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International Marketing Communication


Task: Conduct a study on international marketing communication critically discussing about the TV advertisement “We all win”.


As depicted Hamelin et al., (2017), international marketing communication plays a vital role in creating awareness on a respective product globally. The words of Subasinghe et al., (2016) mentions that effective international marketing communication enables the potential customers to render knowledge about the product in relation to value proposition, traits, price and quality. In the giver study, the significant impact of international marketing communication associated with Super Bowl commercials adverts promoting core values of different products globally. To explain the fact in a wider manner, all the facts associated with a selected commercial have been evaluated. Finally, with the support of novel social media campaign idea and commercial advertisement, based on the same respective topic has been designed that can be further integrated as TV advertisement.

Identification and brief discussion of the chosen advertisement
Chosen advertisement: We all win
After analysing the commercial advertisement of ‘We all win’ it has been evaluated that Microsoft has focused on developing a product that would render height and standard core values to its special customers. For the advertisement, support from the handicap children has been considered, exhibiting how they can get interacted with other children of their ages. Thus, with the respective advertisement it has been cleared that all the category of individual (handicap) can enjoy the new innovation, designed and published by Microsoft. The commercial accentuates that with the accessible video game controller, Childers with respective disabilities can continue their fun like the other children in the society. The advertisement help initiate international marketing communication and was very delightful as it exhibited how the special children enjoy and feel happy with such small luxury product that helps to cover their flaws in a cherishing manner.

The authenticity of this respective commercial has been maintained as support from a real and genuine family and children has been integrated for the promotion of the product. Thus, this is also a reason behind selecting this commercial advertisement for initiating international marketing communication as all the happiness and delighters that can be rendered while accessing this product has been represented in a mesmerising manner. Thus, from these respective advertisements it has been learned that it is not always necessary to build a strong context to exhibit the effectiveness and core values of a product. A sober message with informative content is enough to build a strong image for the product, towards its targeted audience.

What is the main objective of the international marketing communication in the present case scenario? Discuss.
As per the option of Curtis et al., (2017), Microsoft’s corporation is an American multinational technology company that is highly renowned for its software and advanced technologies. Thus, the 2019 commercial of Microsoft for promoting and launching new product for the special category, Xbox adaptive controller, has successfully nailed in attracting the attention of its targeted audience in order to boost the international marketing communication. With the help of the advertisement of We all Win, the company has successfully exhibited how special children with disabilities can sustain easy accessibility to such a small luxury product.

In the commercial, some handicap children were found accessing the product, Xbox adaptative control, which was sheer easy as they are only required to tap and sustain the happiness and fun. As depicted by Tucker, (2016), the major purpose of developing Xbox Adaptive controller is to avoid expensive and complex setup for the persons who are interested toward video game access, but are partial disable to grant access to the fullest as it is difficult for them to sustain control with joystick and buttons that are attached to the video game accessory for operating the game. The tagline ‘We all win’ is found to be best suitable for promoting the product as with the help of this innovation, disable population globally associated can play and fun along with smile like other normal children with easy access to video games. The advertisement purpose was to show the positive attitude and explore international marketing communication that would be rendered by the customers if they show interest on the respective product. However, the main purpose of designing the advertisement with the help of genuine people has helped the company to sustain accurate results as all the necessary information has been delivered to the targeted audience while creating an emotional linkage between the customers and the product.

international marketing communication

Figure 1: Comparison of the sales between normal PS4 and Xbox adaptive controller
(Source: Zhang et al., 2016)

As per the above figure, Zhang et al., (2016), it has been evaluated that the new innovation of Xbox adaptively controller sustained equal success as per the normal PS4. It can be evaluated in the study of international marketing communication that the respective commercial, We all Win, very clearly established that facts that how disable children, like the main actors in the viewed, can interact with its friends, which is physically not possible to render. The message that has been promoted by the commercial video is that every child can play their willing games and interact with these normal friends, sustaining casual life. Thus, the core value of innovating this product is wisely established, that every child is special and cannot be compared as the disable child act in the same manner likewise the normal children. As per the observation of Yi et al., (2018), the motto of the innovating Xbox adaptive controller was, no matter how physically weak or strong a child is, it can possess the same access to the game as the way normal child does while playing video games. Thus, with this commercial, the motive and core values have been successfully exhibited, attracting targeted customers while getting emotionally attracted. 

It has been evaluated that the pricing and international marketing communication strategy of Xbox Adaptive Controller renders premium pricing which hence can be an issues for the mediocre family to afford. Thus, hesitation may arise before engaging with the product. Despite these pricing issues, it can be observed that the level of satisfaction and value proposition that would be gained by the customers after its usage would be almost and hence with the help of this commercial this doubt of the targeted audience has been tried to be solved. As per the view of Mathur, (2018), Xbox Adaptive Controller is launched in mostly developed countries where the overall rate of the GDP is found to be respectively high which majority of population earning scale is high. Thus, it can be observed that the demographic, psychology and emotional marketing strategy integrated by Microsoft to promote its product has been successful and the respective commercial advertisement has nailed it.

