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IT Assignment: How Information Technology Is Impactful For Competitive Advantage


Task: Provide an analysis and review of the impact of IS within the use of IT for gaining a competitive advantage over other organization. Also explain the current practices in comparison to the outcomes gathered from different journal article. (Min: 5).


Use of IT for Competitive Advantage
This discussion within the study of IT Assignment demonstrates the significance of having an IS within your association and the use of IT for competitive advantage. It seeks to clarify the role of communication and information in the organization and its functions. It also describes an IS as well as social media elements that help businesses get better their works and develop in returns (Bochenek and Pomaskow, 2014). It describes how the function of the Information Officer Chief has also change over time. On other hand, that information points to issues related to improper use of the system. It provides information on how much a company can decide to spend on an investment limit for an information system.

Finally, it is recommended that organizations deal with different conditions. It suggested that the CIO play the largest role. She or he is answerable for all the online activity moreover data details within the association. It shows how the competition by association creates consumer friendly environments as they receive lower cost of service and better quality products (Eldor, 2019). This literature reviews and compares the current methodology between organizations. This shows the improvements seen over time. Study also suggested education and awareness of the workers of the association. This makes an environment i.e. more conducive to implementation of the advanced systems.

Utilize of various IS has become common among organizations. The use of social media as well as other application has helped business to grow. The main purpose of utilizing the data on this site is to navigate moreover to obtain relevant data to grow the business. Social media is exploring new consumers to help industries attain their main objectives (Ferdinand, 2013). This is because of their wide range of potential consumers worldwide.

Literature Review
Industries are utilizing different strategies in business to succeed. One of the main reasons for building a successful IS to connect the data policy with the business objectives. This method, the issues as well as challenges facing the business are simply solved. The IS currently used in some businesses is dependent on the company's theoretical concepts. Each company has stage to which it may withstand risk. So, the organizations have a tendency to think of IS as being very safer than information that can cause business security problems (Hinterhuber, 2013). Therefore, it is illustrated in this IT assignment that business managers ensure that this policy is used in line with lasting and short-term objectives of the business. Every strategy and methodology must be properly aligned to enable the business to grow and grow. The information system is thrown out that the company cannot make much profit. However, the strategy used also considers what competitors use to verify if the business is on accurate track. Utilize of IS in the association has also been very helpful to the companies. The use of different rates has worked at a more rapidly rate than use of the manual tools. Consequently, the cost of the operation is reduced (Huang et al., 2015). It has been pointed out that time use in conducting operation has also been reduced due to a significant reduction in the resources used in the business due to the merger of technology. As such, transactions have been made much faster. However, companies that are not able to consolidate business have found it very difficult to compete with other companies. Automation of the all presented business process has enabled interaction of the different components within the association, thus reducing complexity. Different stages of business discussed in this IT assignment are capable to deliver great outcomes. Coordination among various business segments has shown positive outcomes in overall production of the business. In maintenance, the processes are speeded up moreover no delays are experienced. However this is what happens when best strategies are used (Kaleka and Morgan, 2017). Companies are able to dig up big information from their basis and utilize them to analyze their business. Nevertheless, this entire base on strategies used by CIO in removal the information. Sometimes it can be a challenge if policies utilized are not correct.

According to the ABC, it has decentralized many resources in organizations, using information technology. Resources not previously available can now be found in every section of the organization. Sharing resources is also easy because they may be found on the Internet. Various technologies have also been capable to access the resources utilized elsewhere in organization using information technology associated features. This is made easier by the cloud computing. Business needs and goals have been simplified. Solving all business issues has been made easier. The architecture of entrepreneurs changes when using IT in organizations (König, 2017). The architecture ensures that both the business and the IS are aligned. Industries that are capable to utilize IT in their work have done cost control as well as risk reduction. This has help organizations gain value from their technology service providers. In utilize of IT, organizations look for the good strategies to compete. These are finished by providing customers with the quality products that are of good value. These products are also made at a lower price to attract customers. Industries that do not have good competitive strategy using IT have been also thrown out of market. Utilize of IT has helped businesses design their goods according to how their customers want them. Finally, its collaboration with the other industries has been also made very easier. This has helped provide wider markets and innovative business opportunities (Rezaee, 2016). Utilize of mobile has helped industries to get in touch with their consumers and engage with them one at a time. Using the USSD, they can chat and provide more information about their services. The Organizations are tired of using social platforms to promote their services and products also. This has help open up the new markets. The online market has the customers and each industry targets it for sales.

