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Information System Assignment: Impact of IS on Business Organisation


Task: Write a reflective journal on computer architecture assignment analysing the theoretical concepts captured from the weekly material.


It has been found through the research on information system assignment that information system attracts the customers more that can be shared through their mobile device for the service provision activity. Instant information about the service of an organisation develops a competitive environment which is critical for the stores that do not have a strong information system to fulfil the demand of the customers to make them loyal. In the globalised environment, several organisations have developed their application and in order to conduct the study food producing industry has been chosen to exhibit service and product along with the price range that can make the customers place their order rather than their local store. In the current report followed by some real example, the impact of the information system is going to be highlighted on the business organisation that attracts the customers for taking their buying decision.

Impact of the information system on business practice
At present, the globalised environment demanded the information system technology that can share the information about the product and service which is willing to be sold by an organisation. In the process customer engagement and communication model has been applied to regulate the information system for the business practice. It has been found that the busy schedule of the customer restrict them for visiting stores and looking for their required product and services. Hence, the available information system in their mobile application helps them to find out their required goods or services that can be selected as per the requirement and budget-friendly manner. It has been mentioned by Chaudhuri(2018) that comparing among the similar kind of product and their quantity and quality are both assessed as well. During the time of purchasing a product and service quality of the product, assessment becomes a very important task. Therefore, the information system also served the reviews against the product and rating for the product and service allow the customers to go for the particular product and services to fulfil their demand.

Information system helps to increase the scope of business when it enables to reach out the customers with their expected need. In this context, Brandon (2016) stated that from the received feedback the organisation can modify the product or service quality. As an example, it can be mentioned that Swiggy and Zomato are two food delivery service brand and they deliver food to the customers from the local restaurants. The behaviour of the delivery man and food handling process is controlled by the organisations however, feedback of the customer towards the skill of the delivery person allow them to reform the service. Similarly, the quality of food and the restaurant also rated as per the liking and disliking of the customers that give the organisation to get an opportunity to serve the customers in a better way that can be cost-effective to them (Kasemsap, 2018). Moreover, the information system of food delivery help to track the food and get in touch with several local restaurant options that makes the customers happy and satisfied with their delivery time, food quality and brand value related to their cuisine. Thus it reflects that the information system helps a business to grow by the help of a medium serving partner to achieve the expected outcome (Almalki et al. 2017).

Factors that accept the information system application in business practice Business organisations are accepted the information system application in the business for getting competitive advantages. It has been found that at present the customers are habituated to conduct their shopping online. Moreover, it helps to share a number of information in a systematic manner that cannot be shared by an organisation in their shop environment due to lack of opportunity to focus on each customer at a time. Therefore, Uyar et al. (2017) stated that the customers can get in touch with the product as per their interest without time-wasting and by avoiding crowed in the shop. In a shop rating cannot be shared by the business organisations to attract the customers hence, it does not develop a smart buying practice to attract the customers. The brand is a feature that offered quality satisfaction to the customers that can develop brand loyalty. Hence, for brand loyalty development under a platform sharing of information through mobile device enhances the business organisation to develop their market and compare themselves with the market trend to satisfy the customer’s demand by upgrading the practice (Aydiner et al. 2017).

The example of Zomato and Swiggy exhibits that both the organisations enable to collaborate with several local restaurants that can allow them to use their marketing process of information sharing from the target customers to reach the product information of the restaurants. Delivery of the food of restaurant at the resident without the intervention of the logistics of the particular restaurant also increases the customer attraction and selling quantity of the food every day more than the restaurant capacity. It reduces the wastage of food as well as allows the organisation to earn money that can develop its business to achieve success in the competitive environment. Pricing and offers in an instant manner can also be done by the restaurants to grab the customers to generate the excitement to the customers to enhance the potentiality in an effective way (Heinrich et al. 2017).

It can be concluded that information system implementation in the business practice helps an organisation to achieve competitive advantages than that of any other method. The marketing practice of business enhances to attract customers from different aspects. Hence, the information system helps to conduct such marketing by information sharing for the target customers to make them feel satisfied with the offered product and service that can significantly help the customer to choose their preferred organisation to conduct a purchase. The illustrated example of the two food delivery application Zomato and Swiggy reflects that they perform as the information system and delivery partner of food to the selected restaurant of the customers any time and any place to meet up their demand as per their budget. It is only possible due to proper price, quality and location sharing of the restaurants. Moreover, from the feedback of the customers the restaurants enable to improve their practice which is also a valuable feature of the information system.

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