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How Ethnic Diversity Is Nurtured & Respected In Public Space?


Firstly, select any one dimension of diversity (for example ethnic diversity) that is of most interest to you. Then start collecting diversity articles from the media (current events) and briefly summarize and critique these articles (copy of these articles and/or URLs have to be included in the appendix).

Reflect on these articles to review your own individual experiences, demonstrating how individual dignity is nurtured, respected and diversity is celebrated in the public space. Explore their attitudes, actions and beliefs about diversity that underpins the articles you have chosen for the purpose of writing this portfolio.

While writing the reflection part, you should write about how your view of the world has been altered by reading this information. If your perspective has been affected, you should give specific examples of how your views have changed over the last 12 weeks.


1. Introduction
The existence of distinct ethnic heritages or cultures is referred to as ethnic diversity. Countless individuals in the UK are identified with more than 1 ethnic cohort, and they might encounter ethnic diversity in their own households. As opined by,(2021), an individual's belief structures could be influenced by ethnic diversity. Hence, the present study focuses on the topic of Ethnic Diversity by reviewing individual experiences and demonstrating the individual dignity that is respected, nurtured and the way diversity is furnished in public spaces. Moreover, the study explores the contextual framework and provides a reflection on the dimensions of diversity.

2. Theoretical Framing
As per the articles like “Regional Ethnic Diversity” and “Britain’s Big Race Divide”, it can be demonstrated that both reveal the issue of Racial Diversitythat is the recognition and commemoration of racial differences. As stated by, (2021), diversity acknowledges and principles discrepancies within and among ethnic backgrounds, taking into account the intersectionality of several communities, including "ethnicity, sex, age, nationality, religious doctrine, impairment, sexual preference, economic factors, education, family status, language, and personal features are all factors to consider. It also includes various concepts, viewpoints, and value systems."

The event occurred in both of these articles are related to ethnic diversity which mainly focuses on racial diversity and its impact on the UK. As several white individuals were taken aback by the explosion of pent-up rage against racism within the U.K. However, as mentioned in,(2021), the black individuals seem to be at least significantly more likely as White individuals to assume there is institutional racism in British governance and communications; 3 times more likely to assume the nation has completed far too little to confront legendary racial inequality; and substantially quite willing to accept the nation's ruling Conservative Government is inherently racist.

3. Analysis and Discussion
As per the above analysis of both the articles, I can surely state that Racial diversity has a vigorous impact upon every region of the UK. Moreover, it can be seen from the articles that the majority of white people have the opinion that police treat black and white people within the UK equally which reveals that ethnicity is properly maintained in the country. However, 49% of black people have stated that they are not equally treated with white people. Hence, according to them, racism has been maintained in the UK. I personally believe that the data that has been shown in CNN is right to some extent. This is because the government in Britain has decided to focus on this issue and overcome the problem easily. Hence, according to my point of view, the current situation regarding ethnicity is mixed. Some people believe that black lives matter is a crucial problem in the UK and some do not believe that.

Social justice has been growing regarding this matter as the government wants to maintain ethnic diversity within the nation. 26% of the aggregate white population depicts that racism still exists within the nation which needs to be eradicated from the country. The ultimate matter in the case of social justice is human dignity and that is not managed within the UK and this has created ethnic diversity issues. According to the report of the UK government 81.5% of people live in an urban location and on the other hand, nearly 18% of the population lives in rural areas (, 2021). Hence, I can say that racism is majorly found in the urban areas in the UK. 26% of the black-white people have depicted that human dignity is the most important matter in the case of ethnic diversity and that has been hampered still now (, 2021). The government has adopted remedial steps including the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 and human rights. I believe that social injustice cannot develop diversity and it deteriorates the culture of a society. Hence, ethnic diversity is needed to be maintained by all countries throughout the globe.

Based on the CNN report, it can be stated that 67% of the total black people are underrepresented in film and other TV shows. From this information, I can conclude that the dual policy regarding black and white people needs to be eradicated from society at all in order to ensure future development. Furthermore, it is identified from the CNN report that 69% of the aggregate black people of the total population in the UK have blamed for the discrimination in professional opportunities (, 2021). In this context, I can say that the policy of the British government has been changed now and equal opportunities have been provided in the professional field. Hence, it is good regarding the future economic development of the society.

I have found two opposite scenarios from the government website of the UK and CNN report regarding cultural ethnicity. From the CNN report, I have identified the details of racism that exist in the UK. On the other hand, from the government report, I have found the ethnic diversity in the UK. From both reports I can say that ethnic diversity and racism both exist in the UK and this is why the government of the UK has focused on legal policy implementation for maintaining diversity in society. From the government website in the UK, it is found that the majority of the population in Newham, London is black and 8% of the total population is white. The ethnic diversity is followed by the people in that area and this has ensured the development of culture there (, 2021). According to the CNN report, it has been identified that discrimination policy cannot ensure ethnic diversity and cultural development. Hence, it is important to focus on the implementation of equality within the society for ensuring cultural development. According to the 2011 census, it has been identified that social development can be made based on social justice within the society (, 2021). Hence, I can say that the maintenance of ethnic diversity is important for ensuring social development. Human dignity needs to be considered with first priority and hence it is important to focus on the consideration of human dignity successfully for ensuring equality.

According to the CNN report, London is the most diverse area within the UK and this is why racism is found majorly within the UK. Overall 98.1% of the total population lives in the UK and it depicts that the number of black people in the UK is gradually increasing (, 2021). From the national statistical report, it has been identified that the maintenance of ethnic diversity is an important matter in the UK for ensuring the quality of lifestyle. It is important to the people of the UK to ensure ethnic diversity and enhance cultural development. I personally believe that in the case of the UK, the black and white people need to be focused on unity and the government should focus more on social equality.

Based on the overall discussion above, it can be stated that the maintenance of ethnic diversity is an important matter in order to ensure dignity within the country. The black people matter is needed to be considered more prominently for overcoming the issue of racism. Racism has become an important issue to the people in the UK and it has created a problem regarding the social development in the UK. Human dignity is an important matter in the case of enhancing cultural development in the UK. Ensuring ethnic dignity can help to do this and it improves the cultural performance of a society

References, 2021. Black and White Britain miles apart on racism, CNN poll finds. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 October 2021]., 2021. Regional ethnic diversity. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 October 2021].


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