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Human Resource Management Assignment on Leadership in Woolworths


This course has been purposefully designed to incorporate a high degree of flexibility relating to various topics; therefore the choice of topic for your project is entirely your own choice.

Topic for the project outline (Assessment 1) and project proposal (Assessment 3) MUST be same.

Remember, it is your project and if you select something that holds a deep interest for you, you will find it easy to commit and you will be highly motivated to complete the work that your project outline requires (Assessment 1), and subsequently that your project proposal requires (Assessment 3).

Make sure that your topic is relevant to your current area of study or what you want to be in future. There is often temptation to pick a topic that is too broad, and might require a longer time to do it properly

Up to five topic areas are given below under five broader areas of interest (i.e., discipline). We strongly suggest you to choose a topic from one of the broader areas. However these are not the exhaustive list and you can choose beyond this list.


  • Marketing communications – such as why do some controversial marketing communications work whilst other fail?
  • Social marketing: such as why are social networks more persuasive than traditional word-of-mouth?
  • Telemarketing – such as selling goods or services to customer via telephone or surveying customer satisfaction via computer assisted telephone interview
  • Branding –Impact of branding in sales or organisational development
  • Factors affecting product marketing: How can countries use national culture to help them promote major exports?

Human Resource Management :

  • Leadership–such as leadership impacts on organisational performance
  • Employee engagement, wages and workforce performance
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Avoidance approaches to conflict
  • Maintaining performance during organisational change


Human resource management is defined as the specific practice of recruiting, deploying and managing the workforce of an organisation and such type of department is generally liable for forming and overseeing policies and schemes governing employees. The major role and responsibility of Human resource management assignment is to manage the individuals within a workplace in order to accomplish the mission of the organisation and strengthen the company’s culture.

Purpose of the Research
The purpose of this Human resource management assignment is to explain the concepts and principles of Human Resource Management including the impact of leadership on the performance of the organisation, concept of workforce performance, skill of decision making under stress and pressure and many more.

Problem Statement
Human Resource Management is defined as the specific function within a business organisation that especially focuses on the recruitment and selection of the management responsible for guiding and assisting the workforce of the organisation. A tanglible outcome of ineffective leadership leads to poor financial results and accomplishment of goals and objectives. The impact of ineffective leadership on the performance and workforce of Woolworths Australian Retail company have been very well documented as the company deals in offering retail products and services to the potential Australian consumers. In this Human resource management assignment, the topic includes the description of human resource management such as impact of leadership on performanceof the organisation, employee engagement, wages and salaries, specific avoidance approaches to conflict and many more. A majority of the HR units in an organisation are liable for development of the organisation that develops the organisational culture. In other terms, it includes development and administration of programs that are specifically designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business. Leadership in simpler terms is defined as the act that involves the manipulation of other individuals to act towards the accomplishment of a specific objectives or goal. The concept of leadership deals with an enormous amount of people and and is considered as the most transparent of the different management functions (Pashiardis et al., 2011).

It is considered to be vital to performance and excellence of an employee and organisation and consequently, a business organisation incurs heavy investment in discovery of such a effective leadership that helps in providing efficient training to the workforce of the organisation. Woolworths Supermarkets is famously known as an Australian grocery market store chain acquired by the Woolworths company in the year 1924 and since then, it has expanded its reach to over more than 995 locations (, 2019). There is a comparative shortage of efficient and effective leadership and this is the main reason why business organisations in today’s times are constantly searching for it as it helps them in designing and developing the leadership potentials associated with corporate organisations (Northouse, 2018). A leader via self-awareness and training can help boost the its impact on the team and its performance which frequently exerts a substantial effect on the presentation. For example, sales number are considered as key factors for the success of a business and hence, it is very important for the management to pay attention towards these numbers and address the requirements of sales representatives in order to achieve the goals and objectives without exception.

Aims and Objectives
This research proposal aims to examine the significance of effective leadership and its impact on the performance of the workforce and the organisation itself referring to the Australian retail industry. In other terms, it can influence a decision-maker to distinguish the relevant factors from the irrelevant and can consequence in transparent thinking with unmistakable priorities. While some individuals are born decision-makers whereas some consider it as a skill that can be further learned and improved and there are known to be various tools and techniques that help in making an effective decision in times of pressure or stress (Zsambok and Klein, 2014). The specific objectives are to:

  • Examine the current scenario of leadership in the retail industry of Australia;
  • Determine the benefits and impact of effective leadership on organisational performance;
  • Acknowledge the different factors that influence the low rates of leader participation in the referred industry;
  • Provide recommendations for Woolworths Company to help improve the scenario of effective leadership and its impact;

According to a theory, there are three identified patterns of conflict including approach-approach, approach-avoidance and lastly, avoidance-avoidance (Corr, 2013). The approach-avoidance conflict situation is considered as a stable equilibrium and as the concerned individual gets nearer to the goal or objective, the strength of the avoidance factor gradually rises than compared to that of approach, forcing the individual from the goal. Hence, at this specific point the strength of approach is higher than that of the avoidance tendency and in this specific process, the concerned individual is brought back to the original position of equilibrium (Walliman, 2017).

In order to appropriately assess the variables effecting the leadership behaviour of leaders in retail industry and to determine their impact on Woolworths company, this specific study has selected mixed methodology to conduct this study (Krippendorff, 2018).

Literature Review - It can be concluded from this Human resource management assignment that the business organisations who recognise potential human resource management are considered as core capability and are more likely to explore or achieve success sustaining potential organisational change. In order to establish more opportunities, it is important for HR’s and concerned unit to provide amenities and facilities in order to promote encouragement to the individual and teams for their growth associated with the performance of the organisation via effective training and development or compensation.

Data Collection – Secondary data will be collected from government officials and specific sources of industry.

Interviews – In order to safeguard the outcomes from the secondary data, this study will also carry out interviews of key stakeholders with Woolworths company.

Secondary Data and Data analysis Methods –It can also be concluded that in order to deal with the new potential challenges and risks on the fronts of changing trends and knowledge, every organisation needs an effective Human resource management assignment. In specific way, demographic characteristics of all staff of Woolworths, workplace suppleness and safety data such as workplace health, literature and other types of data will be gathered from Woolworths official website and as well as from their annual report (Cope, 2014).

Reference List
Cope, D.G., 2014, January. Methods and meanings: credibility and trustworthiness of qualitative research. In Oncology nursing forum (Vol. 41, No. 1).

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