The investment in IT and the value the business receives in return for it needs to be analyzed. The return on any investment is expected. Most companies that receive information technology services, regardless of their costs as well as the environment of their company, fail. It can also show that not each business may acquire IT and succeed (Sgroi, Donia and Mineo, 2018). So the organization must not spend much on Information Technology which will transform their business less. So priorities must be prepared at the executive and tactical level. This helps industries distinguish between the success as well as failure in their business. Operational costs must be reduced, and hiring technology must also change the way things are done in business in a helpful way. The US Postal Service is not doing fine because of its failure to balance the people moreover process competence. The issues with this company are that it costs more than other problems to invest in getting an IT architecture that will also help them resolve their issues (Tarabasz, 2015). The IT Assignment revealed that many employees spend much money on firing. It has been pointed out that management does not maintain the necessary inputs of the business.

The system has been use to appoint new workers in associations. This process is much simpler than traditional technique of reviewing. When using rental technology, the process decreases cost and time. Remote recruiting is now simple and has worked with collaboration. HRIS has elements that allow the interviewer to see entire recruitment process, qualifications and analysis process. HRIS also makes the procedure satisfactory. It's simple to keep track of what's going on. After hiring, employees need to be trained to ensure they know their system (Bochenek and Pomaskow, 2014). The skills and knowledge learned are use to expand new strategies and development of the business. Innovative roles are created to create conflicting roles among workers. This can be complete at faster rate. For that reason, industries have brought in a help the desk for all services offered to clarify them in detail to the public. This is chiefly done throughout the websites, instant messaging and toll-free number. Cybercrimes are related with a number of crimes in these organizations which cause great harm. Therefore, workers need to be hired to have the skills required to cope with such actions in organizations. Cyber criminal have recognized new methods to steal information from people as well as organizations. Nevertheless, utilize of IT and research within organization has also established innovative techniques to deal with those risks. Cyber attack has also caused much damage, loss of the data and finance (Eldor, 2019). Therefore, management needs to take particular measures to cope with such risks. Therefore, in the event of such attack, the organizations have taken measures to persist their normal activities despite the attacks. They have also developed strategies utilizing technologies that reclaim lost objects and undo system conditions.

In the field of IT, there are several frameworks that may be use to control delivery of the IT services that are the cost effective. This framework includes service management, IS, as well as lots of others. In organizations embracing technology service, they are very keen on the connectivity, productivity moreover how to implement services offered (Ferdinand, 2013). One of the better practices in the IT management discussed in this IT assignment is to identify and manage separate framework for overall governance. CIOs need to create the business value throughout the technology. The technology employ in organization must be combining with the strategic planning to help the business develop. The information officer chief also requires to ensuring that the impact of the system through technology is related to the functions of the business. Therefore, the companies that are presently using the technology have CIO who knows how to find the finest supplier, also negotiate with the suppliers, inquire about the future of technology, and use technology to meet business standards as well as policies required (Hinterhuber, 2013).

In relationship to ABC There are some strategies that are the set to prevent the negative impact of the technology on functioning of the environment. Technology use organizations need to be set apart and follow those policies. That's why companies are struggling to get their production, disposal of computers, and other operating strategies in place. The government is keen on this. Consequently, old tech machine is both recycled and stored in good condition without being drained in any way (Huang et al., 2015).

Current Practice Report of IT Assignment
At present, utilize of the social and the other channels is very relevant for organizations. Global instability is gaining momentum when organizations use social. They are capable to increase popularity as well as compete with resources moreover consumers online. This also has been trend in recent times. Many of the young people who make up the largest segment of the society are on this social media platform which creates huge market for the company products. The policies implemented when promoting online services or products included knowing what those customers' preferences moreover upcoming events are (Kaleka and Morgan, 2017). Due to this competition, more quality items have been sold at cheaper rates. The advantage of social media is providing real-time communication platforms. Companies that deals with technical products and uses technology for the marketing get more throughout the social media. Social media is shaped by many businesses around the world. Businesses can receive comments and favorite posts in the real time, therefore estimating their weaknesses and strengths. In recent past, CIOs try to regulate their posts to ensure that they reach as many people as possible. People compensate for them to reach a lot of people. CIOs are promoting their business posts to reach more customers. Acting as a leader in every system that involves marketing and decision making based on IS. Industries had a strong desire to make new elements in their goods. Thus, listening to their customers ’comments on the social media will help them to shape their product (König, 2017). For differentiation functions, they strive to create many-different products as well as services that can help their consumers differentiate their goods from their competitor.

