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(BM562 CW1) HR management and recruitment strategies assignment on designing effective HR policies and guidelines


Task: how can HR management and recruitment strategies assignment research techniques be used to establish effective HR guidelines?


The prime motive of the management and recruitment strategies assignmentis to determine the challenge faced by LSST such as lack of HR management and recruitment strategies. Lack of HR management strategy results into employee conflict, poor team building, and inappropriate training along with lack of recognition.However, the focus of the paper will be towards conducting PESTEL, Porters five forces and SWOT analysis of the university. In addition it will determine segmentation, targeting and marketing of the university. The emphasis of the management and recruitment strategies assignmentwill be towards presenting the appropriate solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the university. It will also determine the outcomes and present handover which will determine the responsibility of the staff members.

management and recruitment strategies assignmentProblem statement
The problem faced by is regarding lack of HR management and recruitment strategies. The HR or Human Resources department within the organizationdeliberatelyhandles all the staffs within the firm (Ciobanu and Androniceanu, 2018). It has been analyzed that within LSST there have been lack of productivity, ethics, motivations and order within the organization. Due to this the long-and short-term organizational goals were not met on time and there have a decline in employee performance to a greater extent. Moreover, the consequences of poor HR management led towards increase in employee conflict, high turnover rate, less productive and demotivated workforce, misunderstandings and miscommunications, under-skilled workforce, shortage of labors and issues related to employee engagement (Hadi and Ahmed, 2018). Furthermore, other issues involve the emergence of legal issues, dissatisfied consumers and decrease in organization’s growth rate.

Along with lack of recruitment strategies the organization is also dealing with the lack of recruitment strategies (Islam et al., 2020). This proves to be highly challenging for the organization in dealing with the threats related with new entrants. Furthermore, by considering the advancement that happened within the higher education industry the organization fails to make an efficient utilization of advanced techniques along with tools as a part of its recruiting process. Along with this, the organization is presently in facilitating similar courses to the students and du to this the university deals with an increased level of threat from new market entrants (Bilanet al., 2020). It has also been analyzed on this management and recruitment strategies assignment that the other major issues that the current procedure of recruitment within LSST is incompetent as well as multifaceted.

management and recruitment strategies assignmentResearch
PESTEL analysis
Political factors

Within the UK market, the education institutions acquire various means of public funding. It becomes essential for the organization to analyze the political factors while making tactical decisions. However, at the time of Brexit the education sector within UK faced significant challenges. It is because due to an increase in tax rate students are made to repay their education loans (Pan et al., 2019). The original cost involves an overall £100 more in a year. However, currently the Brexit government is slowly deducting the education budget which proves to be an opportunity for the organization.

management and recruitment strategies assignmentEconomic factors
The GDP of UK accounts for 2.2 trillion, while the original size related with the UK economy is around 2.04 trillion pounds. It has been analyzed that most of the students in the UK market are being enforced to take huge amount of debt in order to make payment for degrees. However, the major challenge occurs when students start their career with stark economic marketplace. Therefore, the university is required to focus upon these aspects to enhance its organizational operations.

Social factors
The management and recruitment strategies assignmentresearch shows The UK students accept huge loan amount in the present situation. In this the major challenge will be un-payable loan amount. At the time of taking admissions students will focus upon these issues because of which the university might lose the students at an increased margin. It has been evaluated that COVID-19 created a huge impact on the universities within UK which brought huge level of changes within the current policies.

Technological factors
Within the UK market, there possess an increased level of development presented within the education system. Furthermore, one of the new advanced trends within the market is the emergence of online education (Capobiancoet al., 2021). It determines that gaining education via online is free of cost which will serve various opportunities to the students to gather materials via different online platforms. Thus, it becomes crucial for the university to familiarize itself with digital technologies to compete with its rivals within the market.

Environmental factors
It has been analyzed on this management and recruitment strategies assignment that the university is increasingly reliant upon the course offered by the organization. In this context, it becomes significant for LSST to determine the activities to be involved within its course and the methods to be used for efficiently teaching the course. Thus, the overall situation will rely upon the learning situations along with the teaching methods offered within the organization.

Legal factors
It becomes prominent for universities to execute by determining the major terms and conditions within the university policy. Since LSST adequately follows Equity and Diversity policy within its internal environment, hence it will assist the university in managing the challenging situations in its current and upcoming environment.

