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How Human Resource Management Deals With The Issues Faced By No Name?


Task: You are an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant. You have been given a contract to go into the organisation and it will be your responsibility to respond to the following three questions:

  1. As an International Human Resource Management Consultant what are the issues? In this question you need to explain what the issues are in the case study.
  2. How should Human Resource Management deal with the issues in the case? You need to explain how HRM should ensure the issues are not repeated, taking into consideration the international environment.
  3. What is your plan to present to the organisation? You need to make a solid recommendation to the company and present them with an implementation plan to eliminate the issues.

Write short report style answers to these three questions, remembering to cite and correctly reference your sources. DO NOT USE DOT POINTS.


As an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant there are varied organizational concerns and issue areas that are expected to be identified. Being an out and out commercial and private firm, “No Name” is necessary to be revealed whether sufficient profits are made by the organization or not. It is necessarily evident from the case study that management and company ownership perspectives are equally taken into consideration to judge the company circumstances and the issues that are faced by them. The ‘No Name’ international organization is determined to be on the verge of encountering with risks as a result of keeping high share prices (Paauwe & Boon, 2018). Being an aircraft part company with an international wing, ‘No Name’ created their framework in and around 50 countries of the world. Having their operational head at Australia they also spread across in three different countries of Singapore, China and Vietnam.

Main Body
Issues identified
One of the major discrepancies that are possibly noticed as the working operations within ‘No Name’ is that communication gaps exist. These gaps tend to lower the efficacy levels in terms of team working efforts. Much of the organizational decision making, operational process and working dynamism are based upon the proper management of the organization. It requires accurate working culture to create healthy workspace (Cascio & Boudreau, J. 2016). ‘No Name’ had a sheer dearth of this attribute within their organization. One of the massive negative inclinations that have developed in case of the organization is their deteriorating cultural framework. Hence, as a result of declining cultural state of organization, the communications between headquarters and subsidiaries are suffering severely.

Quality standards have been remarked as one among the serious attributes that require immediate attention as an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant towards ‘No Name’ organization. “HRM context refers to the ethical choices organizations face when seeking to maximize profit as well as reduce the harmful aspects of HRM practices on the stakeholders, such as employees, their families and communities, so as to maintain harmonious relations between the employer involved and the stakeholders.” It is not merely the government but the non-government authorities which are found to complain on the quality factors regarding ‘No Name’s services (Vogus & McClelland, 2016). Stakeholders are sent letters of warning to enhance the quality standards for withholding partial payments.

human resource management

Figure: Issues and stakeholder roles within HRM
(Source: Theodorakopoulos & Budhwar, 2015)

The team member distributions are extremely poor where one team head is assigned with responsibilities of so many people. At ‘No Name’ one team comprises 9 people headed by one person another team of 11 members is also headed by one member. Sustainable HRM practices enhance both profit maximization for the organization and also reduce the NE on employees, their families and communities (Mariappanadar, 2003). It is merely 3 teams of all 50 teams which create and formulate the assembly of the aircraft (Theodorakopoulos & Budhwar, 2015). There are no unity existing at workplace in an intra team or inter team efforts. The team manifestations are found to be suffering extremely due to mostly communication purposes. The management is often blamed for not getting sufficient instructions or directions to work appropriately to create staff effectiveness. The Australian line managers are responsible for undertaking the main communication where the medium of mails are never sufficient enough.

The diversity management is never sufficient within ‘No Name’ as the high quality values concerning cultural workplace diversity are often ignored. Working together within the same unit of organization comprising diverse generations is often viewed as intolerance in ‘No Name’ (Aryee et al. 2016). The apprentices and the senior working staff are never tolerated to be working within the same premise. Candidates are often rejected in ‘No Name’ giving a cause of disability diagnosed among candidates or applicants. This represents the level of intolerance concerning diversity at workplace of this organization. It is mostly due to the root cause of lack of communicative effectiveness that the entire network system is seems to get dismantled. When the Human Resource (HR0 team is devoid of clear instructions or regulations to maintain proper decorum within the workplace, the employees shall never receive adequate guidance to influence such perceptions.

human resource management

FigureFigure: HRM functions
(Source: Arulrajah, Opatha & Nawaratne, 2015)

When the evaluation and checks were conducted under the role of International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant to scrutinize the issues at ‘No Name’, the international performance appraisal issues were severely noticed. There are no performance appraisal schemes carried out as per HR management programs.

