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(BM631) Hrm assignment on research in e-hrm review and implications in Morrison’s


Task: Identify a suitable topic and construct an argument for your hrm assignment. Analyze a range of primary research options from which to choose and justify the most appropriate research methods identified for the completion of the dissertation. Critically evaluate and design a range of research methods and appropriate research techniques for the collection and analysis of data using quantitative, qualitative or joint methods in order to address the research aim, question and objectives.


Background of the research
The background of the hrm assignmentcan be able to provide general idea regarding the issues that has been faced by the Morison’s in the organizational structure. The challenges of maintain the privacy of the detailed information about the employees effectivity has been faced by the organization that required to be overcome by using developed technologies. The relevant hrm assignmentwill inform readers about the cutting-edge e-HRM system that enables them to track every step of an organization's development using artificial intelligence and machine learning (Thathsara and Sutha, 2021). The communication gap between the employees in the pandemic situation has also been faced in Morisons.

Background of the organization discussed in the hrm assignment
The company ran into a number of HR management problems during the COVID-19 outage, which had an effect on employee satisfaction. The right technology can be used to overcome these obstacles (Myllymäki, 2021). For the Morrisons human resource management system to be more successful in managing the employee relationship by providing suitable training, compensation, and benefits packages, the company must make a significant investment (Nurlina et al. 2020).As per the hrm assignmentfindings, other issues that have been faced by the company regarding the HR department include a lack of efficiency and challenges to controlling huge databases along with the management of production and supply chain (Talukdar and Ganguly, 2021). The organization has planned to enhance the business revenue by using the E-Commerce marketing strategy which can be able to provide grocery products to the customer at their doorsteps.

The rationale of the research
The impact of using the e-HRM process in the organization can be discussed in the research paper that can be able to provide a better understanding regarding the pros and cons of using the techniques (De Alwis, Andrli and Šostar, 2022). The hrm assignmentpaper can be able to provide the process to the organization regarding the use of developed technology for the automation. (Cooke et al. 2021) The research can be helpful for the employees of the Morisons by providing the process to maintain the human bias in the organization using the e-HRM.

Research Aim behind the hrm assignment
The primary aim of the respective research includes the study regarding the electronics human resource management system along with the practice to implement in the Morrison. The issues in the HRM department can also be analyzed in this hrm assignment, which includes the discussion about the challenges faced by Morisons in order to implement the E-HRM practise.

Research Objectives
To find the issues in the HRM department of the organization
To analyze the key benefits and implementation process of e-HRM
To understand the impact of using IT-based Human Resource Management in the organization
To investigate the concept of e-HRM for maintaining the E-commerce website of the Morrisons

Research Questions
What are the issues in the HRM department of the organization?
What are the key benefits and implementation processes of e-HRM?
What is the impact of using IT-based “Human Resource Management” in the organization?
How can the e-HRM help to maintain the E-commerce business of the Morrisons?

Research Hypothesis
H1: E-HRM assists in controlling the e-commerce business of Morrison's
H2: E-HRM helped to maintain the faster communication in Morrison’s
H0: E-HRM does not assist in controlling the e-commerce business of Morrison's

Literature review
Concept of e-HRM explained in the hrm assignment

The e-HRM process can be helpful in order to use the HR strategies practices and policies for the organization using direct support from website, which can be able to provide a better process for, maintain the workplace culture in the organization (Cooke, 2018). E-HRM can be able to provide the process to maintain better improvement of the quality service (Ziebell et al. 2019). As per the hrm assignmentthe e-HRM practise can also be able to maintain better privacy and security of the company record using the developed technology such as could database. The practice can also be helpful for collecting the relevant information form the human resources, along with the process to store the corresponding information (Rahman, Mordi and Nwagbara, 2018). The E-HRM process has helped the organization in order to implement a paperless office.

