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Ideation Assignment: Solutions For Managing Impact Of COVID-19


Write report on ideation assignment presenting the literature review on the solutions for managing the impact of COVID-19.


Literature Review
COVID-19 has impacted the economic phenomena of Australia as many of the business units are working in partial capacities. The Australian Government has implemented several strategies that have in turn pushed the economy during this crisis. In this pandemic situation, the offices and the business houses are operating on partial capacities. The restrictions of transport and inclusion of social distancing have limited the movement of public transports and other services. In normal conditions, the offices are not placed with one-meter distances thus, inviting all employees for working in the office during a pandemic will support the spread of the virus and impact many. The reduced effects of a pandemic on the business and the economy as a whole, many companies have allocated work from facilities for employees. This will not help the business but it will also enable the workforce to generate steady incomes in this crisis.

In the works of Nicola et al, (2020, p.185), it was depicted that the pandemic has killed approximately 290,000 thus embarking the challenges related to economic crisis and recession. The jobs in many sectors are lost due to COVID- 19 rules like social distancing, isolation and quarantines and travel restrictions, and others have reduced the workforce. Manufacturing sectors, educational sectors have reduced while pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, food consumption has increased have increased. The scientists are working round the clock for developing appropriate vaccines to combat this disease until then the governments, communities, and individuals are responsible for undertaking preventive measures to reduce the spread of the disease. The work done depicted that impact from COVID- 19 has impacted the world economy severally.

Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence
The symptoms for the virus impacted disease includes fever, cough, sneezing sore throats, and others. It was very surprising to notice that different regions of the world witnessed varied symptoms of the virus with fever and sore throat. Depicted that tocilizumab is very effective in improving the symptoms of COVID-19 while also reduces the severity of individuals. In the works of Xu et al, (2020, p.10970), it was demonstrated that Covid-19 is one of the major reasons behind the outbreaking respiratory disease in humans.

ideation assignment 1

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), viral diseases still occur and pose a serious public health problem. Several viral epidemics have been reported in the last 20 years, including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV) between 2002 and 2003 and influenza A (H1N1) in 2009. The coronavirus (MERS-CoV) was first detected in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East in 2012. On December 31, 2019, Wuhan, China's largest metropolis in Hubei Province, first notified the WHO State Office that an epidemic of unexplained low-life infections had been detected in Wuhan, China's largest city in Hubei Province. The published literature dates from the onset of symptoms until the beginning of December 2019. The China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have organized an intensive program to investigate the outbreak. The cause of the disease is a new virus in the family of coronavirus (CoV).

Governments around the world are working to develop a response to devastating effects, with an estimated 3 million rescued in 11 European countries. WHO coordinates information flow and implements policies and policies to minimize the impact of threats. At the same time, scientists around the world are working tirelessly and quickly to develop information on transmission mechanisms, clinical spectrum of diseases, new diagnoses, prevention and treatment strategies. There remains great uncertainty about the interaction between viruses and guests and the development of pandemic conditions when they are particularly aware of their peak. Currently, infection treatment strategies are supportive and aim to reduce population prevention as our best weapon. China's aggressive isolation measures have led to a gradual reduction in the number of cases. The disease has spread from China to Europe. In Italy, in the northern geographical regions, the political and health authorities are making incredible efforts to protect health systems and to seriously test health systems.

The viruses cause a cross-species barrier and result in the severity of diseases that can range from the common cold to MERS and SARS. However, the article depicts that the reasons behind the diseases from the viruses are yet to be researched. Since the society consists of all aged individuals, the symptoms should be displayed on all public platforms, billboards, television sets so that each one can report to the testing stations if they experiencing any issues regarding their health. in the recent times, the Australian government has designed an app and WhatsApp channel for telecasting symptoms and other related guidelines regarding the COVID-19. In the remote areas, the individual can be aware of the symptoms through visiting doctors, nurses, and other staff (Cascella et al., 2020, p.2). This will help in generating awareness while also informing the folks about the nearest testing centers and hygienic routines that are to follow for preventing the spread of disease.

Nearest COVID- Testing
COVID- testing is one of the crucial issues for predicting the number of confirmed and recovered cases in the regions. In the works of Liu et al, (2020, p. 2), the author had researched the 637 individuals for collecting data on the provision of supports for clinical care in this pandemic. It was revealed that many of the nurses and medical were facing issues related to personal safety, care quality, job security, and others. The COVID-19Testing centres and groups will help in ensuring job security. Also, the government should collaborate with private corporate houses and health units for providing adequate equipment to the nurses and other staff. Health units and clinical care units in every locality should be converted to COVID testing centres for identifying the patients that are impacted by the virus.

ideation assignment 2

Figure 1:Confirmed Cases in NSW
(Source: Halcomb et al, 2020)

The above figure explains the disparities in tests done and confirmed cases. Thus, there is a need for efficient testing procedures for detecting the spread of the virus.

In the current scenario, the pandemic situations have created chaos and fear in many individuals due to which they can access the appropriate testing centres. Thus, the government should design an application through which all the individual can select their Covid-19 Testing centres. The App should be designed in a way that all the individuals are guided about the guidelines of the pandemic while visiting the testing centres. As the virus spreads at a very fast rate, it becomes difficult for managing the crowd at test centres. Thus, testing centres can organize a group of doctors and nurses to visits nearby homes and apartments. In remote areas, doctors and nurses need to visit residents as the technological solutions might not be impactful in the outskirts and villages.

