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Information System Assignment: Analysis Of Big Data Precision Marketing And E-Commerce Marketing Mode Based On Supply Chain Network Information


Task: This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to reflect on a given project practices whilst considering various factors and constraints in development of modern database systems. This also covers research in database design and development areas/topics as listed in following section.

In assignment 1 you were required to do a 5-10-minute presentation on a recent academic paper on a topic related to Database Systems, Data Mining or Data Analysis. Some possible topic areas include but not limited to:

  • Data integration
  • Scientific Data Management
  • Databases and the Web
  • Non-Relation Databases
  • Security of Database systems
  • Database Role in Big Data
  • Distributed Database Systems

Assignment 2 requires you to write a report or critique on the paper that you had chosen in Assignment 1 for “Presentation and Participation” component.

Your report should be limited to approx. 1500 words (individual) or 4500 words (group) excluding references. Use 1.5 spacing with a 12-point Times New Roman font. Though your report will largely be based on the chosen article, you should use other sources to support your discussion or the chosen papers premises. Citation of sources is mandatory and must be in the IEEE style.


The report will be based on the analysis of specific article which includes the information about the analysis of big data accuracyover the supply chain aspects and information system. The article which had been attained to accomplish the entire process had written by Xiaoni Zhang which is named as Analysis of Big Data Precision Marketing and e-Commerce Marketing Mode Based on Supply Chain Network Information. The purpose of this report is to analyse the usage of big data in context of marketing and will also help to make broader determination about the relevance of accessing over the supply chain management. The article will be discussed by analysing several aspects related to methodology, information and findings associated in the study. This entire information will provide with the better engagement over the process which necessary to accessed and grabbed to manage the values and interventions in concise and appropriate manner.

Intention and content
The intention of author is to analyse the aspects which provides with the access over the values and changes necessary to be attained. The prime intention is to determine about the integration and networking aspects which will provide with the better engagement over the processes necessary to analysed in terms of managing the values and informative aspects which relates to the supply chain network information.

The current era is focusing on to use and analyse different aspects of technology development and popularization. The information regarding massive data aspects helps to analyse the factors which are necessary to be processed in terms of handling the large and medium size organizations by providing them with the values and intervention necessary to attain modifications in the process (Zhang, 2019). Big data had become one of the beneficiary and effective approach which had provided with the idea of accessing over the informative aspects which provides with the better engagement over the changes and process necessary to be attained in marketing and supply chain context. This had also renovated the use and implementation of supply chain in terms of attaining the process and values which are necessary to deliver the analysed objectives and performance aspects.

Discussion of research report
The concise study of report mainly focuses on to analysing the concepts and aspects which provides with the information regarding using big data in terms of managing the supply chain and marketing aspects. This could be determined that is the current time of changing works business enterprises also neds to introduce some certain changes which helps to manage the business processand development in the efficient manner (Erevelles, et. al., 2016). Usage of big data technology in the marketing and supply chain aspects is one of the best example of determining about the process which helps to access over the changes necessary to maintain development.

Big data mentions to the immense, high progress rate and varied data possessions that entail new processing models to have better decision making, perception and procedure optimization competences. Big data comprises both immense data resources as well as related handling technologies. That can be analysed that the decision marketing had mainly focused on to attain the improvement and promoting the achievements which are associated with the marketing concepts. The efficient marketing could be attained by fur aspects which mainly includes channel, targeted customers, time and information helps to manage the marketing values effectually.

Research methodology
The researchmethodologyprovides with the information regardingdifferent aspects which are associated with the research. this helps to access over the sources which had been used to gather the information. The information which had been deliberated in this particulararticle is attained by the helps of qualitative research method. As entire study provides with the theoretical information about the concept and also helps to access over the process andapproaches which are necessary to beanalysed (Sundsøy, et. al., 2014). This particular analysis had provided with the information about those aspects which critically helps to access over the values and processes necessary to be addressed in terms of building the changes. Moreover, the secondary data sources had also been used to gather the information which provided with the briefer idea about the aspects which are necessary to be discussed and attained in terms of grabbing the information to accomplishing the entire process in effectual manner. the information had also been gathered by analysing the previous aspects and improvement approaches which helped to attain better engagement over the process necessary to be managed. this also provided with the access over significant changes and values which will provide with the values necessary to be accessed.

