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Annotated Bibliography for Human Resource management


Assessment Task : You are required to compile an Annotated bibliography of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles

Step 1. Select an industry sector.
Read the Assessment 3 Essay task and identify which sector you will study for Assessments 2 and 3 (e.g. agriculture; construction; financial services; health care; hospitality; manufacturing; mining; retail; transport).

Step 2. Undertake research of the recent academic literature since 2010.
Identify five (5) academic peer reviewed journal articles relevant to the Assessment 3 Essay topic. It is suggested that you align your selected articles with the unit themes from Weeks 3 to 5 (e.g. job design, HR planning, recruitment and selection). It is recommended that you undertake your research via the online ‘search’ of CQUniversity Library.

Step 3. Write 2 paragraphs on each article
For each journal article, you are to write approximately 400 words in two paragraphs. The first paragraph will summarise the main ideas of the article, identifying the hypothesis, purpose, research methodology and conclusions. The second paragraph will identify how you will use that article in relation to the Assessment 3 Essay.

Step 4. Use an appropriate format
Present your Annotated bibliography in a format similar to that provided below. For more information, see the library guide for writing an annotated bibliography.

Answer (2018). ROLE OF HRM PRACTICES IN CEMENT INDUSTRY. Retrieved 14 April 2018, from

Part 1: The first research paper that is considered for the analysis of annotated bibliography is “Role of HRM practices in cement industry” by Mr. T. Naresh Babu and Mr.G. Satya Narayana Reddy. The research paper deals with the overall scenarios of practices that are use and implemented in the cement industry. The research journal has also illustrated the challenges that are faced by the human resource in the effective management of human resource in the highly competitive business environment in the world. The main idea of the research article revolves around making the effective use of the resources such as machine, money, material and methods in the manufacturing industry. It also reflects the idea regarding maintaining inimitable, valuable and well-structured business environment that would result in gaining a competitive advantage for the business organization dealing with manufacturing operations.

It has also stressed on the fact that there has to be effectiveness in the practice of human resource management of various business organizations in the manufacturing industry which would result in meeting the objectives of the business organizations. The research paper has provided in-depth analysis regarding the practices and policies that are involved in the implementation of various aspects of human resource in the management position of manufacturing industry. The research journal has encompassed the elaboration of planning of human resource, job analysis, selection, recruitment, performance appraisal, compensation, orientation, training and development along with labor relations.

The research objectives that the research paper has focused include the identification of various roles in the HRM practices in the improvement in the job satisfaction. The research methodology in this regard has encompassed the descriptive research design that has been concerned with varying perception of every narrating factors and individuals regarding the HRM practices. The data collection for the research has been done through the primary and secondary data sources. The research paper has provided the conclusion regarding improvisation of existing practices of HRM which would enhance the commitments and engagement of the employees.

Part 2:I found this research paper to be very valuable as it has provided a very elaborate study regarding the role of every functions of the human resource management. I have gained in-depth insights into the ways to improve effectiveness of the practices in regards to management of human resource. I could also gain the knowledge about the perception of employees towards the existing practices in the business organizations in the manufacturing industry.

Vardarl?er, P., Vural, Y., & Birgün, S. (2014). Modelling of the Strategic Recruitment Process by Axiomatic Design Principles. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 150, 374-383.

Part 1: The second research journal that has been taken into consideration for the annoted bibliography is “Modeling of the Strategic Recruitment Process by Axiomatic Design Principles” by Pelin Vardalier and team. In the research journal, conceptual model of the entire process has been carried out on the basis of the principles of Axiomatic Design. The research paper has illustrated the focus on providing guidance to business organizations operating in the manufacturing industry for being able to carry out various recruitment functions in a very effective manner. The use of the model has assisted in the contribution of the business organizations that has used et current approaches regarding human resources for being capable of conducting these activities in a systematic manner. The research journal has also illustrated the role of the processes about the employment, wages arrangement, compliance training, and legal ties with the business organization.

Evaluation of performance, the employees’ efficiency, social needs and leave from employment as process that affect the efficiency of the human resource. There has been focus in the recruitment concepts and the elaboration of recruitment process. The research has highlighted the recruitment model based on the Axiomatic design. The data collection method has not been specified in the research paper. However, all the data collection in this regard has been implemented in an integrated manner in the Axiomatic Design. Different axioms have been used for the research methodology. Data collection has been done in accordance to various functional requirements. The research methodology has provided the conclusion regarding various issues that has resulted due to the unawareness of various business organizations regarding the management practices in the manufacturing industries. Further, there has been focus on the implications of incorrect implementation of various recruitment processes in the business organizations in the manufacturing industry.

Part 2: I have gained knowledge about various recruitment practices that can sued in the management of human resource in manufacturing industry through this research paper. I have also obtained an in-depth analysis of various concepts associated with recruitment in the manufacturing industry. Through this research study, I have gained comprehensive idea regarding the conceptual model which would assist in the conduction of different practices of human resource management. This research study has provided me with various theoretical insights into the improving management practices in regards to the human resource study that I shall be pursing and conducting in my future career endeavors.

Bhoganadam, S. D., & Rao, D. S. (2014). A study on recruitment and selection process of Sai Global Yarntex (India) private limited. International Journal of Management Research and Reviews, 4(10), 996.

