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Information System Assignment: Case Study Analysis of Fibre Fashion


Task: Fibre Fashion – Case Study to complete this information system assignmenttask you are required to design an information system for Fibre Fashion to assist with their business. You have discussed Porter’s Value Chain in class and you should understand the Primary and support activities within businesses. For this assessment you need to concentrate on Marketing and Sales only.

primary activities in information system assignment

2. Watch the case study video about Fibre Fashion (link below). This video will allow you to understand the business and where you, as consultants, can add value by improving their information systems in marketing and sales.

3. Fibre Fashion can also be found online at and on Instagram at

5. Based on the information provided as well as your own research (reading!) into information systems for SMEs (small to medium enterprise), write a report for Fibre Fashion to assist with their marketing and sales.


It is essential to understand while preparing this information system assignment that the whole report has been created from the perspective on the advisors that have been employed and sent by the organisation. Aside from the reference, comprehend that the association in thought has been distinguished with the consideration of Fiber Fashion as the sole prospect of business organisation. Significant expert improvement of related abilities and workforce or intelligent aptitudes would be examined and broke down for better understanding related to the entire paper. Also, the paper would cause a point by point Information System (IS) plan that has been created for the recognised customer and the future placement of Fibre Fashion in the market.

Background to the issues
It is essential to understand that the whole paper has been coordinated with the association of Fiber Fashion and the related issues or potential positive sides related to the implementation of IS. Aside from the reference, the segment of the paper would be a conversation about the potential issues that the whole report has been created to settle. Moreover, comprehend that the issues as distinguished in this segment of the paper remain the essential purpose of core interest with reference to the IS implementation plan (T. Nagy, 2016). Apart from the mentioned, the organisation has been observed to be set in the UK market for the last 20 years and counting. Additionally, it has been observed to be run by three primary stakeholders yet no potential data regarding their employees has been discovered. Much could not be located about their secondary aspects, as many of the insights related to the organisation had been left in the dark. Apart from the mentioned, their primary activities include the production and shipment of women fashion wear. This accounts to a huge competitive market including giants such as Alibaba and Amazon. However, the highest threat of replacement would be observed from the local stores. The organisation faces significant threat of replacement and competitive disadvantage due to the lack of innovative product.

The wastefulness of the current framework or the IS would be settled and would be recognised through the recently inspected showcase examination strategies. In this manner, the essential issues, as recognised, are as per the following:

• It has been observed that “Excel" is not an effective manner to implement IS and management of data within an organisation. It has been observed that the mentioned organisation Fibre Fashion has been following a traditional method of operational management and the related prospect of marketing and sales. However, it is essential to understand that a simple involvement of “Excel” would not be enough related to IS implementation. The mentioned software related to the collection of data and forecasting, yet it has its own limitation that could not be overcome if compatible IS are not placed. Fibre Fashion in consideration has been observed to use a proper “bricks andmortar” framework for business propagation, which relates to the implementation of the un-aligned system in the open space of business propagation. (Dobroszek, Zarzycka, Almasan& Circa, 2019). Through the mentioned prospect, it has been found that the organisation caters only seven customers recently. The mentioned data had been retrieved form their data management sheet catered in excel.

• The potential attack over their existing data related to the market and its sales had forced the organisation to avail offshore support such cyberattacks that has taken place a year back. However, the mentioned would be open to hackers and prospects of data losses that would be critical for the entirety of Fibre Fashion (Septriadi, Zarkasyi, Mulyani&Sukmadilaga, 2020). Apart from the mentioned, it is essential to consider that hackers and data attackers would be potentially preying on such IS for relatable data that could be essential for their individual usage and carry out illegal activities. However, addressing the matter would be critical for the growth of Fibre Fashion and sustenance into the online existence of the IS related to the organisation as it would be dealing with a huge amount of historic and financial data that would be the key to the success of Fibre Fashion (van Beest, Groefsema, Garcia-Banuelos& Aiello, 2019).

• The mentioned organisation, Fibre Fashion, being a part of the fashion industry, the prospect of successful sales industry; proper measured needs to be taken to ensure better profitability over the various seasons of fashion changes. However, the lack of any portent prospects of leadership and proper sales and marketing strategy has been observed to be a definitive failure for the organisation (LEE & HWANG, 2016). This could be accounted through various codes that would depict the sales of the product, such as W19 would depict winter collection of 2019 and S19 would depict collection of summer 2019.

• The inability of not being able to tract the success of the sales within Fibre Fashion pose a major threat to the setting or targets and possible growth of the sales market for the organisation.

• Targeting the clients through the usage of the collected data would be essential for the entire venture. Apart from the mentioned, the prospect clients and suburbs needs to be targeted for marketing. However, the current practice of excel does not fit the usage and tracking the data. Additionally, it would be essential to know which clients are proposed to which clients. (Aydiner, Tatoglu, Bayraktar& Zaim, 2019).

• It has been observed that the existing spreadsheet related to Fibre Fashion sales and related data is specifically unorganised and the size of the boutique stores are increasing, the entirety of the data is increasing in complexity. Only a strength of three people working for the organisation as observed from the business case scenario, the access to the data and constant update to the related would be essential for the effeteness of the same. This would include update, payroll, invoicing and plans for marketing and sales. This would not be achievable through current system as imposed by Fibre Fashion. ?

Aydiner, A. S., Tatoglu, E., Bayraktar, E., & Zaim, S. (2019). Information system capabilities and firm performance: opening the black box through decision-making performance and business-process performance. International Journal of Information Management, 47, 168–182.

Dobroszek, J., Zarzycka, E., Almasan, A., & Circa, C. (2019). Managers’ perception of the management accounting information system in transition countries. Economic Research-EkonomskaIstraz?ivanja, 32(1), 2798–2817.

LEE, D. K., & HWANG, C. G. (2016). Impacts of success factors of information system on business performance through security reliability of casino information system and job satisfaction. Information system assignmentJournal of Digital Convergence, 14(9), 181–198.

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T. Nagy, J. (2016). Using learning management systems in business and economics studies in hungarian higher education. Education and Information Technologies : The Official Journal of the Ifip Technical Committee on Education, 21(4), 897–917.

van Beest, N., Groefsema, H., Garcia-Banuelos, L., & Aiello, M. (2019). Variability in business processes: automatically obtaining a generic specification. Information Systems, 80, 36–55.


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