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Information Communication Technology Assignment On Human-Computer Interaction


Task: It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment arrives before the submission deadline stated above. See the University policy on late submission of work.

Task Overview
This assignment is a research and design task for which you must produce a 2-part report (part A and B below). The research and design domain for this assignment is food poverty in the UK.

Part A) Rich Picture of Secondary Research (30 marks)
In this assignment, you will be required to conduct secondary research in order to develop understandings of a particular social issue or context. This can involve, for example, online research, reading academic articles, and reading books. The topic of the secondary research for this assignment is food poverty in the UK. This could include, for example, data on experiences of food poverty and effects on everyday life, organisations that provide services for people in food poverty, food poverty in the media, and adoption and use of ICT in relation to food poverty and organisations/services associated with this.

Using your secondary research, you must analyse your findings to produce a Rich Picture of the design context. A Rich Picture is a diagrammatic approach to explore and understand a phenomenon or design context. It uses graphs, cartoons, words, symbols, etc. It can include in its representation things like people, processes, structures, issues expressed by people, conflict, and climate[1]. You must annotate your diagram by making reference to sources from your secondary research and a short explanation of the relevant findings from these. Your report should include a page of numbered annotations making citations to secondary research, and you should label the parts of your Rich Picture with the numbers of relevant annotations.

 Part A of your report should contain the following:

  • A Rich Picture (max. 1 page)
  • Numbered annotations with citations linking to your Rich Picture (max. 1000 words)

Part B) Design Fiction (30 marks)
Based on the Rich Picture you developed in Part 1 and the secondary research you have done, you must design a digital technology concept to bring about social change in relation to food poverty, and create a design fiction to represent and critically reflect on how it might be interacted with and experienced. This can take any written form of your choice. For example, a customer review, a radio advert, terms and conditions of use, etc. You must then discuss your rationale for the design fiction. Part B of your report should contain the following:

  • Your design fiction (max. 500 words)
  • A discussion of your rationale for the presented design fiction, making reference to your secondary research focused broadly on food poverty in the UK, and Rich Picture (max. 500 words)
  • A critical reflection on what your design fiction says about existing HCI literature relevant to social change. This might include topics like food, social justice, marginalised communities, or politics of participation. (max. 500 words excluding references)

[1] Rich Picture:


Part A
Rich picture
Annotations based on rich picture

  • Cereci, S., 2019. Technology information and communication education. International Journal on New Trends in Education & their Implications (IJONTE), 10(1).

The rich picture provided in the information communication technology assignment shows that poverty has a huge negative impact on society and the economy of the country. Poverty mainly occurs due to lack of security, unemployment, overpopulation, environmental problems and many more. Due to poverty, people struggle from malnutrition, hunger, insecurity, and diseases. Society faces problems like aggression, depression, physiological disorder, anxiety, low self-esteem and many more. Due to this civilians are inclined to more criminal activities like murder, robbery, illegal business which affects the productivity of the country. Information communication technology (ICT) provides great help to people to recover from this condition. ICT is the technology that helps us to handle transmission systems, media broadcasting, telecommunications, audiovisual processing, and IT-based management systems (Cereci, 2019). The main purpose of ICT outlined in the information communication technology assignment is to teach the citizens skills and valuable knowledge about software, communication devices, various applications, and the internet. Psychological experts nowadays with the help of ICT can connect people and help them to recover from such criminal life.

information communication technology assignment

  • Mummolo, J., 2018. Modern police tactics, police-citizen interactions, and the prospects for reform. The Journal of Politics, 80(1), pp.1-15.

This journal considered to prepare this information communication technology assignment illustrates that several modern police tactics involve the use of training processes for the reformation of criminals. Certain training like cultural awareness, public counseling, group counseling, additional risk management, treatment and prevention methods are provided to people. People can share their problems in detail like the cause of depression, crime and anxiety and get proper recovery help (Mummolo, 2018). Counseling helps the people to improve in communication, self-management, self-confidence, better decision-making skills, relief from depression and mental health conditions. It helps to lower the crime rate as civilians become positive and hence the view of their life changes. Additionally, these techniques are also used by the government in order to deal with additional problems relating to better awareness of people regarding problems faced by the country. It helps the government to take action so that poverty can be reduced.

  • Hughes, C. and Kenway, P., 2016. Foreign-born people and poverty in the UK.

Poverty in the UK is mainly due to unemployment, low paid work, high cost of living, high cost of childcare and many more. Some organizations are set up in the UK to help the civilians uplift their standard of living. These organizations provide training in various software, technology, and management so that youth can find better jobs. Poverty-stricken people are unable to complete their education, pursue medical help for diseases and unable to satisfy their hunger. These organizations not only help in improving mental help through experts but also provide enough food and medical care to such people. In the UK an organization named The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) works to uplift people from poverty. In 2017 reports demonstrated one-fifth of the population that is almost fourteen million people were under poverty in the UK (Hughes and Kenway, 2016). Analysis of these reports noted herein information communication technology assignment demonstrates three major reasons for the downfall: these are low wages, increasing rents and the rise of employment no longer helps in reducing poverty (Hughes and Kenway, 2016). JRF works to provide medical help to disabled people and children, provide training and education programs for youths, provide employment and work for equality (, 2020). It can also be observed in the context of information communication technology assignment that they also help people to find affordable homes, uplift the living standards of neighborhoods and manage housing markets, wages and costs.

