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Information System Assignment: Implementation Of MIS In Apple


Task: Main task
The information system assignment should identify and critically discuss a Project on Information Systems applied to a given company (CRM, ERP, KMS, SCM, TPS, TPS, FSS).
The assignment should include a title page (indicating the total word-count) and a clear introduction on the chosen organisation/project. The assignment should be no more than 2500 words and should include references from peer-reviewed sources (i.e. books and academic Journals) formatted using the Harvard referencing style.
The key questions to be answered as part of the assignment are (but are not limited to) the following:
1. What management problems typical of information systems was the organisation experiencing What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for those problems
2. What elements of the information systems strategy did the organisation pursue
3. How did the organisation’s new CRM/ERP/KMS/SCM/TPS/TPS/FS systems to support its business strategy
4. How did the organisation’s new information system improve operations and management decision making


Many diverse systems have been built for the company in the last century, and the demands of the business are growing as a result of differentiation and globalization; the goal of information system assignment is to identify these needs. The purpose of this article is to describe and categorize the information system of the Apple corporation and how it is implemented by the organization. Organizations place a high priority on the use of technology (Yang, 2020). Achieving organizational objectives is unattainable or challenging now because information technology seems to be a black box that the corporation uses anytime it wants to know for its business processes (Peace et al., 2019). Apple's equipment, software, computer, iPod, and several other items have made the organization one of the most popular technology companies in the world. Apple's goods are sold all over the globe, and the business has a large following of consumers eager to try out the latest releases. In order to get a competitive edge, Apple must be able to please its customers. The success of Apple may be attributed to its use of cutting-edge technologies (Musacchi and Serra, 2018).

Management problems typical of information systems of Apple
• Insufficient Planning
Lack of good practice is the source of a few of the most common MIS problems. Many of the technologies available for obtaining data on their networks are well known to information management leaders. However, it may be difficult to put such information into practice.

Previously, the technology department operated as a separate business, providing technical support and storage of the company's server resources. Today, MIS leadership is often part of other business executives, working together to ensure that the technology used enhances the company’s broader goal.

• Changes and Times
If there is still one thing that students can rely on in the world of information technology, there seems to be nothing that stays the same for a long time. Upgrade software applications that will be updated, if not changed, from one year to the next. Companies need to adhere to this in order to be competitive, to invest in technologies that will benefit them (Kuyo, Muiruri and Njuguna, 2018). Companies, on the other hand, have difficulty convincing employees to change their behavior by responding to changes. This used to be as simple as teaching employees to switch from outdated paper-based processes to computer basics in the first place (Latilla et al., 2018). Managers now have to incorporate new technologies while ensuring that people have what they need to succeed.

• Meeting the Needs of the Organization
With professionals relying on knowledge in all aspects of operations, MIS plays a very important role for businesses. For example, marketing and marketing using customer relationship management technology to track client contacts, while finance requires its own payment technology, invoices, and financial tracking.
With more than half of all businesses depending on big data analysis, MIS is becoming more sensitive. When making choices, today's advanced teams are more likely to evaluate previous work data to ensure that they make informed estimates rather than informed guesses.

Factors responsible for these problems
Humanistic aspects:

Designers' awareness of user needs.
Managers and users do not have the information because they are not sure what they want and what information they need.
Lack of management and user involvement in system building.
Software programmers and information have no understanding.
Accuracy of collected information.

Environmental Factors
Environmental variables include a lack of protocols, methods, and phases in system development, as well as a lack of trained program design and software consultants.
Absence of environmental testing in management information systems.
Lack of critical thinking and insufficient investment in the area.

Organizational Factors
The lack of conducive conditions for managers, users, and system directors to participate and collaborate.
Prior to the system design, there is a lack of current systems and techniques analysis.
The failure to assess the present power.
Educating the specialized troops is in poor shape.
Inadequate user education. Inappropriate deployment of the system.
Documentation that is insufficient and incomplete.

Elements of the information systems strategy Apple pursue
In the context of Apple's worldwide footprint as well as organizational unit management, this constitutes a unique problem. A sort of information network is necessary because of the architecture in order to make it easier to distribute relevant messages through the appropriate channels and also in a reasonable timeframe. Reliable and also well tactical awareness at all levels depends on this. Proper communication may be made more accessible with the help of suitable information systems. It is the company's goal to become the leader in the market of innovative behavior (Mickle, 2020). The technology further enables Apple to communicate with outside parties, including such vendors (Islamova, 2020). The company set up an open system allowing the vendors to communicate with merchandise developers and retail locations in real-time through unfettered information exchange. In addition, the retail establishment and the customer support center share information(Li, 2021).

