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High Rise Consultancy Australia: Implementing The Communication Strategies


Task:Write an original credential document of your OWN strategic communication consultancy


High Rise Consultancy
High Rise Consultancy operating at Australia renders services to their clients by designing and executing communication strategies and ways that would provide assistance in the process of managing issues relating to financial, regulatory and that of reputation. The concerned consultancy firm is having approximately 700 consultants that are operating at different markets of the world with high level of experience of the local market. The primal aim and objective of our consultancy firm is to provide an organisation or the clients with the best knowledge in relation to the local area of business so as to support them manage their team and ideal plans for expanding in the global market as well. In addition to this proper direction in relation to handling of managerial crisis, problems related to market disruptions, making of the best possible use of opportunities so as to accomplish higher competitive stake in the market. Since our foremost target is to make the clients reach the pinnacle of success in the most accurate manner so we always thrive on to the purpose of ensuring that the desired message is put across to the targeted audiences at the appropriate timing (Lewis, 2019).

Aim of the firm: Assisting the clients in the process of excelling within the area of operation and thereby handle the challenges in the most efficient and strategic manner.

Services offered by High Rise Consultancy
Crisis relating to administration & special circumstances: In this regard it can be stated that in any form of situational crisis which is affecting the administration of the client’s company, the consultants at High Rise analyses the situation in depth and thereby come up with strategies that are aligned with their experiences. In addition to this to overcome the situational adversaries the firm also invests on to the aspect of introducing campaigns suited to the need of the client by coordinating with the managerial teams of the company (Noe et a., 2017). Moreover an all round strategic support and plan is also being forwarded by taking the desired information from the financial and other legal advisors that would be beneficial for the client’s internal as well as external communication practices.

Services relating to Financial and investing measures: The professional consultants of capital investment communications at High Rise are potential enough in rendering advices to the Board of Directors of the concerned company whether it is partnership or sole trading, in respect of every form of investment and capital procuring measures (Orna, 2017). High Rise consultancy is currently having professional consultants and counselors relating to the expertise of high level investment relations and are also possessing an expertise relating to digital and financial aspects at the global level. The professional consultants of High Rise are having all the necessary knowledge in relation to the operating investing community thereby making them potential enough to provide credible strategic plan in respect of the corporate market so that the client’s company can operate in a consistent manner (Theaker, 2016).

Maintenance of Corporate Reputation: The corporate reputation teams of professionals operating at the firm are highly efficient in the process of securing and enhancing the level of market reputation of the clients organisation that would further the accomplishment of high level of profits by the same. Preparation of an efficient profile that would improve the enterprise value of the organisation would be rendered by the professionals serving at High Rise consultancy. Delivering of consistent and reputational messages in respect of the company to the concerned stakeholders with effective channelization is the foremost priority of the team of professionals.

Issues relating to public relations: In this regard it can be stated that the professionals at the firm are efficient enough in the working of developing opportunities relating to communication and thereby assisting the client’s company to expand their ambit in respect of their products and services (Paroutis, Heracleous & Angwin, 2016). In respect of the aspect relating to participation of an organisation in any form of public decisions is very crucial; the consultants at High Rise are having the desired amount of knowledge and expertise in regard to representing the interest of the company in all forms of public affair proceedings.

Services relating to Corporate Social Responsibility: Undertaking of responsibilities relating to CSR has become very crucial for any kind of organisation operating within any particular industry (Hyne and Veltsos, 2018). Contributing towards the community in which the concerned organisation is operating is being considered as one of the best business approach that assists in the process of creating long term value for the shareholders. The professionals serving at High Rise are efficient enough in the process establishing CSR profiles that strengthens the position of the company in the market and provides high value to the stakeholders.

Media presentation and growth: The professional consultants working at the firm are having high level of knowledge and expertise in the process ensuring that the clients are able to represent themselves to the targeted population through proper media communication. The members working as professionals for High Rise are competent in the process of making the team of the client’s organisation ready to undergo communicative interviews and presentations. In addition to this the professionals at High Rise are also having the necessary expertise in relation to the establishment of media relations and thereby provide the necessary strategic plan and assistance as per the need of the client. Moreover the overall presence in the social media which are managed and influenced by the stakeholders and the problems arising from the same can also be handled and managed by the consultants (Alkhuraiji et al., 2016).

Services relating to brand consulting: In this regard it can be stated that the consultants at the firm are also equipped with the knowledge of building the brand identity for the client’s organization. the issues faced by the market entries such as creation of brand and identity along with the designing of the retail industry are being resolved with the high end expertise and understanding of the professionals.

Connecting with the professionals at High Rise consultancy will provide the parties with the best possible experience in regard to strategic communication practices along with the providing of above mentioned services based on the demand of the clients (Ambrosini, Jenkins & Mowbray., 2015).

Since Kaufland being a German Hypermarket desires to enter Australia in order to operate within the supermarket industry this will cause varied amount of noticeable changes within the overall market structure. Although various steps have already been designed by the organisation to make an entry in to the same such as investing of an amount of $459 million with the objective of building a warehouse of almost 110,000 sq.mts (Orna, 2017). But still there are certain areas of concern that should be looked upon by Kaufland in order to retain their global image and profit. Being one of the clients at High Rise consultancy through the assistance of expert professional’s efficient development of the strategic communication practices can be done. Some of the strategic practices that can be implemented by Kaufland include:

Making the position stronger within the home market: In this regard it can be stated that organisation venturing overseas should target upon making the market position within the home country strong enough to garner efficient amount of investment within the project. This also makes the chances of withstanding overseas investment in the most sustainable manner. In order to gain the desired amount of profit and market share within the Australian markets, Kaufland is planning to implement in strategies such as competing on price structure (Hynes and Veltsos, 2018). In addition to this they are trying to consider the level of convenience of the market population which do hold the potential of backfiring the organization. Hence it is recommended by the consultants at High Rise that the application of such growth strategies should be undertaken by Kaufland at the home market first as it reduces the level of unprecedented risks.

Strategies for gaining high amount of revenue: In this regard it can be stated that the Australian Supermarket is being mainly run and occupied by four operators thereby having access to the maximum amount of revenue that is being collected from the industry. in order to overcome this challenge the organisation Kaufland is required to increase the range of private labeled products with cheaper prices and thereby survive within this cut throat market competition within the retail industry.

Focusing on CSR activities: Although Kaufland being a German hypermarket conduct their corporate social responsibility with ease to gain public support and preference in the home market the same is also required to be carried out at Australia. Since the already existing market competitors are having the desired amount of share and profit margin so in order to mark an evident change in the structure of the industry undertaking of relevant CSR activities are crucial.

Operational solutions: In this regard it can be stated that the organisation should inculcate in strategies that would train the members serving within the same as per the demand of the overseas market. Different forms of staff engaging practices are required to be undertaken so as to ensure the desired level of competency of the members working at varied departments of the organisation to serve as per the need of the new markets. communication strategy assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help australia service.

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