Identification of the targeted audience along with positioning apparent into the TV advertisement for international marketing communication
Evaluating the innovation of Microsoft it has been proven that the respective technological company always tries to think out of the box while launching astonishing product that always attracts the attention of its targeted audience. In the matter of Microsoft 2019 commercial, Microsoft successfully made itself crystal clear with the benefits that would be rendered with access of Xbox adaptive controller along with its targeted customers, for whom especially the product has innovated. The main role played in the advertisement was of the disable children who are unable to interact with their other friends (which include both normal and special) in a physical manner. With the innovation of Xbox adaptive controller this challenge that are faced by mostly all the partial children with disabilities to interact with their friends can be solved.

From the respective commercial advertisement it can be clearly evaluated that the company integrated demographic market segment, behavioural segmentation along with psychological segmentation. It is demographic in the sense as the product is accessible for all the gender of customers in associated to any family size, religion, education, language, material status and ethnicity. However, an issue can be counter to the mediocre family, but thought the product has launched mostly in the developed countries this issue is not that bothering to the success of the product. Behavioural segmentation in the matter of value proposition, the product is rated high in providing satisfaction to the partial disable consumers. In the aspects of psychological segmentation, with the integration of the product, targeted consumers are rendering positive attitudes as they can successfully interact with friends without any hesitation which seemed to be impossible physically.

Designing of novel social media campaign that can be accomplished as a TV advertisement, with wide description
According to Allagui and Breslow, (2016), social media campaign as compared to TV advertising has an ability to sustain broad demographic audience. It can be evaluated that with the help of social media campaign, the company can promote its product majorly to millennial as it is rated as the biggest traffic platforms for promoting products and services (Dwivedi et al., 2015). In order to promote Xbox Adaptive Controller by Microsoft through social media to initiate international marketing communication, different audio and visual post can be created with all the necessary informative facts related to product. In relation to marketing objectives, while preparing informative post on the product, future information about the product like with the help of Xbox, different range of devices can be connected, customers can customize their level of experience and integrating Xbox anyone can be the winner. After analysing the commercial advertisement it has been observed that rather that it is cherishing to the children for gaming no future information about the product were explained, which can be fulfilled with the help of social media campaign. The marketing objective in social media campaign for the product is to improve brand recognition and international marketing communication in the market by reaching a broader range of social media users.

international marketing communication

Figure 2: Poster for Social media campaign of the product showing easy accessibility of product
(Source:, 2019)

international marketing communication

Figure 3: Picture explaining how easy the product can be integrated
(Source:, 2019)

international marketing communication

Figure 4: How Xbox can help especial children to interact and have fun
(Source:, 2019)

To create awareness about the product for an effective international marketing communication poster as per figure 1 &2 can be considered. In addition, beside the pictures, description of the product in relation to the price, quality along with value proposition can be mentioned so that clear informative post can be created. In addition, to increase the credibility of the camping, genuine video and images along experiences sustained by the potential customers can be mentioned. As compared to TV advertisement this social media campaign would be found to be more effective as other necessary information would be stated. In order to promote the benefits and traits of the products, research on the targeted audience is essential, making the timeliness at a top priority. After that it is necessary to prepare strong engaging content that suits the traits and benefits that can be rendered from the usage of product. Creative banners with children operating the product would give a brief idea about the product. With the help of clear image and simple contents, guiding the targeted audience becomes easy. It can be determined that with the help of social media campaign, future information about the product that might be slipped from the view of customers can be covered. While providing vivid description about the product, marketing appeal in relation to the techniques that are integrated by the company for marketing would be explained. Like in the matter of Xbox Adaptability Controller, Microsoft has integrated with direct selling, internet marketing along with paid media advertising.

From the above discussion the significant impact of the international marketing communication like commercial, to influence the targeted customers for the respective product has been concluded. It has been evaluated that effective commercial advertisement can successfully portray a transparent image, in relation to the cover values and benefits that can be rendered by the customers with the usage of the product. For instance, the Super Bowl commercial in relation to promote Microsoft new innovation of Xbox Adaptability Controller for the partial enable customers or handicap has nailed it, as the company successfully built enormous brand recognition among its targeted audience. All the necessary information that is required for the customers to be known has been addressed and expressed with the help of the advertisements. It has been evaluated in the above study of international marketing communication that is not always necessary to plan and design strong punch line with complex content to make a successful advertisement, a simple and sober usage of language and context with genuine actors are found to be best for sustaining successful commercial embracing all the requirements of the company and product.

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