Severe complaints are received in order to specify the state of incompetent working staff facilities within ‘No Name’. there are feedbacks received in the form of complaints and suggestions from the employees and staffs with regard to the poor training services structured within the organization (Arulrajah, Opatha & Nawaratne, 2015). The performance appraisal as well as training effectiveness are ceased to progress for any staff existing within the organization. There are no integration or training programs implied within the organization to improve and benefit the organization in an effectual manner. a systematic workforce is found to be missing where planning and management is found o be lacking immensely. The internal employee growth is stagnated where recruitment procedures are inefficiently led. The employees at ‘No Name’ are mostly kept unaware of their future goals and prospects. There are no career ladders providing better scopes for development or evolution within the organization.

Way Human Resource Management deal with issues?
Being categorized as an international organization investing efforts in aircraft mechanism ‘No Name’ is subjected to accurate management attributes (Ahmad, 2015). However, as there are certain major issues identified within the selected organization, there is need for the Human Resource Management to create effective inputs to the same. There is need for effective intervention with planned execution to be undertaken. 50 countries across which the company operates mostly prevalent within Singapore, Vietnam and Australia are needed to be considered. It is necessary that aircrafts are produced across all the regions mentioned but the internal working environment is certainly not up to the mark.

human resource management

FigureFigure: HRM issues
(Source: Nankervis et al. 2016)

In order to work upon the team building skills the human resource management employees are required to be managed well in integrated system dynamism. There is direct relatedness with communication accuracy and the cultural wellbeing established within the organization (Nankervis et al. 2016). It is therefore recommended that country management teams be effectually performing their responsibilities in improving the deteriorating and detrimental conditions of the organization. The team management skills and potentials have to be most prevalent among the Human Resource Managers. The rightful instructions and information is expected to be provided towards the staffs and employees working at different departments and segments of the organization of ‘No Name’.

Consideration of the international environment
Training has been identified as one of the most severely suffering and ignored dimensions within internal operations of the organization of ‘No Name’ (Jamali et al. 2015). There are small to large several modifications and transformation necessary to be undertaken within internal working paradigm of the management of the organization so that effective outcomes are possible to be yielded. There are a number of stakeholders who have their vested interests within the organization. It is necessary that their interests are rightfully managed and met to implement proper outcomes for the organization. The quality factors within working environments and the working services have to be maintained effectually. When payments are withheld by the companies either partially or fully, there are needs for the effectiveness to be handled with. The management needs to clear out all the dues and payments of the employees in an effective manner.

human resource management

FigureFigure: Training within Human Resource Management
(Source: Collings, Wood & Szamosi, 2018)

Stakeholder Theory:
As per Freeman, six definite principles were outlined in respect to stakeholder theory for any corporation. When employee hiring and termination are taken into consideration there are necessities for distinctive and transparent employment through clear cut effectiveness.

It is following the theoretical principle of stakeholders that proper governance to maintain decorum are subjected in the hands of each spokesperson equally vested with interest within the corporation. The stakeholder and organizational relationship needs amendment with uniformity and unanimous consent (Collings, Wood & Szamosi, 2018). There are certain externalities which create stakeholder costs that impact the business effectually.

human resource management

FigureFigure: Stakeholder Theory Chart
(Source: Collings, Wood & Szamosi, 2018)

The limited immortality principle is tried to illustrate the stakeholder role played in creating better longevity for the firm. For gaining organizational success there is need for acknowledging both strengths as well as weaknesses of the stakeholders in relation to impacts towards the company.

The team distribution shall require to be managed well by the Human Resource Management team. When the customers are found to be dismantled at workplace due to cumbersome work pressures and maladaptive distribution system, the team heads are necessary to comprise less staff members (Brewster et al. 2016). It is necessary that assembling of team members shall be integrated well and close knit in nature so that small groups are possible to form under each team member.

There are needs for equal contributions to emerge from all team mates so that efficient and effective working spirit gets evolved. There are not adequate instructions for performance of both lateral and horizontal measures (Collings, Wood & Szamosi, 2018). The owner needs to be relieved from the continued conflicts between internal team works and efforts. There needs to be an internal group of executives which shall be framed to advise the owner the right procedure. The experienced and honest suggestions regarding change in approaches and leadership styles shall prove helpful and effective for bringing significant changes within ‘No Name’.

For the internal work dynamism to suffer quite significantly it is suggested that strong network of communication shall be established. The differences in opinions due to the rising gaps between the headquarters and the subsidiaries shall be effectually merged by the communication effectiveness. There are necessities for the line manager to take an upper hand into the matters to create serious impacts (Lussier & Hendon, 2017). The differences existing between the senior professionals and the newly appointed employees are necessary to be bridged effectually so that adequate instructions can be utilized for the long term benefits.

