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Implementation of ISO 9001Quality Management System in Arab Broadcasting Services Network


Task: Your task is to write a well-informed business report on how you would implement a quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2015 to a business of your choosing that has not already been certified.


Implementation of Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001
1. Introductions

“Arab Broadcasting Services Network (ABS)”, comprise of a broadcasting, news as well as media provider form of network, which has been potentially operating within Middle East for more than 16 years. They have their headquarters situated in Amman, and operate in Jordan extensively. They operate under Consumer broadcast service sector and provide different kind of media services to Jordan TV in present marketing environment. In this concern, “ISO 9001: 2015”, comprise of an international standard, which is dedicated towards ‘Quality Management Systems’, outlining a potential framework towards improving business quality along with vocabulary of potentially understanding of consumer requirements and work on business improvement for fulfilling the same criteria. It is significant to note that present assignment bring a clear understanding associated with consumer services industry and ways of applying need of ISO 9001 for establishing a best possible “quality management system”, in present organisational standards.

2. Business Background and Statement of themes and aims
ABS network enhances business such as “Satellite news gathering (SNG)”, along with “Electric News Gathering (ENG)”, technological services (Absnmedia, 2021). They also establish providing of full kind of reporting form of facilities that covers present events; they have been facing immense competition from other important networks in the middle-east countries. It is important to note that for the services that ABS provides, they need to consider incorporating ISO 9001, which enhances a flexible form of standard, which enhances different organisations for defining their objectives along with adherence towards standard, which ought to be.

In this concern, it defines guiding proper principles, which can be utilised for creating better efficiencies as well as effectiveness through aligning along with streamlining several processes throughout organisational standards. It creates a best possible form of effort for cutting business expenses along with establishing new form of scopes and fulfilling different regulatory needs, while helping different kind of organisations for expanding into new form of markets, hence leads to overall business improvement. Present assessment enhances implementation of ISO 9001: 2015, into ABS network with a clear aim to ensure that best possible adequate measures are further in place for assuring better controlling of quality in business. It also ensures steps for defining better acceptance criteria for assuring project quality (Demiret al. 2021, p. 1). It also will ensure that quality standards will be defined and potential quality measures will be planned within present organisational standards. By ensuring mentioned metrics.It will enable monitoring as well as potentially maintaining and attaining best possible quality targets of incorporating quality management to ABS and ways in which it will be incorporated. This will be done in order to facilitate better scopes along with enabling best possible standards of consumer satisfaction and addressing to different risks as well as scopes associated with different contexts along with potential objectives.

3. Analysis regarding need for implementing QMS ISO 9001: 2015 for ABS network
It is significant to note that ABS network needs to incorporate best possible application of ISO 9001 for enhancing best possible form of QMS in consumer services marketing environment.

Requirements of ISO 9001

Steps to establish QMS in ABS network in Jordan

Expected final result

Enhancing best possible form of consumer satisfaction

·         ABS network will enhance consumer associated processes along with obtaining better view of customer perception along with views

·         It will enhance taking up potential consumer feedback along with analysing their needs and requirements and working on performance for fulfilling the same

Assure addressing to consumer needs and requirements while taking best steps to fulfil the same

Integration of potential form of internal procedures as well as policies

·         ABS will enhance collating different QMS associated documents while streamlining organisational process as well as procedures within Jordan’s marketing environment (Braviet al.2019, p. 64)

·         Reviewing of policies needs to be done at ABS and the HR department will be responsible for updating best possible policies for operating better business performance

Establishment of a sustainable business policy

Improved from of organisational reputation

·         Business documents needs to be transparent

·         Audits need to be taken on quarterly terms in ABS

·         Consumer commitment and retention of employees is necessary

·         ABS also requires to take a step towards “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”, and ensure business sustainability attributes (Anttila&Jussila, 2017, p. 1090)

Getting competitive advantage over other organisations in Jordan’s marketing environment

Consumer Communication

·         ABS will ensure that information related to communicating with consumers gets defined

·         Information will be further managed as well as maintained

·         Ensuring “Consumer Communication Management (CCM)”, will assure better way to communicate with different consumers

Growth of potential consumer base and enhancing strategic communication within working environment

Determination associated with requirements of products as well as potential services

·         They need to list up controlled form of conditions for every individual form of product as well as service

·         Monitoring of resources along with equipment needs to be enhanced while maintaining stable form of workplace

·         Documentation of potential information and recordkeeping needs to be done

·         Strict guidelines needs to be developed for controlling services and avoiding different mistakes

Training and development establishment to employees and ensuring better business compliance within organisational standards

4. Application of need for ISO 9001 standard
It is important to note that firstly ABS needs to understand potential requirements along with expectations associated with interested form of parties, which are their stakeholders. Firstly, ABS needs to identify their interested stakeholders along with subsequently determining their changing needs along with expectations as a proper compliance obligation. Objective will be to list or matrix potential stakeholders along with their corresponding form of requirements along with potential expectations. Secondly, ABS will need to capture requirements of their stakeholder. This can be further done with summarising potential information as a proper part of different inputs towards risk along with scope registers.

