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Information System AssignmentAnalysing Case of Fibre Fashion Company


Task: 1. Fibre Fashion – Case Study to complete this information system assignment task you are required to design an information system for Fibre Fashion to assist with their business. You have discussed Porter’s Value Chain in class and you should understand the Primary and support activities within businesses. For this assessment you need to concentrate on Marketing and Sales only.

Fibre Fashion link below

2. Watch the case study video about Fibre Fashion (link below). This video will allow you to understand the business and where you, as consultants, can add value by improving their information systems in marketing and sales.

3. Fibre Fashion can also be found online at and on Instagram at

5. Based on the information provided as well as your own research (reading!) into information systems for SMEs (small to medium enterprise), write a report for Fibre Fashion to assist with their marketing and sales.


This report on information system assignment is based upon the discussion of the development of an information system in the case of the Fibre Fashion Company. The information system will help the organization in its business activities. The information contains data, which is engaged in helping for answering the major queries as well as for solving the issues. The information system has been recognized as software, which allows for organizing and analyzing the specific and significant data. The information system has been mainly used for turning the raw data into helpful as well as significant information, which is capable of being utilized in order to the organizational decision making. However, this report will initially include the background of the research issue and the question of the research. Thereafter, it will identify some significant literature on the research question and performed a literature review. Furthermore, it will also include a proper analysis of that literature review as well. In the end, it will include some solution for the research issue.

Issue’s background
The information system allows an organization for recording as well as collecting the data relevant to different areas of business, such as sales, marketing and so forth, which is much helpful for that organization for the purpose of becoming strong in those specific areas of organizational business. Thus, having a proper and efficient information system is essential in the case of any organization.However, presently the organization named Fibre Fashion working with a simple spreadsheet for the purpose of maintaining and storing the major data of the business. However, this information system is not much efficient for functioning with the different significant strategies of marketing. It is really hard to find a specific marketing activity in this messy system, so that, research on the issues for the perfect analysis of solutions for the purpose of developing the information system, is much necessary. Different issues have been created there for the present information system of the organization, which are noted in the following section:

1. Slow decision making: The present system, which is based upon the spreadsheet, is not capable of delivering effective decisions quickly. Through the spreadsheet, the data cannot be analyzed faster, which turns the system into less efficient. Furthermore, in work like report formulation also get slow in the current system of Fibre Fashion Company.

2. Poor data visualization: The visualization of data in the current system of the organization is not efficient for making the decisions quickly. It is much messy in format, which make the manager’s works difficult to identify and analyze the data.

3. TroubleshootThe information system needs of being capable of troubleshooting specific and significant issues. It turns the system into highly robust. However, the spreadsheet has not been prepared in order to troubleshoot, since the information recorded within the spreadsheet have been scattered among separate folders as well as files. For this scattering of data, the error is unable to be found.

4. Security hazard:In the current information system of Fibre Fashion there are many privacy dangers meanwhile transferring the information. The privacy concerning the password-protected spreadsheet is also capable of being negotiated(Gomez Gonzalez, 2019). Some manipulation may take place on the un-secured information.

5. Error-prone: The information system utilized within the Fibre Fashion Companyis error-prone since the spreadsheets are inserted with data manually in the organization. The error can be different in types, such as identification error or calculation error, and so forth(Andersson, Axelsson&Rosenqvist, 2018).

6. Agility:Multi-dimension data cannot be evaluated through the spreadsheet. It is only capable of handling the 2D data. Furthermore, it needs a manual up gradation regarding the information, and it is also unable to handle huge information without being slow.

7. Do not collaborate: The spreadsheet is capable of performing different works, for example creating sales, forecasting, budgeting, and so forth. For the purpose of being more effective, the system needs of having goof collaboration among the separate works done within the system. The current system of the organization is not collaborative that turns the system into slow. Furthermore, an issue regarding the transfer of the file is there, whether the supplication of data may happen.

Research Question
• How an effective information system influences an organizational business?
Literature review
Marketing Information system
According to the statement of Mutum, Butt & Rashid, (2016), this system can be considered as a management information system, which is properly associated digitalized system that deals with the maintenance of the different activities of marketing and sales. It is mainly structured for the purpose of decision making in the marketing area for business. MIS that stands for the marketing information system has been considered as a significant section in order to turn the business into much better as well as fruitful too. It includes separate specific and significant procedures, along with that also contains equipment, peoples, and methods, which is capable of assisting for analyzing the information, which has been gathered in the organizational business. Moreover, this system is having the capability of supporting the organization to analyze the different major market situation, which is able to allow the organization for the purpose of achieving its objective.