This article helps to identify the role of the big data as a product in the age of information technology so far. The more the competition has been increasing, the more it has been increasing the role of the e-commerce in the industry so far. Competition has been increasing so rapidly and it makes it highly necessary to use the big data as part of the advancements in the technology. Since nowadays the role of e-commerce marketing has been highly improved, this article helps to understand that with traditional methods of marketing or e-commerce distribution have been increasing challenges for the marketing and distribution of the companies. At the end, it was creating huge issues for the companies’ growth who have been using e-commerce methods so far. It has been analyzed that e-commerce precision marketing model is one of the most important part of the companies in recent days as well. It helps to evaluate that the companies need to focus on its distribution strategy in order to increase its customers reach so far, the more the companies will be able to deliver the products on time with safety, the more it will increase the possibilities for growth so far. Big data will be helpful to manage the distribution channel of the companies as it helps to manage the customer data or information so far (Chintagunta, et. al., 2016).

Issues highlighted in article
The author highlighted one of the most important issues in the article which is about the management of the customer data or information so far. For running marketing strategies, it is very important that the companies must be able to not only deliver the products on time but along with that, the data of the customers will be effectively managed so far for success. It is one of the biggest requirements of the companies to overcome the competition which has been rapidly increasing nowadays. The more it has been increasing in the e-commerce, the more it has been increasing the requirement of the big data management as well. For companies, the customers’ data or information is one of the precious assets but due the advancements in the technology, data management is the biggest threats for the companies operating nowadays as well. Big data will be helpful to identify the challenges which often companies faces while operating the businesses in this highly competitive world. This is one of the current trending issues in the business world especially in the e-commerce companies so far and the author has been enlightening the issues so effectively as well (Salvador & Ikeda, 2014).

My knowledge about e-commerce and big data has been not considered impressive since I do not belong to the big data and technology advancement as well. This article helps me to understand the importance of data and information management which was very helpful to me as I have come to understand that for success in this highly competitive world, it has been helpful for me to not just for increasing my knowledge but apart from it, the role of big data technology was very helpful to me so far. I did understand all of these factors have been considered as the most relevant factors to my study as well, it was helpful to make the concept clear to me which helps to effectively understand the concept of my studies. Big data and its role in effective marketing management helps me to understand that in order to become successful, technical advancements must have been used by the companies so that the satisfaction of the customers can be achieved easily with cyber security as well (Amado, et. al., 2018).

In this report, it has been evaluating the role and importance of the big data as technical advancements in the context of e-commerce distribution companies so far. It helped to understand that in order to become successful, it is essential to run effective management of the data and information management in the companies and using big data technology has been considered as one of the most helpful way to effective manage the data in the companies. In this report, it has been analyzed that if the companies must need to be aware about the cyber threats in order to run the effective data and distribution management so far.

Amado, A., Cortez, P., Rita, P., & Moro, S. (2018). Research trends on Big Data in Marketing: A text mining and topic modeling based literature analysis. European Research on Management and Business Economics, 24(1), 1-7.
Chintagunta, P., Hanssens, D. M., & Hauser, J. R. (2016).Marketing Science and Big Data. Marketing Science, 35, 341-342. Erevelles, S., Fukawa, N., & Swayne, L. (2016). Big Data consumer analytics and the transformation of marketing. Journal of Business Research, 69(2), 897-904.
Salvador, A. B., & Ikeda, A. A. (2014).Big data usage in the marketing information system. Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing, 2014.
Sundsøy, P., Bjelland, J., Iqbal, A. M., & de Montjoye, Y. A. (2014, April). Big data-driven marketing: how machine learning outperforms marketers’ gut-feeling. In International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, and Prediction (pp. 367-374).Springer, Cham.

Zhang, X. (2019). Analysis of Big Data Precision Marketing and e-Commerce Marketing Mode Based on Supply Chain Network Information.


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