can impact organizational performances. Such horses have been replaced when automobile industries have been established.

The redundancy of employees has impacted the company's overall performance rate, and it also decreases the efficiency rate. Ultimately, it leads to the organization's productivity and reduces the revenue of sales. Job redundancy can happen due to controversies in the workplace.

Job attitudes in the workplace have become a significant factor in redundancy in the organization. Some studies have shown that public sector employees are more satisfied, and their turnover intention is relatively less than the private sector employees(Zeffane and Melhem, 2017). As an example, Stocks and Hardin (2001) has found that employees in their public accounting department have lower turnover intention.

In an organization, there will be some employees who have determined to resign from the post. Job dissatisfaction can become the reason for it, which increases the rate of turnover in the organization. Downsizing employees can impact the workforce of the company (Mujtaba and Senathip, 2020). Reducing skilled workers and low morale employees can affect the performance rate of the organization.

The main key factors to handle the organization's redundancy rate should be distinguished the organization's issues, and the human resource management in the organization should take it carefully.

In 2017, Walmart decided to cut-off hundreds of employees in January. It has affected the human resources department of the company. As Walmart is one of the largest retail chains, the redundancy of employees can also impact the company's productivity rate. It has also been addressed that in September, the company has cut 7,000 back-office employees. The organization's share has been down marginally at $68.48. The job redundancy also has a fall impact on the sales revenue and decreased the organization's productivity level. Cost manufacturing also impacts the redundancy rate of the organization (Diamond Jr, 2019). The job redundancy can again fall an impact on sales revenue.

4. Discussion 3
Information Technology has impacted organizations very rapidly. It has increased the growth rate of productivity and also maximizes the opportunity level of the organization. IT can elevate the communication level as well as can also protect the information technology of the organization. Information technology can deliver critical information to the managers of the company. It can use as a crucial mechanism while performing the organization.

Human resources or HR is an essential element in the organization. However, it is difficult to manage a large number of employees in the organization. Through IT, Electronic Human Resources can be beneficial aspects of the company. It can save time and become cost-effective(Zeebaree, Shukur and Hussan, 2019). E-HRM can also impact the productivity level of the company. Launching a new start-up business can be elevated by information technologies. It can reduce the work pressure and also increase the level of efficiency among the employees. However, it also has some issues related to it. Without proper infrastructure, implementing IT invarious large-scale organizations cannot be made possible(Bakri, 2020). On the other hand, Information technologies help the business boost the entire revenue-generating process by increasing the working efficiency of the employees working inside the organization.

As mentioned earlier, information technologies can align in various large scale businesses with the Tesco organization. Deployment of information technologies facilitated smooth communication between the managers and the customers. As a result, the organization's retail sales followed a sudden increase(Poushneh, 2018). Alongside that, technological advancements in the organization changed the company's face in terms of human resource aspects. It is time-saving and cost-effective and measuring key performance indicators of the organization with technological advancements.

Besides that, Tesco was able to escalate its start-up business in other parts of the country. Upon spreading its roots in all aspects of the country, it saw that Tesco quickly confronted a colossal profit(Inman and Nikolova, 2017). As a result, the company was able to retain its valuable employees. It can inevitably say that proper advancement in the technological aspects might help the entire organization chase its mission and vision. Despite facing many problems, Tesco was able to boon back into their business. Hence, undergoing technological advancements helped the entire organization to secure its place in the long run.

5. Conclusion
In a nutshell, it can conclude that the entire writing consists of a detailed business report on organizations like Amazon, Walmart, and Tesco. In discussion 1, the main problem regarding payment failures of companies has been discussed. On the other hand, the payment failing scenario of Amazon has been aligned with the pertaining topic. It is evident from discussion one that Amazon confronted many losses of the customer as they were unable to follow a secure online payment handling option.

As online payment procedure is termed one of the most crucial business performance indicators, payment handling failure resulted in a vast revenue loss. Alongside that, discussion 2 indicates the inability of job redundancies in the Walmart organization. It is evident from discussion two that job redundancies in Walmart's sphere resulted in a decreased productivity rate. In 2017, Walmart decided to cut off hundreds of employees. Hence, they faced an adverse effect in productivity and revenue generation rate.

On the other hand, discussion 3 reflects an immediate effect that saw after undergoing few changes in the Tesco organization's technological aspects. As all organization employees did not handle those installed technologies, the customer satisfaction rate went down miserably. Later, the company was able to resolve the issue and attracted many consumers upon improvising in the organization's technological aspect.

6. References
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