Porter’s five forces analysis
Bargaining power of Suppliers

Within the university the economies of scale will imply that including more places could hypothetically minimize the cost per student. Moreover, supply-side economies will limit new entrants by enforcing them to step into the industry on a massive scale. Due to this the university is required to charge more per student or execute under minimized profit margins till they attain same enrollments and size as their competitors.

Bargaining power of Buyers
It can be said that students within the education industry put LSST in a burden as they are highly subtle to any alterations in costs and are always ready to shift across to discover where costs are comparatively low (Awuzieet al., 2021). Furthermore, the accessibility of substitute’s management and recruitment strategies assignment services within the university might create a challenging for the university to execute its operations efficiently. It becomes significant for the university to increasingrely upon market intelligence so as to be highlytactical in their pricing.

management and recruitment strategies assignment - Competitive rivalry
The university faced intense competition from its competitors within the industry. This determine that the threat of new entrants within the market that isdelivery of university education has brought about stiff competition since such new universities within UK offers the similar courses as that of LSST. Moreover, other universities within UK also offers other substitute courses which creates stiff competition for LSST.

Threat of substitution
LSST deals withchallenging situationsasmanagement and recruitment strategies assignment researchers and scientists are coming up with educational services which compete very much with the currentunique services served by the university (Georgieva and Abdelazim, 2020). Research determines that most of the universities in UK are determining new services regularly which are either more operative or offer the similar quality as that of the LSST. As a result, this has become highly challenging since the market has become exposed and new inventions are welcome each time.

Threat of new entrant
The new competitors step into business with the aim to bringing new abilitieswhichwere never present before so that they might give tough competition to the current organizations.It has been analyzed on this management and recruitment strategies assignment that within the education business every new entrant is a big threat to the current organizations as they might pose a big risk when they come and take the current consumers through threatening them with attractive services. However, LSST have been profitable and thus it has been attracting the target audience who consider it as a good profitable business.

management and recruitment strategies assignment SWOT analysis



·         Focuses towards constant innovation

·         Able to reach wider target audience

·         Effective strategy for the implementation of digital technology transformation (Benzaghtaet al., 2021)

·         Huge level of competition

·         Imperial college London is a major competitor

·         Maximized level of complication within the market because of new entrants

·         Absence of appropriate course up-gradation

·         Lack of proper recruitment process and HR management strategies



·         Opportunities of using digital advancement and technology in its recruitment procedure

·         It will help in acquiring huge level of competitive edge (Leiberet al., 2021)

·         Opportunity to gain an efficient understanding of competitor and external environment

·         A chance to implement differentiated approach to stay ahead of its competitors

·         Changes in the government regulations and policies is a major threat

·         Failure to adopt appropriate initiatives

management and recruitment strategies assignment STP analysis

The usual practice of LSST was to admit any individual who comes in front for admission. They lacked the understanding regarding diverse student segments and hence believed that there were sufficient differences in the customer profiles (Goncharovaet al., 2021). However, currently the university has adopted mass market approach in order to attract every individual with a single marketing tactic. Thismanagement and recruitment strategies assignment approach views marketplace as a single unit with identical requirements rather than recognizing diverse subsets. The university also makes an efficient utilization of undifferentiated marketing strategy that follows single product for the overall market. For example, by using this approach LSST offers general subjects that serve any individual within the mass market.

management and recruitment strategies assignment Targeting
For the university one of the major target audiences is prospective students such as graduate and undergraduate students. Other target markets of the university are audience segments, transfer students, international students along with part-time students. In order to prioritize the target audience the university lists all of its potential audiences and after that group them into community, partners, staff, faculty along with prospective students (Gamsu and Donnelly, 2021). Moreover, the university also classifies students as tertiary, secondary and primary audiences.

In order to maintain its position within the market LSST has applied the management and recruitment strategies assignment strategy of diversifying its students where it carry out diverse forms of research activities in order to attain academic achievement. It also helps the university in strengthening its services for their communities as well as legitimize themselves as technological, economic and innovation engines regionally and locally. Furthermore, one of the positioning strategies implemented by the organization is to expand its funding streams in order to deal with deteriorating public resources (Huang et al., 2020). This determines the manner in which the university maintains its strong position within the academic field. However, it has been analyzed that the external burdens enforces the university to respond in rather pre-defined manner.