As per the statement of Barrow, (2016), through the incorporation of such kind of information systems, the organization is capable of tracking the data related to organizational marketing and sales as well as isalso capable of getting the regular analysis of reports. The data gathered concerning the inner and outer source can also be allowed to be analyzed by the marketing information system. However, it is able to operate among separate components. This system is effective in the case of agility, security and privacy, and so forth.In addition, it is also capable of producing the data as per the specific requirements of the consumers. Apart from these, it is also helpful for the purpose of developing efficient planning, which is capable of helping for promotions of sales, along with the different business operations.

According to the documentation of Wirtz& Lovelock, (2017), the marketing information system contains different specific and significant components. Firstly, it includes the record management. Here, the system performs a proper and significant data collection regarding organizational marketing and sales.This system additionally incorporates the marketing database that refers to a major system for the purpose of storing as well as organizing the marketing files and database. Here, different data like financial, operational, and so forth; has been efficiently stored and managed. Here, as a data resource bills, invoices, transmit copies, as well as many other things, have been utilized. Moreover, human resources have also been considered as a major component of the marketing information system, which incorporates the system of marketing intelligence, which supports in order to provide data relevant to the condition of the marketplace(Okwaro, 2019). The organizational HR department has the responsibility to provide an efficient induction for the sales team, which supports in order to analyze the emerging trends within the market. UI or user interface is another necessary component, as it is essential to the managers to have an effective interface for the purpose of efficiently analyzing as well as using the marketing information. Furthermore, the system structure should be based upon the sorts of decisions that the administration has to prepare.

Moreover, system support is also considered as a vital component of this system, which deals with the system administrators as well as the maintenance of the specific and significant assets of the system with the hardware and software networks, along with the motoring of its functions as well as making sure about the compliance with the explicit and important policies of the organization.As the spreadsheet isn't compelling in investigating the enormous information, the organization can incorporate marketing information system, in this case(Leignel, Ungaro&Staar, 2016). The marketing information system helps marketing and deals in different manners. It offers different procedures that are having the capability of helping in gathering and acknowledging the requirements of the client. This is capable of assisting the organization with targeting the client. Moreover, it helps in publicizing, advancement, and evaluating. These components urge clients to purchase the products from the organization. The organization also can pick different stages in order to the promotion of any product of the organization.

On behalf of the statement of Teodoro, (2018), implementing a Marketing information system allow an organization to gather and analyze more information for being more strong in understanding the specific requirements and demands of the organizational consumers. Since the organizational economy concentrates upon the specific and significant services, marketing has turned into a necessary thing and monitoring the environment of marketing in order to acknowledge the transformation in the behavior of the customers, financial conditions, policies of the government, technology as well as competition is also considered as a much necessary thing for each and every organization. However, here, in this case, the duty of marketing has to turn into pivotal in the case of the company for adapting on account of the transformation within the specific and significant marketing environment. Furthermore, as per the statement of Ventre, (2016), the major profit behind developing the marketing information system is of integrating the system of market-monitoring by the development of plans as well as strategic policy and procedure establishment, which supports for capturing as well as the application of customer management including the support system for marketing decision. Marketing intelligence is considered as another major aspect of this area that helps consumer relations as well as consumer service through the utilization of real-time data along with the real-time apps, which contains specific and significant approaches dependent upon the market.

On behalf of the analysis of the case scenario of Fibre Fashion Company, it can be said that the information system, which the organization is having now is not too competitive and efficient. The present organizational information system is only providing very basic sorts of data like the sales data, which is not efficient for the organization to analyze the market condition properly and effectively. Nevertheless, here, in this case, the information has not been accurately analyzed for the purpose of supplying precious and significant insights. The current information system of the organization is bounded to the transaction process system, which is not enough for effective and efficient marketing and sales management. The organization needs a marketing information system for the purpose of having a legitimate administration of the information that is gathered(Lupeikiene, Vasilecas&Dzemyda, 2018). Moreover, the Fiber Fashion company requires a superior information system so that, the organization can be equipped for deciding. These choices ought to be made for the purpose of having profits in the market business. The system can help in the aggregation of different sorts of information identified with the business. This may likewise incorporate individuals, methods, hardware, and so on. The marketing information system is also having the capability of being utilized in examining and dealing with the economic situations for the organization's business. This basically spotlights over the specific and significant areas of organizational marketing and sales. The incorporation of a marketing information system or MIS in the Fibre Fashion Company will enable the organization for the purpose of overcoming the problems concerning the ineffectiveness of the present system of the organization, which is based upon the spreadsheet. Furthermore, the current system in the organization is also not having a proper information system, since the data have been inserted manually into the spreadsheet, which is much error-prone as well as the chance of observation of data is also low in this case, since the information is not filtered as well as processed appropriately. Furthermore, a poor level of analysis of data will minimize the chance of finding the problematic zone of the organization rather than the extensive areas of opportunities for the purpose of enhancing the organizational sales as well as marketing(Sai?d&Korbi, 2017). Thus, it is now much essential for this organization to convert the current information system into the marketing information system. The information that is gathered in the system can be utilized to serve the organization. This additionally helps in the examination of the issues identified with the business. The issues can be overseen appropriately if the primary driver of the issues is dissected. The organization can deliver different reports for the purpose of identifying the issues identified with the business as well as also use the system to share information regarding sales.

