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Impacts Of New Marketing Assignment Trends


Task: For this assessment, each student will choose any TWO of the four articles provided below and write a reflective analysis. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word limit of 600 words for each article analysis (1,200 words in total for both articles excluding references).

In analysing the two chosen articles, the emphasis is on identifying the marketing implications of the events or issues described in the selected articles. For each of the two selected articles, students are to prepare a write-up (in a single .doc or .docx format) answering the following question:

What are the implications of the events/incidents/issues in the articles from a marketing perspective and how will these impact (positively or negatively) relevant stakeholders?
The write-up for each article should be presented in the following format:

  1. Concise summary of the key issues illustrated in the article.
  2. Explanation of why the issues illustrated in the articles are important.
  3. Discussion of implications of these issues from a marketing perspective.


Article 1: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Trends in 2019
Summary of Key Issues: The concerned article has rightly stated the issue of the changing pace that is being followed in the marketing assignment sector. The gradual development in the technological sector has been providing the marketing sector with a wide variety of options and this has been accelerating the change in marketing trends. The speeded up change in marketing assignment impacts the customers and it is also believed that the optimal utilisation of the technology is not made because of the frequent change attitude (, 2019). Though the idea of change matches up with the new generation perspective as they intend to stay one step ahead of the present but this trend might impact the future generations as aligning the pace of changing technology with that of the demands of the people might be difficult.

Relevance of the Identified Issues
The article has presented the issue of frequent change in marketing trends in a positive manner and has presented the facts on it through stating the benefits that could be gained through it. The trends which are being followed in 2019, has been wide in nature and the multiple options present for exploration has been increasing the competition in the market. The intensity of competition has been increasing due to the acceleration in the changing marketing assignment strategy and the variety of options provided by the technology (Pereira, 2019). The issue presented in the article in a positive manner carries a high significance and the future of marketing industry could also be acknowledged through it. The issue stated needs to be assessed critically as that would help in understanding the pros and cons of accelerating marketing strategies.

Discussion from Marketing Assignment Perspective
Marketing is the element which impacts the entire business and thus almost all people associated with the business gets highly impacted by it. The changing marketing trend and the multiple options that are present for the present generation to explore and promote its products in a different yet effective way, includes General Marketing Trends, Social Media Marketing, SEO Marketing, technology Marketing assignment Trends and many more. As per Miragaia & Constantino (2019), the hanging trend of marketing has been creating intense competition which has been going on a negative one and thus the impact of negative competition or unhealthy competition has been negative too. The intense competition has been making the owners, managers and employees think just about the increasing profit and sales as that would help them in gaining more and more investors. The customers has been willing to pay high prices for getting the best quality and thus, inflation has been coming in. The changing trend of marketing impacts the economy too and this has been explored well by Blasco et al. (2019). Change is required for attracting and sustaining in the market but that should be under specific interval in order to explore the current tools and technology to the optimum. Frequent change carries multiple side effects and it adds on to the wastage too. Technological inventions has been quite productive and it has been accelerating its seed which has been impacting the marketing assignment segment of the business too. The tools and techniques provided y the technology has been providing the business sector with attractive returns and these returns has been impacting the thought process of the business owners. The willingness to stay ahead and ruling over the market through taking up the best marketing assignment tools has been motivating them to explore the technological world. The customers has been carrying a perspective of gaining the best and this has been increasing process of the products.

Article 2: The Conversation: How Social Media is helping Big Tobacco hook a new generation of smokers
Summary of Key Issues: The Conversation has rightly published an article which carries a social issue and it is a vital one as the children and the young generation is being impacted in it. The article clearly states the influential factor that the Social Media has on the young generation in concern of the tobacco promotions and marketing assignment. The social media has been one of the most impacting inventions of technology which has provide a platform for connecting and stating one’s own views but as it is known everything has a positive and negative impacts (The, 2019). The connectivity has increased no doubt, but with that the younger generation has been influenced by the adults partying and tobacco consumption pictures, hashtags and other activities presented on the social media.

Relevance of the Identified Issues
The issue herein is of high significance as the victim of the issue are the current generation or the young people who are the future. The issue identified is of social importance and the influential factor of social media has been revealed through its darker side. The consumption of tobacco has been increasing at a faster pace and the research has also revealed that the social media has been influence the young people for consuming tobacco and smoke. The younger generation is the future and they need to understand the significance of health and lifestyle to be maintained as that would create a better environment for future generations (Kumar et al. 2016). A healthy lifestyle and a balance to be maintained in the society needs to be revealed and stated to the young people through the same tool as that would increase the rate of positive impacts.

Discussion from Marketing Perspective
Big Tobacco has been influencing the young people at a faster rate and this is a serious concern for the society as a whole. Social media has been the most effective and the most impacting marketing tool for the current generation. The marketing assignment tool has provided the business sector with some fruitful and highly productive results and this has been accelerating the business as well as the use of the marketing tool. The influential factor of the concerned marketing tool has been quite high and this needs to be controlled as the ease of connectivity served through the tool is a positive impact but the young generation being addicted and influenced by the tobacco users is a matter of great concern. The youngster’s needs to be educated about the use of social media in correct terms as that would provide them with a power of decision making (Boulianne, 2015). The youngsters need to be provided with seminars, programs and other activities at schools and colleges which would provide them with the information on the balance of life, on health significance, use of social media, web users, etc. The technological invention carries ore of the positive roles to play then the negative ones, all that is required is the correct use of the tool. The influential factor could be reduced through providing the youngsters with the knowledge of how to use the social media and what importance it should carry in their life (Sherman et al. 2016). Social Media has been one of the most productive marketing assignment tools and this reflects that the influential factor is high but if the influence is positive then it should be encouraged while the negative influence needs to be curtailed through different solutions and steps.

Reference List
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The (2019). How Social Media is Helping Big Tobacco hook a New Generation of Smokers. Retrieved 24 August 2019, from


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