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HRM Assignment: How COVID-19 Impact Recruitment & Selection within Walmart


Task: Prepare a report on HRM assignment on the topic “Recruitment and selection for an organization of your choice facing significant pressures as a result of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic”.


Introduction of the topic chosen in HRM assignment
Justification for the choice of the topic

The present study of selection and recruitment has been emphasized within the particular situation as most of the organisations are found to face certain pressures that are caused through the pandemic of Covid-19 and leading to disruption. This study sources the candidates consisting of attitudes and abilities that are needed to obtain the objectives for an organisation (Carnevale and Hatak, 2020). The process of selection and recruitment within a company holds great significance for attracting effective workforce.

Justification for recruiting
The process of recruitment has been considered as the identification of analysing the requirements of job, screening shortlisted candidates, reviewing applications and similar others (Zhang et al., 2020). This can help an organisation in creating potential employees regarding the management for selecting proper applicants based on proper job.

Background work
Type of organisation

The organization chosen for this research is Walmart, Canada, which is a retail organization. This has been considered, as in recent days, most of the companies in retail sector, are found to face several pressures and difficulties that result in disruption through the pandemic of Covid-19 (Iacuset al., 2020).

Sector of activity
The study is to be conducted within the retail sector. The retail sector undertakes the process for selling the goods of the customers or rather the services to the customers through some of the multiple channels based on distribution for earning profit. However, it has also been evidencedin the studies ofKumar,Anand& Song (2017),that the share prices for the retail sector can be driven up through the takeover activity.

The present location for the study, has been conducted within Canada which is a country situated in the northern part based on North America. As stated by Ren, Cao & Chin, (2020), the retail sector within Canada is known to be largely matured and consolidated with some of the major stores which eventually present 62% of the market.

Organisational context
The aim of the study has been to investigate the process of selection and recruitment within an organisation of Canada facing different challenges caused through the pandemic of Covid-19.

Name of organisation
The study focuses on the organisation of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart Canada has been considered as the Canadian division for WalMart, which is headquartered within Ontario (WalMart Canada. 2020). The contemporaries of WalMartin Canada involve home hardware, giant tiger, dollarama and Canadian Tire.

Type of activities
The present organisation has been within the retail sector WalMart can also be considered to be unique within the Canadian retailers. WalMart has been brought within the strategy of lower price for the Canadian shoppers consisting of consistent assortment (Abdulla Hama Salih, 2020). The particular business is found to allow about the Canadian shoppers, which are different from US shoppers.

Duration of establishment
The present organisation within Canada has been established since the year of 1994 by the acquisition of Wal-Mart related to 122 Canadian leases for Woolco, which is a troubled subsidiary for Woolworth in Canada (Agosti et al., 2020).

Organisational structure
The respective organisation consists of a hierarchical functional. This structure comprises two features such as function based and hierarchical definition. The feature of hierarchy is known to pertain for vertical lines for command along with authority within the organisational structure.

Organisational context
Competition in the market

According to Nicola et al., (2020), within Canada, the highest competitors within the food segment are considered as the major grocery of domestic chains that have been owned through Loblaw and similar others. The international revenue of WalMart has been 1.5% within $29 million because of divestitures and the online sale of the company has surged 60%. This indicates the organisation to be within a successful position in the competitive market of Canada.

Environmental context
After the pandemic of Covid-19 has taken place, the organisation has been taking actions for serving the customers in a better way by prioritising the customer health along with the communities and the associates. According to the present situation, the organisation has decided to hire 10,000 employees more for working within the stores along with the distribution centres, as it tends to deal with the respective issues based on Covid-19 (Dur-e -AhmadandImran, 2020). However, this has also forced time slot availability through the apps of online grocery for the organisation.

Need for reviewing recruitment
The particular organisation is required to hire more and more employees for the clubs, stores as well as distribution centres,to meet with the surge of being in the demand for the groceries along with the household essentials regarding the customers during the outbreak of Covid-19.

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