Noteworthy is the fact that customer care centers are constantly stocked with information about the company's suppliers and product offerings (Greg, 2020). Customers may expect assistance from the customer support center, which relies on readily accessible data to do so. An end-to-end supply chain data exchange network has been maintained thanks to Apple's approach.
Transferring data from one person to another is less expensive when information is readily accessible in an organization (Lovejoy, 2021). The corporation and its employees also save time since all information exchange occurs online. Additionally, Apple's installation of a computational utility network helps the company save money since it reduces the number of resources that have been needed in data interchange (Amron, 2018). The organization has implemented a streamlined approach to managing its data.

MIS systems in Apple in information system assignment

Figure 1: MIS systems in Apple
Source: (Lakso, 2018)

A mix of technology as well as application, the Office Automation Network sends information to all Apple branches that are linked to the company's headquarters, ensuring that all employees have access to the same information at the same time. Apple transfers data across physically different places.
Customer loyalty is based on Apple's creative and innovative products, as well as their ability to satisfy their customers' needs by providing them with the best-advanced technologies of all time. There seem to be two views on Apple, one of which is that the company is a cause and the other of which is that it is a company. Apple conducts surveys to gauge consumer satisfaction manually. An American satisfaction poll in 2016 found that 86 out of 100 Americans were satisfied, which might help Apple gain competitive advantages, as previously noted. Apple protects its secrets and spends so much money on digital technologies because of the enormous influence it has had on today's world.

Influences of Apple's decision to implement an information system

Apple Information System in information system assignment

Figure 2: Apple Information System
Source: (Oyemomi et al., 2019)

Apple's future prosperity is dependent on IT, but only if it is utilized effectively and helps the company meet its objectives. There is a slew of elements that influence how IT may benefit a business: First and foremost, staff must be well-trained and educated in the correct use of information technology, and they must be given sufficient guidance on how to do so. For instance, whenever Apple introduces a new piece of software, its staff must be informed of how it works and how to interact with it in order to maximize productivity and performance. Workers should be well-trained to raise awareness of IT to use at a high degree of consciousness. The strategy, organization, and planning of applying information technology are booming (White, 2020). Due to the quick changes in IT and complexity, it is vital to also have a great deal of flexibility because of the rapid changes in IT and the complexity that may cause conflict. The management change is another factor driving the organization to adopt IT. Management change can be difficult for employees to grasp, but when a company wants to modernize its management program from a traditional one, it needs a management information system to help it make the change in an efficient manner, which means at the lowest cost, with the least amount of time, and with the greatest return on investment (Horák, and Kaisler, 2022). The way Apple’s new information system improve operations and management decision making(KMS system) Today, management information systems have a significant impact on the direction of businesses. There is a considerable impact on increasing the industry around the universe to sell the goods throughout different locations,KMS made it accessible and easy and will provide the specific services without delegating, it supports setting a structure to be adaptable with staff as well as specify information in a timely manner it before losing its value to the right person(Peace et al., 2019). For the firm to grow its profits, as well as achieve a competitive advantage, which will lead to customer satisfaction contentment, information systems seem to be a framework to ensure that disputes that the business may confront will be accelerated, and it makes the firm's condition more stable (Tien, 2019).

Apple, the most well-known company in the world of creative technology today, offers a wide range of devices and gadgets, including computers, tablets, smartphones, watches, laptops, and more. Since its inception in 2001, it has focused on retail and its consumers and has grown to become the third-largest PC manufacturer in the United States (Skinner et al., 2018). As a result, customer relationships have become a central component of Apple's growth strategy, and the firm has evolved into a brand in its own right, similar to its goods. Apple has acquired its own market share in a relatively short period of time, and customer loyalty makes it tough for other manufacturers to come and compete.

Knowledge management is the process of sharing, producing, exploiting, and managing existing company information and data to achieve better organizational goals. Organizational learning paves the way for improving the use of soft resources and organizational efficiency (Danko et al., 2019). Data protection, information dissemination, relevant research, data collection, and organizational learning can all be achieved by accurately recording company data. Apple Inc. is an IT smoker that improves its information management and meets its strategic goals.