  • McEachern, M., Moraes, C., Gibbons, A. and Scullion, L., 2020. Research brief update: Understanding food poverty and the transitional behaviour of vulnerable individuals: Research brief update.

Food poverty is a global problem which is severely affecting the society from the past as discussed in this article of information communication technology assignment. Whether the person is a child or an adult one, poverty can affect everyone irrespective of his or her age. According to the research organized by different individuals or organizations, the main reasons for antisocial behaviours are a lack of education, ill-health condition, poverty and child development and family problems. Welfare support, emergency food supply and other social support activities need to be initiated by various organizations (McEachernet al. 2020). A child can grow seeing his other family members opting antisocial activities to live their daily life which eventually pushes the child to take the same route. On the other hand, sometimes an individual or group of people is forced to take wrong measures for his or her poor financial conditions. No matter what the causes are, they end up getting backlashes by the legal authority and confined in a prison. All these people have potential in different aspects and sectors which eventually gets lost or misused by these problems. No matter what the causes are, whether they end up getting dragged by the wrongdoings or they simply suffer from poverty. According to a report considered in the information communication technology assignment, around 8.4 million people all over the UK are struggling to acquire adequate amounts of food for their daily intake. Whether these people are simply jobless, or they earn very little money every day which is not enough to get adequate amounts of food for their living.

  • Siricharoen, W.V., 2019. Understanding Social Interaction with Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Adaptation.

The rich picture designed in the information communication technology assignment states how an organization can help these poverty victims to deliver HCI training in the first place to improve their lifestyle by giving them a chance in working in the corporate sector. HCI increase the computer and human interaction resulting better productivity and better management of vast types of works.Whether these organizations attract people from prisons which have already committed crimes, or they just simply attract them from the streets and join them in their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based training. The ultimate aim of these organizations illustrated in the information communication technology assignment is to increase the lifestyle of every citizen within a country or locality from their food poverty. Computer Aid International is a similar not-for-profit organization from the UK which offers IT related training to every person not only in the UK but also outside of the UK (Siricharoen, 2019). They aim to create a world where every people have equal access to technologies through sustainable IT solutions.

  • Dix, A., 2017. Human-computer interaction, foundations and new paradigms. Journal of Visual Languages & Computing, 42, pp.122-134.

ICT encourages people to develop technological, software and operational skills so that they can find better jobs in the future. Human computer interaction in learning is mainly based on three factors, theoretical principles, professional practice and the users. Reports considered to develop the study within the information communication technology assignment demonstrate that the reformation process can reduce the crime rate than severe punishments given in jail which only increases the level of suffering for people. Technology is progressing at a very rapid rate and with its computers and its utilization is also getting more and more popular in every aspect of life (Dix, 2017). Providing education to those needy people about the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can greatly help them to return to mainstream society.

Part B
The scenario drawn in the rich picture herein information communication technology assignment has a strong message towards society. Every day, millions of people all over the world are suffering from food poverty and the UK is no different than that. Design fiction is design practices which help to explore and criticize possible futures through the design of a scenario (Coulton et al. 2017). Not only does poverty weaken the societal structure and economic condition of a country, but it also increases criminal activity which must be controlled to provide security and safety to every citizen of a country. Poverty is a problem which cannot be mitigated within some days or even years as it is a part of the daily lifestyle of a countless number of people all over the world. Sometimes, it is also seen that the person who is taking these measures is guilty regarding his or her activities but he or she is forced to do that for their survival. Only rising awareness against antisocial activity is not sufficient as a large number of the people who are doing these kinds of practices have personal hatred towards these activities but they're forced to do that because of their conditions. Eventually, as per the study obtained in the segments of information communication technology assignment defines that they all end up getting backlashes by the laws and end up in the prisons. The judicial system in every country is mainly focused on providing punishment to the person who has committed crimes in their life. However, though the entire system is mainly focused on keeping them separate from the society and treating them separately and especially by the law enforcement agencies, they still the majority of times fail to change their mind after getting free from their imprisonments (Abebe et al. 2020).This is a complete waste of this manpower and these people could have contributed to society for a better future (Medium. 2016).

To bring these people to society, awareness is not enough; these people need intervention and help from others so that they can gather adequate knowledge and skills to take part in the mainstream corporate sector. The entire judicial section undertaken in the information communication technology assignment mainly provides punishment for the crime a person committed in his life, but in the majority of times, the person himself does not support the activity (Smith and Iversen, 2018). On the other hand, if these people can be a part of the society then their workforce can be utilized in a better way for the growth and prosperity of the entire social status. Charitable and not-for-profit organizations mainly focus on these issues and provide guidance and help to the people who have actual problems in their life regarding poverty. The rich picture developed in the above segment of information communication technology assignment represents the current situation of society where poverty eventually induces antisocial activity. The picture also provides a solution for the problem that is, the charitable organizations can provide free training programs on ICT to those victims as well as the people who are suffering from food poverty within the UK. mental reformation is a great way of changing a person's mentality from different kind of bad influences and antisocial activities to mainstream society.

