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How To Internship Experience Report Writing Tips


Task: What internship experience reports and why are they important?


The internship assignment will focus on reviewing Paul components Private Limited a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of rubber components and products. The company supplies a range of industrial rubber products ranging from the automobile sector and the defence sectors. The company was established in 1942 and expanded to producing most rubber components required in day to day operations.

1 Internship Program
The internship assignment focuses on the program I joined at Paul’s Components private limited, which was a one-month internship, but I managed to secure a considerable amount of knowledge during the internship. I have always taken up every opportunity to learn new things, and this internship allowed me to learn regarding a new sector that I had never worked with before. The internship assignment is very important for my business degree as it exposes me to different situations that I can expect at the workplace in my future career. My career in business administration must not be limited to one field and requires me to be able to cope and handle as many different situations as possible, thus allowing me to develop solutions to the different problems. It makes acquiring practical experience while undertaking this internship assignment, my main object as it will improve my careers success rate.

2 Internship assignment Project
My objective of completing the internship assignment was mainly linked to securing knowledge, understanding work pressures and demands. It is very important to me as it would expose me to what is expected from me when I join a professional position later during my career. Being able to participate in real working environments will also allow me to learn and contribute towards the companies developments which is also a very important aspect linked to career development.

2.1 Securing Work Experience and Knowledge
Knowledge was a key element while compiling this internship assignment as it allows me to develop and handle a wide variety of professional skills which improves work stability. I have always retained a close interest linked to learning practically and been prepared to indulge in projects I know little about. It is very important since it allows me to build the required confidence level, which would help me manage the different situation. It has been a skill I have always nurtured since I was a child where I would observe people working very closely and always remain prepared to participate if given the opportunity. To me, the type or level of the work never mattered since the main objective was to expand my knowledge which would benefit me in the future.

2.2 Contributing To the Companies Development
I also have a natural instinct linked to problem-solving, where I never view problems to be negative but more of challenge. It has been described by many to be an odd habit where I am constantly looking to resolve problems on the internship assignment as well as other projects. I seem to be attracted to problems facing an organization or person with the objective of resolving the problem. The attraction to resolve problems is a skill that has allowed me to observe and resolve problems both on the domestic and professional front, which many people may have simply overlooked. I tend to pay close attention to detail which allows me to realize certain aspects which require modification and change to improve productivity. It is a skill many people I have worked with have praised and am sure would benefit my employers in the future.

3 Internship assignment Preparation Challenges
Simply discussing my achievements would not deliver my true nature or capability, and a strong or powerful professional must also be able to identify negative challenges facing their career. Failing to identify one's challenges will only lead to failure to meet career objectives since weaknesses cannot be worked on or improved. In my situation, one of the biggest challenges I have faced during my education and internships in performing the same task repeatedly over long periods. It is because I fail to retain the concentration required when I repeat the same task leading to serious performance issues. I need to constantly change the work or topic I am working on, which allows me to retain concentration and secure the required efficacy. It is due to my craving to continue learning, which forces me to continue seeking new topic and avenues or skills to learn. But there is also a plus point to this since I tend to return to those occupations and work responsibilities with an expanded vision gained from my prior knowledge and experience. To manage this challenge, I usually discuss the topic with my employers and seek approaches and ways I can circulate or change work roles, position or projects every month which allows me to retain focus on accurate internship assignment development.

4 Summary/Conclusions
While my career still requires me to place considerable effort toward learning and perfecting my capabilities, I have managed to develop the required confidence and attitude to secure success in life. Success must never be based on other individuals but on how one observes the situation and manages it. I have always taken time to continually learn practically every topic and subject as this is a personal goal I have always had. Being able to develop the ability to continually learn is a very important requirement in the modern competitive professional world where experience and skill play a bigger role than qualifications in most professions. Learning and practising must be the primary objective and pursuit for every individual if they intend on securing a successful future career in any industry or field. Understanding your strengths and constantly increasing your knowledge is a very important aspect linked to each successful person’s career. Failing to concentrate on expanding your knowledge while preparing the internship assignment will only restrict an individual to a specific career-limiting their ability to expand and develop.


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