• Increasing access to information and knowledge:
The knowledge work system (KWS) gives employees the ability to access the application data they need to do their jobs more efficiently. This demonstrates to the workers of Apple how to apply their expertise in order to execute the duties and how to learn from their experiences. Workers who have formal training in the use of conceptual as well as empirical knowledge are called knowledge workers. (Rajput, 2021) As a result, it aids the organization's ability to arrange itself MIS is the process of searching for information and storing it, and it identifies conflicts, challenges, and solutions to these problems and implements them. And it's essential if you want your customers to be happy (Paam, Berretta and Heydar, 2018).

• New driving strategies and social flexibility:
To remain at the top, firms must adapt to fast-changing business practices, and Apple is renowned as an innovative corporation because of its efforts to use resources in the most efficient manner possible, which is why it has remained so successful. Apple's performance may be attributed to the fact that they utilize their information management system effectively and also at the lowest possible cost to double their profits. information and data collected outside of an organization(environment) are made accessible for use by various departments once they have been analyzed by an information management system, according to (Mickle, 2020).

KMS system of Apple in information system assignment

Figure 3: KMS system of Apple
Source:(Köksal and Tekinerdogan, 2019)

How KMS improved Operations and management decision making in Apple

Demand of KMS in information system assignment

Figure 4: Demand of KMS
Source:(Kurniawan, Setiyawan and Amalia, 2020)

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness via the use of cutting-edge technology are the primary goals of firms while striving for operational excellence. Because of Cook's strategy as CEO of Apple, the business will encounter numerous obstacles as it expands its operations since the number of distributors and retailers will rise as well. The operational excellence of Apple has been achieved.
In order to meet the organization's goals at the lowest possible cost and with the potential profit, new products or services, solutions, as well as business strategies must be developed.
This year, Apple's best-selling product, the iPhone, accounted for 60% of the firm's revenue, which was a hazardous move, but the company also worked hard to diversify its product line and worked on an effective strategy. Intimacy with customers and suppliers means giving high-quality goods and also being truthful with them, which encourages suppliers to contact customers more often. The supply management system has been used by Apple for a long time, and the company has stated that it can do and dictate everything.
Improving productivity of corporate operations and business processes includes the following steps: As mentioned earlier, information management improves access to information for employees, allowing them to more easily access data generated by research activities. The efficiency and speed of professionals are improved as they are able to easily access the information you need. As a result, the overall performance of the organization is improving.

Improve Customer Satisfaction:
By having the required documentation, customized customer data, and the transfer of liquid information, the sales team learns what consumers really want and what they want. In this case, Apple Inc. can easily deliver service to customers in a timely manner, and customers are satisfied with receiving the required services on time.

Growing competitive advantage:
It really is helpful for Apple to distribute their products through the internet since TPS seems to be a system that monitors the process of converting data into a database. For instance, when Apple releases a new iPhone, many customers choose to purchase it online. When it comes to payment systems, Apple is by far the most significant player.
System for assisting managers at all levels in making decisions about the future of the organization by collecting and evaluating data as well as converting it into information they can utilize.
An expert system is a group of systems that do tasks in an expert manner, and experts perform the charges based on expertise.Apple's information platform receives high marks from consumers.

Reduce risk:
Decent information management provides appropriate data protection and privacy protection, well-protected firm information, and consumer confidential information. As a result, the company's chances of losing data or valuable assets are reduced, while organizational performance and efficiency are improved.

Apple Inc. meets the events mentioned above due to better information management. They often review data, protect privacy, and learn to find the right market place and maximize profits. All of these information management strategies contribute to the achievement of the purpose and vision of the group.

When it comes to technology, Apple seems to be a household name, so this essay begins by providing a brief overview and then claiming what kinds of technology the company employs. It then goes on to explain what types of systems the company uses and then argues how much an organization can gain competitiveness over all the other companies. It also discusses how management information systems affect the business. Apple's information management technology, as well as its products, are linked; therefore, IT's position is defined at the firm as a result of this explanation. Finally, it outlines the company's primary operations and responsibilities.

The firm's information safety administration must be continually improved. As the business grows, so does the volume of data it has to handle and keep track of. The usage of software-based data administration by the organization offers possible hacking difficulties. The hacking world is a fast-paced, ever-changing place (Rajput, 2021). If, indeed, the digital information management infrastructure is not protected correctly, it may be breached by hackers. When it comes to protecting its data, Apple must put its efforts into developing solutions that are both reliable and impenetrable by outside threats.

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