Working from Home
Work from home is very cost-effective as the cost related to the leasing or renting will be eliminated. Office maintenance costs and reimbursing the employees for travel allowances will also eliminate. For the employees, the time and inconveniences faced while traveling to the office (like travelling in rainy seasons or winter seasons is much more challenging) will be eliminated. The companies can adopt two forms of working home facility either providing permanent work from home or partially. Permanent work from home facilities is ideal for the employees that stay far and reside in their apartments, hence they will able to allocate a corner of their house for work. Employees who reside in hostels can work on a rotational basis and visit the office two to three days a week. This will reduce costs incurred by the employees and companies for operating the business. Many employees might not be able to afford expensive desktops or office furniture foo work from home facility thus, the company can supply the office materials and equipment at home for easing the working experience of the firm.

In many of the work from home services, the employees have often complained about work stress and overtime working due to which many individuals are facing health issues. In work from scenarios, the workforce often struggles in managing the home environment and the allocated work. The companies need to consider the working environment at home and allocate work that can be completed within the office hours; hence the managers should not try extending work beyond office time (Pragholapati, 2020). Also, the managers should organize video meetings for communicating with employees and discussing organizational objectives along with issues faced by the workforce in home environments.

Registrations and Surveys
Filling manual registration forms during the patient entry can be a time-consuming process and delay of treatment might lead to even death. Thus, the government should build a platform that will provide all the detail of the patients automatically. For instance, the government has designed many apps through various information about COVID- 19 can be obtained, hence, the registration form should appear while signing in these platforms and it should be connected with servers of health care. The nurses, medical staff can enter unique identity indicators and obtain the form without spending much time.

The government apps are already equipped with survey features that require individual feed in the symptoms, travel history, and other information. However, this kind of survey can be promoted through the various trusted platform for obtaining details about the larger public. The agencies can be employed for visiting different remote areas and urban areas for collecting information where an online survey cannot be conducted.

Eligibility Criteria for Government subsidies
In Australia, the unemployment rate in August was reported at 6.8% with average weekly earnings of $1713 (Murphy, 2020). The country lost approximately 227,000 and the proportion of working-class aged above 18 was shrunk in 2020 (Karp, 2020). It can be evaluated that many businesses have lost margins to sustain in the market due to which individuals have lost their jobs. The indigenous population and people in remote areas are likely to suffer more than the general population. Hence the government subsidies should be inclined towards the population which has been largely impacted. The indigenous population should be providing free rations and health services along with aged people living alone. The farmers and other individuals livening in the remote areas should also be compensated. The government should outline the subsidy criteria for a different class of people and convey the same through communication centres of financial institutions (Nicola et al, 2020, p.185). the individual who is living alone in isolation should be compensated under the crisis payment. The pay cut of income for the aged population and others should be subsidized by the government. The eligibility and application should be done majorly through online modes to reduce work pressure on front line workforce in the government offices.

ideation assignment 3

Figure 2: Demographic and Unemployment graphics
(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2020)

Monitoring Individuals in Isolation, Workplace Social Distancing
In the works of Zhou et al, (2020, p.4), it was depicted that social distancing plays a significant role in preventing the spread of viruses of COVID-19. Governments and private houses can implement AI technologies for monitoring individuals for hygiene and physical distancing. The article entailed that wireless networking can be used as an effective tool in encouraging, enabling, and enforcing the practices of social distancing. The introduction of emerging technologies like machine learning, computer vision, thermals, and ultrasounds are effective tools for predicting the symptoms, detection, supervising people in quarantines, and training contacts. However, these technologies should be used while preserving the privacies of individuals, and incentive mechanisms should be used for enforcing the social distancing and hygienic rules. For instance. The communities and corporate houses flowing excellent COVID- 19 rules should be published in newspapers and government websites for promoting the prevention of the spread of disease.

The outbreak of the new ischemic disease (COVID-19) has emerged unprecedented in 2019. Governments have taken various measures to combat pandemic diseases, such as blockades and social activities. These actions and strategies, along with the virus itself, can cause people various mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, sadness, and so on. Users have analyzed people's emotional dynamics in the New Pandemic World. During the pandemic in Australia unlike today's world analyzing emotional dynamics nationally and through static emotional analysis with subtle details. Overall, positive emotional polarity was visible in the New World, with Covid - 19 pandemic causes. General positive emotional polarity during the pandemic in the scan emotions were found, although positive emotions dominated most of the day during the study period. During this time, some local authorities have experienced significant emotional changes from positive to negative. The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the emotional dynamics of NSW. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of studying at national level, the mood of work was analysed. The local government level based on more than 94 million tweets collected on Twitter in five months. The dynamics can be caused by these severe COVID-19 infections. In addition to emotional polarity, other mental problems also arise due to COVID-19, such as depression and anxiety.

The unemployment issue in the country can be solved by employing unemployed individuals temporarily for monitoring the guidelines set by the government. The major guidelines include social distancing, wearing masks, following hygiene and using sanitizers, checking temperatures, and many others. Thus, individual groups can be formed for visiting residential complexes, corporate houses, public washrooms, and other places. The groups can click pictures of the guidelines followed and sent them to supervisors (Nguyen et al, 2020, p.2). Penalties and fines can be imposed on them for violating the safety rules of COVID-19. Pragholapati (2020, p.1 ) depicted that mental stress in COVID-19 has increased due to fear, uncertainty, series of lockdowns, unemployment, loss of nosiness, hence its is important to monitor those individuals that have been allotted isolations and quarantines should be provided with virtual assistance for keeping them mentally healthy. The hygiene in quarantine zones and hotspots can be monitored through frequent checks by the governing body of the area while also supplying emergency materials and resources for the hotspot zones.

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