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Information System Assignment: A Reflective Report On Learning Experiences


Task: Task Summary
This information system assignment task requires you to reflect on your experiences in MIS500 this trimester by following a four-step process to gain insights into the work you have done and how it relates to your own career and life more broadly. In doing so, you will need to produce a weekly journal to record your learning and then as the trimester comes to a close reflect on these experiences and submit a final reflection of 1500 words (+/- 10%) that will include the weekly journal as an appendix.

This is an individual assignment that tracks your growth as a student of Information Systems over the trimester. It is scaffolded around your weekly learning activities. Completing the activities and seeking input from your peers and the learning facilitator is essential for you to achieve a positive result in this subject. Before you start this assessment, be sure that you have completed the learning activities in all of the modules. This reflective report gives you the opportunity to communicate your understanding of how information systems relate to your career and future.

Task Instructions
1. During Module 1 – 5, you were asking to produce a weekly journal to record your learnings each week. Based on these weekly journals, please write a 1500-word reflective report about your experience focussing on how this will support developing and planning your future career.
2. You are required to follow the four steps of Kolb’s learning cycle when writing the reflective report.


The information below provided in this information system assignment includes the utilisation of Kolb's learning cycle, further, it includes the use of weekly journals that are required to be produced. Based on the weekly journals the reflection is provided with the rational use of the reflective model below.

Kolb learning cycle


Figure 1Kolb’s Learning Cycle
(Source: Self-made)

Concrete experience
The step is accurately considered and completed; it includes the focus towards the learnings that provides the theoretical knowledge based on the modules that I learnt. The knowledge and the theoretical concepts related to the Information System, data, knowledge and information management was also gained during the module. It includes a deep understanding of managing a successful project and ensuring the project outcomes effectively through the utilisation of the agile methodology of project management. The utilisation of the module learnings linked with the application of IT infrastructure practically in the business is also provided, the concepts like the use of CRM and ERP through which the business objectives can be achieved (de Souza et al., 2021). It includes the focus on the development of the IT infrastructure through which the business can gain numerous benefits and achieve the objectives. The learning includes the focus towards decision making related concepts.

The sustainability of the business can also be ensured with the utilisation of the IT infrastructure and business intelligence in the contemporary business environment. The concrete experience provides with the learning of concepts related to data security and privacy. The ethical business operations and professional management of data security are also learnt in the modules. The management of the IT infrastructure and bringing in the scalable IT infrastructure for the business was the key learnings that were gained and the concepts that were cleared throughout the modules (Hägg, 2021). The use of agile methodology and understanding the concept of Agile will facilitate me to focus on the development of adaptability, flexibility and improvements in my professional career. The concept of Agile included the breaking down of the project tasks in several phases that can be achieved by the businesses effectively. These were the key learnings during the module that I can focus on and develop over the period in my career.

Reflective experience
The observation on what I learnt during the modules includes the focus towards learnings related to contemporary businesses that include the essential role of Information systems. It provides with the development of the technology through which the businesses can bring in an enhanced level of productivity and ensure better performance. I developed various business skills and IT skills throughout the modules. I also developed the project management skills and the agile methodology through which the project related to the Information System unfractured can be brought in. My observation includes the focus towards the agile methodology that will bring in the flexibility and major adaptability for the achievement of the goals. It includes the observation related to data and knowledge management that ensures better communication with the project stakeholders.

The project stakeholders will be provided with better communication and clarity with the help of knowledge management as per my observation. My observation also includes the essential role of the practical application of Information systems that supports decision making. It provides the observation related to the privacy and data security that is essential as the businesses bring in the role of Information systems. The security of the consumer data will become the major concern and the priority of the businesses to ensure the consumers about the data security and maintain the confidentiality of the data. I observed that the utilisation of the Agile methodology ensures the businesses and the individual learn and focus on adapting to the uncertainties. The key skills and concepts include gaining project management skills, gaining adaptability and decision-making skills these are certain skills that will facilitate the organisation to bring in the improved level of performance (Chiang et al., 2021). Overall, my experience includes the effective management of the business with the contemporary trend to adopt the Information System for improving the performance and providing solutions to the problems that consumers face.

Abstract conceptualization
The new experiences gained are required to be viewed from the personal perspective and the knowledge gained during the modules are required to be considered and new concepts linked with the learning is required to be gained. It includes the focus on the role of Information systems and their importance in contemporary businesses. Consumer satisfaction can be enhanced through the utilisation of the Information System, and I also focus on building an unfractured one that is scalable and sustainable as well. The utilisation of the project management methodology can bring in more productivity and i9t can be provided and communicated down the line in the project team through which the team can focus towards adaptability. The concepts can bring in an enhanced level of productivity and effective management of the uncertainties through the use of Agile methodology.

