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   Free sample   Identification of an appropriate framework in the psychology assignment to guide the research work

Identification of an appropriate framework in the psychology assignment to guide the research work


Task: Write a reflective journal on computer architecture assignment analysing the theoretical concepts captured from the weekly material.


1. Identification of the Significant Framework and the Rationale for the Selection in the psychology assignment
The appropriate framework that will help in formulating the research in the present psychology assignmentis the theoretical framework. Through this framework, the researcher can conduct the research pattern appropriately. With the implementation of the theoretical framework in the psychology assignment, the path of the research is formed and designed it significantly from theoretical perspectives. The framework aims to prepare the findings of the research that contains more meaning. The aspects require to be based on the theoretical constructs in the field of the research and make sure there is generalizability. Through the implication of the theoretical framework in the psychology assignment, there is a creation of the potential to make the study strong enough to have authentic facts and figures (Holmström, 2018). This will ultimately create a creditability of the research paper. Based on the theoretical assumptions, an explicit statement can be permitted by the reader so they can evaluate the piece critically. The theoretical framework generally has a connection with the researcher with the existing knowledge that has been collected.

Through a theoretical design in the psychology assignment, the relationship between aspects provided in a significant phenomenon in an elaborated and common procedure is explored. While initiating a study to write a research paper it can be significant to use a theoretical framework as this will assist the researcher to match up with the rules of the industry standard for the research (Ullah, 2021). This will help the researcher to publish their study appropriately. The aspects found through the theoretical framework in the psychology assignmentprocedure can be implicated in the preparation for the dissertation.

2. The Importance of the Selected Framework and the Way it can Guide the Research
The theoretical framework is chosen as the framework based on which the procedure of the research will be conducted. The framework for the psychology assignmentis considered to be very important to be implicated. Theories are stated to be providing excellently prepared explanations of phenomena, an observable component or event, for example; Newton’s theory of gravitation. This framework for the psychology assignmentinitiates the researcher to conduct predictions and match the challenges that are been investigated in the remaining knowledge and information. The reason for opting for a theoretical framework is for evaluating the theories that are been used in the research and giving them a personal research capability with a significant reason by stating the assumptions that inform their work procedure (Kiger &Varpio, 2020). A theoretical framework is generally formed into a section for literature review stated at the beginning of the research paper, but this can also be implicated as a separate chapter.

The theoretical framework for the psychology assignmenthas the capability of guiding the research paper significantly. This is because the procedure helps the researcher in identifying the prime concepts and state the meaning of any uncommon terms, phrases or words. This is provided in a document that is signified on the aspect of understanding and an appropriate manner of reference for the reader. The theoretical framework created needs to explain each of the theories that have been explained (Nord, Koohang&Paliszkiewicz, 2019). For each of the theories, the researchers have to make a plan to implement and state the way that applies to the research work. The theoretical framework for the psychology assignmentwill also comprise various concepts, terms and theories through logical presentations. This will make the writing piece easier to read and understand. At the same time, this helps in the support of the theory while there is an occurrence of scientific questioning and testing. Through this framework, the new research will be connected to the existing knowledge. Further, broader generalizations can be made to interpret the analysis.

3. Example of the Selected Framework in the psychology assignment
An example of a theoretical framework that can be initiated is the theory of planned behavior is considered to be a psychological theory that has the capability of creating a connection between beliefs and behavior. There remains energy to ask about the components that include namely attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control (Bosnjak, Ajzen& Schmidt, 2020). The theory in the psychology assignmentgenerally comprises these three major elements that help in shaping the intentions of an individual’s behavior. The theory of planned behavior states that individuals act rationally based on significant aspects. These significant components are not generally considered in a conscious scenario at the time of decision-making but from the backdrop of the procedure of decision-making (Sussman & Gifford, 2019). The theory of planned behavior in the psychology assignmenttakes significant chances to predict the behavior of humans, Individual beliefs while forming the research can be included while adding relevant information from the sources.

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