It becomes important for ABS to incorporate best possible action of “Change Management”, while identifying potential consumer needs as well as requirements while enhancing best possible standards of consumer satisfaction in present organisational standards. They will need to ensure enhancing of consumer satisfaction through evaluation of adequate business actions (Ferreira &Cândido, 2021, p. 108). For incorporating ISO: 9001: 2015, it is necessary that ABS network needs to assure “Product and Service Conformity”, thereby defining potential form of performance criteria along with flowing down within organisational standards. They will need to assure better capturing of data along with reporting them for better form of management review within marketing aspects. Assuring better form of action needs to be taken and on-time form of delivery performance needs to be achieved through marking non-conformity along with corrective attributes, thereby enhancing best form of on-going improvement within current marketing standards (Pujiati et al. 2021, p. 1848). Equipment, which are utilised in control or monitoring of business services, needs to be taken track of along with assuring best possible outsourcing attributes. ABS will also be responsible for potentially managing a stable form of workplace environment.

Promoting a potential work culture will help in assuring better diversity of workforce for ABS and aim towards progressing on consumer experience along with satisfaction, thereby assuring best possible incorporation of ‘ISO: 9001’ standards. ABS will need to progress on internal system of their organisation for being able towards developing quality form of services while promoting a business culture, which will lead to continuous progress and development. ABS will assure monitoring along with measuring equipment “calibration records”, while incorporating service needs reviewing proper records. In this concern, it needs to record regarding design as well as development inputs while marking better business establishment controls (Bacoupet al. 2018, p. 109). ABS also needs to control better form of measurement consequences and assuring better form of “Internal Audit Program”. This will lead to better management form of review while resulting in best possible standards of corrective attributes for improving on overall business performance. ABS has been working in partnerships with different networks but they also need to analyse better form of partnerships scopes that will ensure better business expansion in present marketing environment within Jordan.

5. Change management that will be necessary for incorporating the program

Change Management Steps

Incorporating QMS

ABS needs to enhance progressing on their consumer satisfactions

They need to incorporate a business process for developing better outsourcing action as they belong to consumer media sector

Better utilisation of digital media will help in reaching to wide variant of consumers and enhance wide consumer segmentation as well as targeting while reaching out to a larger consumer base

Analysing purpose for need for change along with its potential form of consequences 

ABS will need to reduce their processing form of time along with progressing on customer satisfaction (Abuhav, 2017).

With proper risk-management approach, plans need to be enhanced to find as well as approve solutions for mitigating analysed risks

Establishing best form of QMS integrity

Timing regarding process integration requires to be done, so that there will be no kind of interruption in terms of supply of resource material which will influence fulfilling consumer needs

Assigning best resources and communicating changed form of responsibilities within organisational environment

Enhancing consumer-best portal is necessary that will take an account of complaints and needs of consumers that has not been met

It is important for ABS to involve in people management along with meeting regularly with employees at different departments for making them understand about change policies (Tomic&Brkic, 2019, p. 27).

It will help in analysing resources, that will be needed for putting plan into proper effect along with assuring best possible training as well as development for employees

Carrying out plan  and enhance efficiency of incorporation

Reviewing of any kind of plan needs to be assured before putting up the potential plan into proper place utilising identified form of resources (Soareset al. 2017, p. 25).

Finally, it will involve correctly incorporating changes along with maintaining ISO accreditations, thereby enabling ABS to streamline their business process while increasing their business efficiency and progress on consumer trust along with recognition.


6. Timeline and implementation process discussion (Gant Chart)

[Refer to Appendix]
According to the timetable, that is the Gant Chart, total time required for incorporation of QMS in ABS Network will comprise of 6months, which is 24 weeks of time. In this concern, first 5 weeks will consist of ABS to analyse their needs for enhancing QMS through assuring a thorough internal form of organisational audit. It will help in getting views of the overall organisational strengths as well as weaknesses. It will involve a time of five weeks, thereby involving potential form of understanding present working techniques of ABS within Jordan’s marketing environment.