The work of the human resource managers is raising value within the prospective organization in the global market. In order to do so certain ethical and moral regulations are necessary to be considered and looked into. As a major responsibility of the human resource managers there is need for effective communication to be bridging the diversities of all sorts. Diversity in culture, generations and other paradigms are highly prevalent within ‘No Name’. It is therefore expected and suggested that such an organization rises over and above all such discrepancies between the generation gaps (Berman et al. 2019). The seniors and the fresher working within same section and domain of exercise are often found to be creating performance errors and issues. In many of the cases it becomes natural that communication through emails is processed. Every time the emails are generated within work paradigm they add up to the information overload. Hence, effective communication schemes using direct communications modes are necessary to be replacing the traditional and conventional formal setting working. There are several such other orientations that are necessary to be met in order to bridge the diversities existing within the internal frame of working within ‘No Name’. There is a heavy amount of intolerance present as the diversity issue cropping within the organization (Voegtlin & Greenwood, 2016). However, as the working of diversity management process confirms to, there are needs for skilled approaches and active job applications to be carried out using such diversity management programs.

It is most significantly and particularly necessary for an effective and expert team of Human Resource Managers to be designed so that proper functioning knowledge for a prospective organization is carried out. There is need for Human Resource Management team to evolve with adequate instruction and knowledge stream so that effectual outcomes are possible to be devised in an effectual manner. Various areas of discriminations are necessary to be avoided and overcome (Stone et al. 2015). It is necessary that organizational discriminations are rightly identified and equally worked upon with immediate seriousness. For ‘No Name’ to get acknowledged as a renowned and internationally performing management each of the performance related issues have to be scrutinized and evaluated effectually. It is effectually needed that headquarter at Australia provide equal and unilateral power and precedence to all aspects of other regions where decentralization approach can enable the organizational functioning. Rather than using the power concentration technique into stride the decentralization of power to all units can help manage and handle all functional attributes single handedly.

Plan to present to the organisation
The deteriorating and detrimental state of the internal frame of working shall be triggering enough to invite a new change within the organization of ‘No Name’. it is keeping the management roles as most significant and central as the theme that all the necessary recommendations and changes shall be incorporated. The leadership style usually conforms to be one of the determining and core principle of the management decisions. It is governing the leadership patterns and management operational paradigm that the organizational discipline gets decided. For most of the cases these leadership approaches tend to be decisive of the organizational fate. As ‘No Name’ accounts to hold no significant leadership management role to create an identical footprint there are several issues being acknowledged in their operating paradigm (Noe et al. 2017). In such a case the leadership and management style needs to be remodeled and readopted in an effectual manner.

As power seems to be concentrated within the headquarters of ‘No Name’ at Australia the other subsidiaries are falling back in exercising their due rights. The power plants and manufacturing units paced at varied locations of subsidiaries at Singapore, Vietnam and other countries equally require the decisive control to work effectually under proper instruction and guidance. This necessitates ‘No Name’ t adapt the Laissez Faire leadership style where all the spokes are given equal and distributed powers to exercise it in the right methods and ways.

Recommendation to the company and implementation of plan
It is necessary that liberal management support with democratic management orientation be adapted. This shall allow the organization to facilitate with effective communication process. The diversities existing between working groups where clashes between seniors and fresh workers were much prevalent it needs to be curtailed down. Such a management orientation is most significantly suggested and needs to be adopted immediately. It is required that consistency and transparency are maintained within the organization in an effectual manner (Voegtlin & Greenwood, 2016). For such beneficial impacts to be established across the organization ‘No Name’ shall be effectually implementing their leadership and management change orientation. Distribution of team members in small groups to head by one team leader shall be implemented so that excess workload gets well distributed and scattered in an effectual manner. it is therefore recommended that effectual outcomes are possibly yielded so that gaps existing between groups of working debarments are effectually bridged. It is equally necessary that training facilities are percolated with quality enhancement programs. With the realization of market competence the zeal to excel ahead with effective quality standards are promised. In such cases it is relevant that changes within the organization as per desired outcomes are formulated.

The present assignment creates an understanding of the crucial role of management playing within the organization to decide its fate within the market. In order to establish a long term organizational process there are quality standard maintenance to be carried out. There are needs for cultural and social diversities to be overcome with effective communication, awareness, knowledge and performance appraisal programs. Appropriate career evaluation is only progressed when the achievement orientation to reach further up are secured. The present assignment creates an overall understanding regarding the same.


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