In order to overcome the challenge of lack of HR management strategy the university is required to encourage constant education. This will help the employees within the HR department to enhance their skills along with competencies. Furthermore, there is also a need to develop a positive workplace culture (Loomeset al., 2020). The focus must be towards challenging staff members professionally and stimulate companionship which must be one of the topmost priorities for the HR department within LSST. Moreover, one of the effective solutions is to evaluate current organizational policies to make sure that the organization is protected against security issues that often starts with HR managers. In addition, thismanagement and recruitment strategies assignment observed the importance of emphasis upon making an efficient use of emotional intelligence and promote it throughout the university (Eva, 2018). Thus, the HR management team must engage themselves in this by helping the university heads in analyzing the requirement for emotional intelligence.

On the other hand, the university is also dealing with recruitment challenge due to which it becomes challenging for the university to attract talented employees. However, in order to address this challenge it becomes crucial for the university to become clear regarding the requirements and determine staff members regarding the concise view of their roles. Furthermore, prior to contacting a passive candidate, it becomes important to conduct a thorough research regarding what motivates them in enhancing their performance (Kraev and Tikhonov, 2019). With the help of this knowledge the university is required to engrave its sourcing emails to demonstrate the offerings it can give to the staff members. In order to enhance the recruitment process it is significant to use recruitment marketing software or Google Analytics which will prove to be helpful in tracking the management and recruitment strategies assignment metrics efficiently. With this the emphasis must be towards developing a robust employer brand which will help in attracting and involving better candidates.

management and recruitment strategies assignment Outcomes
The outcomes determine that addressing these challenges facing LSST will prove to be beneficial in securing top and talented staff members within the university who will be able to serve quality academic teaching and service to the organization (Trushkinaet al., 2020). Moreover, rather than wasting considerable amount of time on posting inappropriate job boards along with ads the focus must be towards working with professional employment organizations which will help in securing top talents. The findings also states that implementationof robust onboarding will also assist in hiring proficient and talented employees within the organization (Al Kerdawy, 2019). Moreover, the outcome also demonstrates that LSST must enhance employee retention. Strategic HR solutions from a competentfirm can help in boostingstaff engagement, performance as well as enhance team building. In addition, the management and recruitment strategies assignment confirms making an efficient use of established performance management techniques the university will be able to convert their staffs into dynamic as well as operative teams (Anyakoha, 2019). Along with this team building could assiststaff members within LSST to reach their full potential that in turn might result intomaximizing productivity of the firmalong with hugeprofits.

There needs to be less compliance issues and make sure that the university is in line with the applicable rules along with regulations which will create a huge impact on the relationship among the university and its staff members (Gallardo-Gallardo et al., 2020). Therefore, through outsourcing their HR, LSST will be capable to assist in preventingtheir organization and achieve the confidence that they possess resources to support with the ever-changing employment-based regulations along with the compliance responsibilities.

management and recruitment strategies assignment Handover

Action step

Person responsible


Start data

End date

Encourage constant education

HR manager


10th Nov 2022

15th Nov 2022

Develop a positive workplace culture

Executive team


16th Nov 2022

18th Nov 2022

Evaluate current organizational policies

HR manager


19th Nov 2022

25th Nov 2022

Use recruitment marketing software

HR manager


26th Nov 2022

27th Nov 2022

Enhance employee retention

Executive team


28th Nov 2022

29th Nov 2022

Tracking the recruitment metrics

Executive team


30th Nov 2022

2nd Dec 2022


The demonstrated that LSST is facing the problems of lack of HR management and recruitment strategies. It has been analyzed that it becomes essential for the organization to analyze the political factors while making tactical decisions. Furthermore, it has been observed that the major strength of the university is that it focuses towards the effective strategy for the implementation of digital technology transformation. Moreover, in order to address the challenge, the emphasis must be upon making an efficient use of emotional intelligence and promote it throughout the university. It is seen that that implementation of a robust onboarding will also assist in hiring proficient and talented employees within the organization. In addition this management and recruitment strategies assignment also observes team building as being able to assist staff members within LSST to reach their full potential that in turn might result into maximizing productivity of the firm along with huge profits.

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