Part 1: The third research journal that is to be considered for the annotated bibliography is “A study in recruitment and selection process of Sai Global Yarntex (India) Private Limited” by Syamals Devi Bhonganadam and team. This research journal has encompassed the in-depth analysis of recruitment on the global scale. The significance of human resource management and practices associated with the management of human resource in different business organizations in the manufacturing industry has been reflected.

The prime focus of the research journal has been on the practices related to human resource management of Sai FGlonal Yarntex Private Limited. The research paper has also encompassed the review of the related literature for the procedures to that the company follows in its selection and recruitment of human resource. There has been use of both primary and secondary research methodology for the conduction of the entire research. The data collection in regards to the primary data has been obtained for in around 40 employees by making effective use of the questionnaire method. The outcomes of the entire study were obtained from the method of percentage evaluation.

The findings of the research have revealed that the sai global yarntex private limited has been following the bets process and procedures of selection and recruitment. It has also been noted that the employees in sai global yarntex private limited are very satisfied with the climate of business in the company. It has also been founded that sai global yarntex private limited follows the recruitment policy of human resource in a very ethical manner. The objectives and purpose of the entire research conduction includes the study and analysis of the satisfaction level of the human resource working in every level of the organization. The methods of recruitment and selection of sai global yarntex private limited has been studied in an in-depth manner.

Part 2: I could find the research study to be of high relevance to my management studies. The research study has assisted in gaining statistical interpretation of the satisfaction level of the employees. I have also found the research study to provide highly relevant practices that are to be incorporated i n future career endeavors or business endeavors in regards to the management of human resource. I have found the suggestions section of the research study to be highly useful as they have provided me with ideas regarding the conduction of management practices in a more effective and efficient manner.

Piyasena, K. G. C. C., & Kottawatta, H. (2017). The HRM Practices on Job Satisfaction of Operational Workers in the Apparel Industry in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. Human Resource Management Journal, 3(2).

Part 1: The fourth research journal that has been considered for the conduction of annotated bibliography is “The HRM practices on job satisfaction of operational workers in the apparel industry in Colombo district, Sri Lanka”. The research journal has encompassed the area of the research study as that of the human resource management practices on the satisfaction of job on a broad basis. The objective of the assignment is directed towards the discussion of practices related to human resource management on the job satisfaction of operational employees or workers in the apparel companies of Sri Lanka that are located in the Colombo district.

The research journal has focused on the problem of the research regarding absence of any kind of empirical or theoretical findings regarding the ways in which practices of human resource management affect the satisfaction in job of operational labors or workers in the sector of apparel manufacturing in the country of Sri Lanka. The issue which is also focused in the research journal is regarding the extent of implications that practices of human resource management have on the job satisfaction of the employees and workers in the apparel industry.

The research methodology that has been selected for the conduction of the study include the collection of data from over 300 employees in the operational level from 4 chosen large scale companies dealing with apparel manufacturing in the Colombo district through the process of structured questionnaire. The data collection method has also included the regression and correlation analysis of data by the use of SPSS. The outcomes of the research study include the existent of a positive and significant association and relationship of the human resource management practices in regards to the satisfaction of job. Further, the conclusion refers to the enrichment of important functions associated with human resource management practices in regards to enhance the job satisfaction of employees at all levels.

Part 2: I found the research journal to be of great value for my management career. I could find the ways to identify various business issues associated with the provision of effective satisfaction to the employees in regards to their job. Through the study, I could recognize the areas in which is have to develop and imbibe improvements in the business practices in order to provide employee satisfaction to the employees at all levels of organization. I could also decipher the implications of different innovative HRM practices in context of employee satisfaction.

Oaya, Z. C. T., Ogbu, J., & Remilekun, G. (2017). Impact of Recruitment and Selection Strategy on Employees’ Performance: A Study of Three Selected Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, 3(3), 32-42.

Part 1: The fifth research journal that has been taken into consideration in regards to human resource management in the manufacturing industry is “Impact of recruitment and selection strategy on employees’ performance: A study of three selected manufacturing companies in Nigeria”. THE research journal has illustrated the significance of having optimized performance of the employee in both the developed and developing nations. The research journal has focused on the examination of strategies related to the recruitment and selection of the human resource on the performance of the employees in the real sector.

The research journal has been considered with the use of descriptive research deigns of the survey. For the conduction of the research study, inferential statistics has been employed which further includes “one sample T-test”. This has been used for obtaining the analysis of the level of association between selection and recruitment strategy and the performance of the employees. The has also focused on the use of any agency for the recruitment process and the internal recommendation of the employees on the process of recruitment and selection.

The research journal gas also provided recommendation regarding the effective use of the recruitment agencies for business organization in regards to the selection and recruitment process. There has been recommendation regarding the acceptance factor of the business organizations in regards to the accepting candidates from the recruitment agencies. It has also focused on the enhancement of mentoring, obedience and training of the employees for having effective business outcomes in the long term. There have also been recommendations regarding the selection and recruitment process which have to be based on the capability of different candidates for performing the job accountabilities instead of focusing on recruitment by the influence of host community.

Part 2: I have found the research journal to be of great use in my management studies and future endeavors of career. This research journal has provided with in-depth insights into the exact ways in which recruitment or selections of candidates have to be done in any business organization. I have gained basic knowledge of HRM practices in the recruitment field which will help me in carrying out recruitment functions in any business organization in a more effective manner. I could also find the research journal to be of great use in regards to obtaining knowledge regarding how to prevent external influences in the recruitment process.

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