Technology has used a bridge to bridge the gap among external networking moreover internal integration. Throughout the data collected from IS, head of industries can influence the engineers in their goods to eliminate some of the defects in their goods. Feedback in the social media also creates a harder loop than it already has. The company's research team will also get better the position of products so as to enhance the overall performances of the business. Companies are imitating the transformation and acceptance that consumer interests have changed over time. From time to time, people require will change (Rezaee, 2016). Therefore, the technology in business must be use to stick to goods of the customers company. Any minor changes in business must indicate to business that the company is changing as well as they want to embrace those changes. Companies are researching changes in the marketplace to become market leaders. They strive to make some changes or other industries follow them. The primary to make some changes is to deal with a few problems. It involves costly changes, and predicting moreover hitting the incorrect move. But, if a business makes a prediction in the correct direction, they generally make a substantial profit.

Media has reduced the time it takes to get to the office. In the office, people visit’s to tender deals. The use of technology promotes business rates or minimizes logistics (Sgroi, Donia and Mineo, 2018). The Geographical barrier is removed, and anyone with an Internet connection can access services offer by business. With increasing number of the customers, data needs to be managed. Data is organized with the help of IS and can simply be analyzed during decision process. Industries that have been capable to look ahead have come to realize that opportunities are simply not available. That method, they'll be capable to come up with the innovative style, packaging, tastes moreover pricing strategies (Tarabasz, 2015).

With the IoT, networking of the physical devices has also been made easier. Home appliances, sensors, embedded objects, and connectivity has been made easier. These things are capable to transfer information and communicate. Technology industries have taken benefit of these elements and produced electrical that may interact with the humans. This is the things that astonish a lot of people and so their sales. Such as, at Adobe business, it specializes in creating multimedia moreover creativity products intended to beautify the world. One of the most popular software in the world is their popular and famous software called a Photoshop (Bochenek and Pomaskow, 2014). In this way it shows how creativity plus technology help to develop new products and grow organizations. Another business that has succeeding in ensuring that technology is maximized with the other strategies using technology is Apple Paul Inc. Corporation. The business develops, promotes and designs their products. These include online services, electronics and software. The industry is capable to use the technology to create visuals appealing to customers. This easy aspect is capable to create them the best-selling industries in the whole world. They can also try to make their words and big picture into ads as easy as probable. This aspect of IT Assignment is easy and easy to identify with their consumers. From their perspective, less word mean more audience (Eldor, 2019). In past, most of the women’s were not involving in technical jobs such as, Information Officer Chief. However, with the change in the management of IS, role of the CIO has been changed as other employees work. This has led to changes in organizations. Due to good planning, number of the women in technology and cyber has increased greatly.

Comparison between Literature Review and Current Practice
In literature review, it is clear that in nowadays world the design of any product or service has innovative significance. When using technology, it’s also important to combine it with the strategies that can suit your company. But, not all opportunities in technology world are utilized. Therefore, a company and business that has the opportunity to exploit most resources becomes market leader. This helps the business to grow (Ferdinand, 2013). Managing resources with IS requires correct planning. A few businesses do not increase their capacity using IS. A few of them are very small, so they want to have correct planning in place, rather than getting large systems that will not improve the invested money. Therefore, CIO must have clear plan for business she or he is working with. In present practices, we can experience much growth in terms of growth. Many things have change. The IoT has changed the way businesses operate. Many things are computerized as well as connectivity made simple. The function of the CIO in company has changed since doing all the work to become the leader of the information system. She or he controls all activities in system. There was lots of competition from the unions. They are using technology to get better quality products. Because the competition is fierce, they are struggling to get as many customers as possible. In the process, they reduce the costs for consumers. This improves the quality of life and gives customers a better experience. Many companies have come up with new software to enhance their value and are improving some of the equipment (Hinterhuber, 2013).

It can be concluded after analyzing the context of IT Assignment that many businesses benefit from the use of technology in business transactions. There, fast transaction, real-time response to consumers. Management of the IS determines business success. Businesses have benefited a lot more than consumers using technology. Businesses that utilize social platform to promote their products have seen a positive change. They have the opportunity to interact with the many possible consumers from the different parts of world and talk about their services as well as products. They have also been capable to get reaction on kinds of the services offer to them. A few businesses will not be able to respond to all of their customers. In this way the services becomes very inconvenient. Likewise, the same IS used for advertising can be utilized to spread false information. This can have a big impact on the business functioning. IT assignments are being prepared by our information technology assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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