Rationale of the presented design friction to bring life to possible future
A futuristic design which has great potential always needs nurture and attention in society. The social reformation program for the antisocial victims and for the people who are suffering from food poverty can greatly change the societal structure. In this situation of information communication technology assignment, providing a better solution for their problem by understanding why they have chosen the wrong path in their lives and bringing them to mainstream society can be a better choice. Imprisonment mainly keeps the prisoners separate from the society but their mentality and way of thinking remain the same. 

Human-Computer Interaction programs can be organized in such a way that the people who are suffering from food poverty can opt these programs completely free of cost and increase their skills for a better future. From simply keeping official records to calculating complex algorithms, computers are now utilized everywhere. On the other hand, the investigation on information communication technology assignment also mentions that food poverty is a critical problem around the world which severely affects society and its every aspect. Poverty makes people take drastic measures to quench their thirst and fill their stomachs.The population in all over the world is increasing rapidly with time (Stibe and Cugelman, 2019). The UK is no different than this increasing trend as in 2000 the population was around 59 billion and in 2018 it became around 66 billion which indicates a steady growth of the population. With the increase in the number of citizens in the country, the competition in society for opting jobs in the corporate sector is also increasing at a very challenging rate. On the other hand, the people who are from below poverty level cannot afford a decent education for them and suffer for the rest of their life. However, they need to feed themselves and as they do not get any money legally, they opt for illegal ways.

A strong society and economic condition are always good for future generations, which mean these charitable activities ultimately help to improve the future of the UK.Computer Aid International is an organization which provides free-of-cost IT-based training to people who are mainly in need and suffering from poverty. Till now Computer Aid International has helped 14.5 million people all over the world by providing IT solutions and training programs (Computer Aid International, 2020). Their main aim is to make it possible that everyone gets IT access through sustainable IT solutions. They provide high-quality equipment and education to countries all over the world. The Gavi Fund Affiliate is another firm which tills now collected a total of around £5.19 as voluntary income. Their total expenditure for their charitable activities is around £5.57. Charity Digital is another charitable firm which provides software solutions at a very reasonable rate. They helped over 38,000 charities till now and are widely known as a software donation platform. All these organizations considered in the context of information communication technology assignment are struggling to provide better and affordable IT solutions to the people who can take these advantages and create a better life for themselves (Charity Digital, 2020).

Critical reflection on HCI research
Observing the current scenario of information communication technology assignment, it can be stated that there are several ways an antisocial can be handled but giving the people a second chance is always a better option. Liberating these people and helping them to participate in the corporate sector not only drastically improves their personal and social life, but it also helps to improve their overall societal and economic condition of a country (Hornbæk and Oulasvirta, 2017).However, the chance of getting help from these people also has to be determined by the height and severity of the crime a person did in his life. Death or related to these crimes must not be entertained by any organization when it comes to giving information training to the prisoners (Pargmanet al. 2019). On the other hand, it is also clear in the information communication technology assignment that all the people who are suffering from food poverty must be included in this reformation process through charitable programs. Through reformation programs and organizing IT-based training programs, organizations like Computer Aid International, Care International, interact and others can bring these people to the mainstream society and encourage them to take part in the corporate sector.Reformation of the people who have already been accused of antisocial activities by the jurisdiction system can be a great option for them to bring them to the society. However, there is a big catch in this situation, if the person harms the civilians after opting for the reformation process then that will be a great problem for society (Farooq and Grudin, 2016). So, the organization, as well as the judicial authority, will grant permission to enrol for the reformation program only to people who have relatively positive minds and better mental structure. These people need to understand that this opportunity is given to them for a better future; they must not misuse this opportunity. Another factor mentioned in this segment of information communication technology assignment is that these kinds of programs need huge amounts of money and because of that reason the organizations have to choose the people properly so that they can ultimately properly use the money (Avouris et al. 2018). Another important factor is that the organizations which are going to organize these programs also have to make sure that these people get a chance to prove their acquired skills in various corporate sectors. During the training process, besides just providing training on HCI, they also need to provide mental training and counselling so that the participating people can recover their mental situation and develop a society friendly mentality (UW, 2020). The finfings obtained in the information communication technology assignment signifies that lack of knowledge and education can be a major reason behind the poverty which eventually triggers some negative emotions among the people forcing them to take wrong activities in their life. Arranging reformation and charitable programs for the needy and accusing people for antisocial activities can be a great way of bringing them to mainstream society. People who are already educated enough are also struggling to get a decent job for them. This increases the challenge for the poor people to opt a decent job for them. Implementing these programs can help to create a better society for everyone.

Reference List
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