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   Free sample   Hrm training assignment on strategies businesses can use to improve staff training programs

(BUSM2022) HRM training assignment on strategies businesses can use to improve staff training programs


Task: how can HRM training assignment strategies be used by organizations to improve staff training programs?


Answer 1
On this HRM training assignment I assess The retail place where I joined as an executive assistant, I had the opportunity in participating in various learning experience in the workplace. For example, the installation of new software system to streamline the process was a complete new process and I was being provided the responsibility of learning and for its operations. The learning process comprises of different experimentation and involved mistakes too when I tried to learn the different elements of the system. Towards the end, I was able to have a better grasp of the system and figure out how to undertake order and keep a strong check on the inventory. The learning was formal as it was completely in link to the work process and required a lot of training. The software leaning could be done only through structured and calculated process. Hence, no informal process existed in this scenario.
The HRM training assignment experience provided a strong reminder that learning can be difficult at time and especially when it’s new. Mistakes will appear in the way when it comes to acquisition of new knowledge and process. Henceforth, persistent mindset is vital for the success and learning. The end result will depend entirely upon the knowledge as well as experience that was attained in the leaning. The initial learning and the process of acquiring will leave a major impact upon the result. Without any proper zeal you will not be able to learn anything new. If you want to learn something then you need to be constructive in your approach and look forward to learning.

Answer 2
The instructional mechanism used in the course of learning was the major asset because it helped in two ways that is to learn new things and the desire to acquire. The learning strategy played a dominant role when it comes to experiential and interactive activities (Reichborn-Kjennerud 2022). With the help of the HRM training assignment learning I was able to get the desired skills and knowledge. Not only it was effective but also helpful. The utilization of the tool helped me to understand the needs that I had set for myself as a student. I was provided a chance to acquire knowledge as well as skills that would help me in the long run. This helped me in fulfilling my needs. Through this learning I was able to understand that the knowledge will be an added advantage for me in the longer time frame and I can understand the advantage of it. It helped me to have a positive feeling from within. The learning strategy was a proper fit followed by the skills and since it was simple and straightforward I will recommend to other people too.
Further it helped me in application of the skills and information that took me to the real world scenario and gave me benefits. I was of the fact that this was imperative for the acquisition of the accurate knowledge. The proper knowledge even helped me in understanding the theory that lies behind the skills I was undertaking and the utilization of the skills in the real world. Skills are not restricted to a particular task or job if you have learnt the skills then you are having an upper hand in your endeavors (Spagnoli & Caetano 2012). It will obviously helping you in the long run and provide the best desirable result.
The view that learning strategy comprised of interactive part was not only beneficial but also beneficial as it helped to provide me a chance in learning something new and get the desired feedback (Backstorm & Berglund 2022). My understanding was that for the proper result I needed to consolidate in order to move in the desired direction. In short, this was necessary and the learning strategy on an overall basis was best suited to the needs. Thereby, I will highly recommend this to other people if they are interested in learning new things from HRM training assignments. Both the needs as a leaner as well as the competencies I wanted to learn were met in the best way by the instructional mechanism. The main elements of the learning strategy were that it was hand-on, interactive as well as experiential (Kancharla & Dadhich 2021). Because of such factors, I was able to acquire knowledge and the abilities needed in a manner that was useful as well as interactive. Further, the utilization of the strategy helped in acquiring knowledge and this knowledge was pertinent as well as significant to the life. I would thereby recommend this HRM training assignment learning strategy for other person because it is a proper fit with the skills you want to leant and is straightforward hence it is the best recourse.

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Spagnoli, P. & Caetano, A. 2012, ‘Personality and organisational commitment’, Career Development International, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 255-275. HRM training assignment


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