Key benefits of using e-HRM
The e-HRM process has proved significant in order to reduce the organizational cost by providing a better idea regarding the employee and manager relationship (Bose and Biswas, 2018).The respective process has proved helpful to increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees by delivering better service and a friendly environment in the organization (Al-Harazneh and Sila, 2021). E-HRM might change how conventional HRM procedures are carried out. Employees,from the different branches of the organization, may collaborate on projects remotely using resources like videos, and emails in e-HRM practise (Poba-Nzaou, Uwizeyemunugu and Laberge, 2020). As per the hrm assignmentunder the recruitment process in the organization, job openings may be posted online, and candidates may submit online job applications.

Literature gap
This hrm assignmentresearch will only provide the basic concept of using the e-HRM in Morison’s, however, the challenges of implementing the method cannot be provided in this study. The research has faced lack of information regarding the challenges of HRM issues in the internet and journals that has been used. Most of the data regarding the issues in Morison organizational structure are irrelevant and outdated, which has been faced by the researcher.

Research Methodology
Research paradigms>

The research will be conducted by using the positivistapproach to understand the issues of the Morisons, along with the process to collect the information regarding the challenges of using the e-HRM in the organization. The hrm assignmentpaper will be beneficial for understanding the impact of using the e-HRM in order to maintain the ecommerce business by the Morison’s.

Research approach
In order to conduct the hrm assignmentpaper, the data about the issues regarding Morison’s HRM issues will be collected by using the several journals and official website of the organization. Surveys and interviews will also be organized that can be able to understand the pros and cons of using the e-HRM practices in the organization. Primary data will be used for understanding the issues faced by Morisons regarding the organization structure as well as maintain the employee’s effectiveness in the workplace.

Research methodology (please use quantitative and qualitative research)
Both secondary and primary data will be collected by the researcher of the hrm assignmentin order to achieve knowledge regarding the HRM issues and the impact of using e-HRM practices to maintain the business revenue of the organization.

Research strategy
In order to conduct the individualhrm assignmentpaper different survey and interview questions will be asked to the Employees and managers of the company regarding the issues that have been faced in the HRM department. The survey response from the employee will be analyzed by the researcher in order to achieve the idea about the respective fact that the use of an Electronics human resource management system can provide a better opportunity and business revenue for the corresponding organization.

Sampling framework
The sampling framework can be effective for understanding the source of the materials that has been used in order to choose the sample framework in the study. In order to conduct the hrm assignment, cluster sample has been used for understanding the customer and employee’s issues, which has helped to understand the issues faced by the Morison’s.

Data collection and analysis
The data collection and analysis section has proved effective for maintain a better process to find the issues in Morison’s by conducting different survey and interviews. The interview will be conducted with the managers of the employees regarding the effectiveness of using the E-HRM practise in the organization. In order to achieve the review of the customers and employees of the organization, the survey will be helpful for by using different survey questions. The data analysis of the collected response regarding the impact of using the E-HRM practise will be studied in this section. This section in the hrm assignment will help the researcher to achieve an overall idea regarding the e-HRM process, along with the knowledge about the pros and cons of the practise.

Validity and reliability in thehrm assignment
Validity and reliability of the data and information that has been collected in order to conduct the hrm assignmentpaper will be discussed in this section. The corresponding part can be able to provide the knowledge regarding the accuracy of the methods and analysis that will be used for the research paper. The consistency of the result will be measured in this process by analyzing the effectivity of the result, which can also be helpful for considering the authentic source for the data collection process.Properjustificationregarding the choosing methods will be discussed in this hrm assignment, which can be able to provide the knowledgeregarding the quality of the research paper, along with the elaboration of the consistency of the accuracy of the research.

Research time plan (Gantt chart)


Table 1: Research time plan for the project
(Created by Author)

The above section of the hrm assignmenthas suggests that e-HRM has been successful in preserving organizational behavior and business productivity by using cutting-edge technology to feed the proper data to the organization's human resource management system. Morrisons had to address a number of issues in the HRM division, which has discussed in the hrm assignmentpaper, in order to enhance commercial revenue for the company's e-commerce website. This study has provided a brief idea regarding the impact of using e-HRM in Morison’s by analyzing the issues that has been already faced by the organization. The data collection process regarding the issues of the organization has also been discussed in the above hrm assignment.

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