Moreover, the implementation of the marketing information system will be much helpful in the case of the Fibre Fashion Company for the purpose of modernizing the specific and significant storage system of a particular information system. This organization will be capable of storing the values regarding the stores and their products properly and coordinately. Furthermore, it will also allow the organization for the purpose of the generation of the proper report of sales, along with the marketing planning basing upon the valuable data. In addition, it will supply the data in an organized form, which is much helpful for the organizational managers to execute. Furthermore, marketing planning is capable of being structured concerning the data regarding the primary functions of the organization, such as sales(Arnicanset al., 2016).Here, in this case, the organization can change their products basing upon the customer’ data maintained by the system.

However, enhancement of the Information system supports in order to develop the functioning plans concerning the area of sales and marketing, easily and efficiently. Moreover, the system decreases the measurement duration as well as data observation duration, and make the way of working smarter. Furthermore building a significant marketing network has been considered as necessary. Since, the data has been entered following a clumsy nature within the organizational current information system, so that the organization is unable to practice the network marketing effectively within the organization. In addition, it enhances the level of work needed for the purpose of analyzing as well as sorting the data(Younes, Shafiq&Yaqub, 2016). The usage of the marketing information system in Fiber Fashion can help in different business parts of the organization. This can profit sales and the marketing of the organization. The organization can relegate new staff in case of the administration of the information system in the organization. The marketing information system can likewise help in diminishing the time in the investigation procedure.

Furthermore, the current information system is not having proper graphics as well, which has been considered as much necessary thing of highlighting the data in the information system, and additionally significant for making appropriate decisions. In addition, accurate graphics, as well as charts, are not present here, for which the data distribution as well as recognition has turned into much complex. For this reason, the team of sales and marketing is also incapable of developing particular and significant plans. Enhanced software as well as the functionality of MIS will allow the organization for the purpose of creating effective graphics for enhancing the way of data visualization(Taylor, 2017).In addition, the market information system is having the capability of being utilized in flexibly chain the executives. The assembling and the creation information system will give a created arrangement to the creation of the item, and administrations. This will likewise help in the administration of the progression of creation. The system will produce the report based on the information and the activity identified with the stock control. The system will likewise produce a report dependent on the budgetary information gathered from the organization. The information is gathered from the bills and the client's information.However, from this analysis, it can be considered that the marketing information system is an efficient choice for this company to enhance its growth in the marketing and sales area of the business. Furthermore, with great data visualization, the manager will be also capable of making effective strategies.

Recommended Solution
However, for sorting out the problems evaluated in the above discussion, the organization should shift its working system and information system into a more enhanced version. In addition, the incorporation of particular software is much needed for the organization. Tableau software can be incorporated in this case. This software has been recognized as a strong as well as rapidly increasing tool for data visualization, and mainly utilized within the field of business intelligence(Milligan, 2016). It will support the organization in order to simplify the raw data in a structure, which is simply acknowledgeable. Furthermore, this specific and significant tool will allow the organization to perform the data analysis activities rapidly, and also visualize the overall data following worksheets as well as dashboards, which is really easy to handle in spite of a messy information system. In addition, this specific tool has been considered as much significant as it contains different functionalities of marketing information system. The main solution for the organization is to have real time observation of specific and significant data, data collaboration as well as data blending, and all of them can be achieved through this specific software, so that, it has been suggested to the organization to utilize theTableau software.

This discussion is entirely dependent on the discussion of the development of information systems on behalf of the case scenario of Fibre Fashion Company. However, at the initial portion, it had identified the issues and questions behind this research. Furthermore, based upon the research query it includes a proper review of the existing piece of literature. In addition, it had also included a proper analysis of the data gathered from the literature review, and in the end, it had proposed an effective solution basing upon the scenario. However, on the accomplishment of this discussion, it can be concluded that the utilization of the marketing information system, will be beneficial for the organization, and here, in this case, the Tableau software can be engaged as well.

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