The application of the Information System includes focus towards better decision making and the concept will facilitate me to rationally focus on different alternatives and consider different angles linked with cost and time involved. The management of data can be utilised for effective retention of the consumers and focusing on effective marketing. The use of data can be done effectively for bringing in the business and keeping the data updated with the help of CRM can help the business to have a loyal group of customers and retention of customers will increase. The customers will be retained effectively through the utilisation of CRM and ERP. It also includes data security and privacy, through which consumer groups can be ensured and the employees can also be provided with the policies and different ethical considerations for operating professionally and ethically (Rath & Rock, 2021). It will prevent data breaches and different other illegal acts.

Active experimentation
I am planning to utilise the knowledge gained and the learnings of the module in the productive areas through which I can develop and gain major skills related to businesses. It includes bringing in productivity in the business through the effective implementation of the It infrastructure and maintaining the enhanced level of productivity. The infrastructure I am planning to bring will allow the business to decrease the dependency on human resources and it will allow the business to serve the customers with an enhanced level of productivity. The skills and the learnings I gained will facilitate my career growth. I will utilise the expert skills gained during the module like the decision-making skills through which I can strengthen my CV and bring in more productivity at the workplace while working in future. I am planning to implement the use of agile methodology through which I can bring in more flexibility in me. I can develop a personality to ensure adaptability and adapt the uncertain changes. The skills to utilise the data and knowledge effectively will facilitate me to bring in more productivity and it will allow me to enhance my career opportunities. The use of data management learnings will facilitate me to join as an intern data analyst in the organisation and gain practical skills. I am considering the decision to pursue my career as a data analyst through which I can grow and secure my career. The use of the other concepts and skills learnt by me during the modules provides with the utilisation of the security of information and maintaining privacy. I am planning to utilise the learnings to operate and work ethically, it included the learnings to avoid certain things and behaviour for professionally working and maintain general ethics linked with Information systems and their security.

The above piece of reflection includes the implementation of the reflective model that is majorly utilised for the self-reflections. It includes the use of Kolb's learning cycle and further it provides in-depth reflection. It includes the use of the learnings related to the weekly journals that are provided below in the appendix.

Chiang, C., Wells, P. K., & Xu, G. (2021). How does experiential learning encourage active learning in auditing education Journal of Accounting Education, 54.
de Souza, M. L. P., de Souza, W. C., Freitas, J. S., Filho, L. D. R. de M., & Bagno, R. B. (2022). Agile roadmapping: a management tool for digital entrepreneurship. Ieee Transactions on Engineering Management, 69(1). Hägg, G. (2021). The entrepreneurial diary – a reflective learning activity to enhance the judgmental abilities of student entrepreneurs. Information system assignment International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 27(5), 1142–1165.

Rath, D. R., & Rock, C. R. (2021). Applying kolb's experiential learning framework to investigate the safety of energy drinks in a critical thinking general education course. Journal of Food Science Education, (20210824).

Weekly Journals


Learning Activity




Introduction to information system

The module includes the focus on the introduction of the information system in the business context. It will allow me to build a good, secured and technologically upgraded IT infrastructure for my business. I can utilise the Information System to increase the business and bring in a more secured and advanced information system through which I can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen the competitive edge of my business. I need to learn basic concepts related to the Information System through which I can ensure the setting of my business same as the contemporary businesses operate with the Information System availability in the businesses. The agile methodology development was also learned that will facilitate me to increase adaptability in future.



Data, information management and knowledge management

The learning from the module will allow me to focus on the data that is an essential part of the business. It will help me in future to retain customers and will facilitate the marketing of my business. I can plan my future career as a Data analyst and manage the information systems of businesses. Knowledge management will further help me in the effective communication and management of information and it will allow me to improve organisational learning. The value chain will help to develop the competitive advantages and competencies in my career.  



Business Information Systems

I learnt about the value chain during the module. It will allow me to create values for the business in my professional career. The module contributes to my career development and planning as it revolves around different functional areas of business that are required to achieve common objectives. The leadership qualities and different other qualities are CEO skills can be gained through the learnings that will help me in my career planning. The technical knowledge and importance of Customer Relationships were provided through which I can focus on customer relationships accurately. Business intelligence is also included which includes the intelligence for managing the customer data.



Applications of business information systems

The practical implementation and application of business Information systems will help me in my future career planning. The project phase of decision making is discussed in the module, it will allow me to take the crucial decisions. The decision-making skills gained during the module will allow me to focus on rational alternatives and make rational choices in my career.  I can practically evaluate which IT infrastructure will work effectively for my organisation through the help of learnings gained from the module.



Information security and privacy

The module will facilitate me to plan my career in the security and privacy departments. It will ensure me about the confidentiality required to be maintained and the protection of data. I developed the importance of security and privacy of data through which the business can ensure the security of data. The development of ethical and professional standards will facilitate me to work ethically and professionally in the future to ensure the security of data and maintain the confidentiality of the customers of the business, not using customer data for personal benefits and false practices, etc. 




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