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   Free sample   How nurses can perform clinical assessments using nursing assignment strategie

how nurses can perform clinical assessments using nursing assignment strategies?


Task: how nurses can perform clinical assessments using nursing assignment strategies?


This nursing assignmenthighlights research strategies nurses can use to asses clinical cases. Questioning can be referredto as a natural behavior that starts from a very early age and continues for a lifelong. Most often people ask questions to get the answer for different reasons and the questioning style or techniques can be even of different types. Questions can be asked for having knowledge, clearing doubts, satisfying curiosity, determining truth, resolving issues, starting conversations, making plans, share ideas,etc (Khalil et al; 2020). In order to serve all the purposes of questioning, the styles or techniques even are different. A better understanding of the style of the question can help to have the answer in a better way which eventually strengthens the relationship between the question setter and the people who answer. The nursing assignment will try to justify a particular question style which is been used in the case scenario. There are several questioning styles like open-ended, close-ended, probing, leading, and rhetorical, etc. However, as per the style of questioning in the interview, it comes under open-ended questions.

nursing assignment Discussion
nursing assignment Scenario

The particularnursing assignment interview is conducted in the medical setting. The type of questions, the support worker asked, are for having all information regarding the injury or hurt in the ankle. In order to have all the details from the patient and her background, she has opted for open-ended questions to get an explanation with broader discussion so that treatment or support can be initiated (LaDonna, Taylor, and Lingard, 2018). She has included the questions in a way that gradually all information regarding her background as well as the injury gets extracted.

nursing assignment Effectiveness
The nursing assignmentquestion style has confirmed enough gaps for critical discussion to acknowledge more and more about the problem of the patient. The questioning style helps to have a dynamic conversation to make the communication effective. More importantly, the questioning style has successfully exercised clarifying component in its structure. The questions are asked in a way that the support worker needs to clarify everything regarding the patient with enough background knowledge. As per nursing assignmentresearch, clarifying questions get used for verifying information and to conclude the discussion in an effective manner. The support worker was good enough as she wanted to know what exactly the patient is suffering through and how the treatment can be initiated. In order to do the treatment plan effectively, she was even eager to know if she has the family support to proceed with the treatment in her own place. She has tried clarifying components to come to the end of the discussion through open-ended clarifying questions. The use of questioning style in the particular scenario was much appropriate as the supporting staff has given enough time and a number of possible answers to choose and discuss (Story, and Tait, 2019). She even has allowed the conversation in a way that it can collect more detail regarding the main issue of an ankle injury. By initiating the questions for personal details, she has even tried to understand the thinking of the respondent to have in-detailed supporting data to initiate the treatment accordingly.

Thenursing assignment interview was appropriate in terms of the use of the open-ended questioning style with the help of clarifying components. However, as a whole, if the interview would be judged, then some issues can be much more relevant and overpowering to ignore. The use of the questioning style though was much more appropriate, still, due to some issues, it can be better by identifying the issues. The open-ended questioning style of the interview makes it time-consuming and sometimes monotonous as well as similar information is coming out again and again due to allowed openness which was not necessary. It even makes the entire process complex and difficult due to a lot of irrelevant information (Weller et al. 2018). The questions were asked with the purpose of helping the patient with the ankle injury. Information even can be difficult to analyze to proceed with proper treatment concerns. Some open-ended questions like 'where do you live' are not worthy enough to make an interview brief and successful as this type of question can even be close-ended to make the interview more professional. Henceforth, it is important for the support worker to be more focused on the questioning style to get rid of the issues, the particular interview has faced.

nursing assignment Issue
The discussion or analysis made it very clear that the questioning style as well as the use of questioning style was appropriate for the particular scenario. The only issue, as it was carrying is a time-consuming process that ends with irrelevant information for some questions.Hence, it would be a better approach for the support worker to come up with a mixed method of questioning style which would be a perfect collaboration of open-ended and close-ended questions (Yang et al. 2019).

nursing assignment Recommendation
The balanced or the collaboration needs to be such that the questions can perfectly be aligned with the scenario and the use of open-ended and close-ended questions would be asked as per the need or situation. Such a type of attitude would be much helpful to have all the information regarding the patient and even would be helpful to clarify everything to make an end of the interview or discussion serve the purpose. However, it can even be time friendly as well as filled with the relevant information only. Such type of balanced approach even would further help to analyze the answers in a better way to serve the purpose of the interview as relevant, brief information can be more effective to get direct addressing without sparing any gap for wasting time or effort. The particular type of nursing assignmentquestioning style would be much helpful for the medical staff as well as for the patient by saving time and conducting the energy towards a positive outcome.

Questions are formulated for having knowledge, satisfying curiosity, determining truth,clearing doubts, resolving issues, making plans,starting a conversation, sharing ideas, etc.A better understanding of the questioning style can better accommodate the answer. The style of questioning for a referred interview comes under open-ended questions. Clarifying component even gets used in the interview. The use of questioning style in the particular scenario helps the supporting staff to offer enough time to discuss.The only problem the style carries is a time-consuming process that ends with irrelevant information for some questions. It would be a better approach for the nursing assignmentsupport worker to come up with a mixed method of questioning style which would be a perfect collaboration of open-ended and close-ended questions.

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