Second step will imply communicating with their stakeholders, which is their employees and consumers and enhance effective form of strategic communication, thereby understanding their changing needs and requirements in present marketing environment. It will comprise of two weeks of time. Third step will indulge in setting up best possible policies through reviewing existing policies in ABS and identifying existing gaps while increasing more steps towards bringing out setting up of business aims as well as potential form of objectives. It is significant to note that fourth step will enhance increasing potential form of visibility associated with potential quality standards and ensure integration of high-end technologies and outsourcing attributes, that can help the business for enhancing better consumer satisfaction.

Fifth step will involve assembling special groups and experts that will steer up better integration of QMS aspects in present organisational environment. Mainly it will involve staff from technical departments, which will have them participate in potential project of ensuring a broad-scale form of incorporating change management. Sixth step will be to draw up best possible functional as well as technical specifications, which will be needed to integrate QMS and get certification of ISO: 9001: 2015 in terms of organisational environment of ABS within Jordanian dynamics. It will enhance software integration that will help in improve productivity of the organisation while ensuing best possible aspects of operational power in present business environment. It will also improve access and identify best software that help in sharing of documents along with increasing and establishing best possible form of data security. It will take 2 weeks of time followed through training as well as establishment of different staff for making them potential understanding associated with integrating proper change management within present organisational standards. It will enhance four weeks of time and assure best possible understanding of change process towards their different employees. It will help in retaining their skilled workers while providing essential training as well as development to them while making them understand regarding the QMS integration process.

7. Innovation and Synthesis of themes Ensuring Quality Policy and Assuring better consumer focus
It is significant to note that ABS needs to begin utilising potential form of quality indicators for monitoring as well as controlling different issues and various forms of associated scopes along with risks. It will review availability of various resources and enhance process-based form of management techniques (Choi & Kim, 2020, p. 47). It will involve including analysis of process measures such as control limits along with different output effectiveness. ABS will need to ensure realising planned form of activities while attaining planned consequences. This will promote continual form of progress through reviewing different actions, taken for attaining business objectives (Bakatoret al. 2020, p.53). Pursuing potential objectives along with conducting real time audits will help in addressing consumer concerns for bringing out corrective actions and enhance relevant form of process controls within business perspectives.

Communicating Quality Policy
ABS network will enhance amending of needs for ensuring best possible quality objectives that are further relevant towards assuring conformity of different products along with bringing out best possible consumer satisfaction. Quality objectives will be further analysed for assigning best possible resources, while analysing different responsible parties and developing best possible time-line while determining best possible standards of evaluation practices (Hyun Park et al. 2017, p. 934).Enhancing risk-based form thinking will help in ensuring integrity of QMS along with ensure best possible business continuity while protecting consumer and maintaining best possible capability within organisational standards. Enabling technical management will help in bringing out best possible innovation within business process and leading to achieving planned form of results. In this concern, external needs of stakeholders, that is their employees and consumer requirements needs to be potentially determined as well as understood. Proper contracts along with surveys need to be carried forward for implementing QMS and marketing intelligence for analysing better future trends. Focusing on potential form of consumer satisfaction needs to be maintained through building potential relationships along with marking better compliant profile for evaluation of proper repeat business and strengthening organisational reputation as well as market presence of ABS network within Jordan’s perspective.

8. Conclusion
This assessment brings out a comprehensive illustration associated with consumer services industry and ways of applying need of ISO 9001: 2015 for establishing a best possible QMS in present organisational standards within ABS network for bringing out best possible certification and assuring better organisational management. It also ensures steps for defining better acceptance criteria for assuring project quality.Furthermore, it defines guiding proper principles, which can be utilised for creating better efficiencies as well as effectiveness through aligning along with streamlining several processes throughout organisational standards.

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Appendix: Gant Chart (Timetable for implementing QMS in ABS network)







SL No.

Starting Month [2021]

Ending Month [2021]






In weeks



Identify needs through carrying out an internal organisational audit in ABS network






Analyse stakeholders needs






Enhance an internal audit






Getting stakeholders especially consumers on-board






Recognising differences in performance and talking with suppliers






Checking consumer feedback and building alliances






Setting up best policies as well as objectives






Enhancing steps to integrate performance for reaching best consumer satisfaction






To increase cash flow and retain consumers and assure objectives are set as per ISO 9001: 2015 certification requirements






Increasing visibility in proper quality processes within organisational standards






Meeting best compliance standards






Enhancing leadership to progress on quality standards of business performance






Assembling team for steering up QMS integration 






Setting up best possible candidates and technical experts and Hiring IT experts and communication with HR managers






Drawing up functional and technical specifications 






Analysing data structures and reviewing company's database






Incorporating best possible integration of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence for analysing consumer needs






Training and development of employees for making them understanding about integrating change






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