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Healthcare Assignment: Impact of Product Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson on Consumer Health


Task: The product undertaken for further research on healthcare assignment is Neutrogena® Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 70+ (88ml) which is categorised as cosmetics and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.
Discuss what environments relate to the product/chemical manufactured by the company Johnson & Johnson.


As per the research on healthcare assignment, Neutrogena ultra-sheer sunblock refers to innovation in the product of sun protection, which is established with helioplex providing the superior balanced-spectrum protection against skin-aging uvawith dry touch technology for a lightweight non-shiny finish. The product is manufactured as a waterproof and sweatproof product, which is non-comedogenic and free of oil. The ingredients used in this product are Avobenzone 3% (sunscreen), Homosalate 15% and 5 % of Octisalate, and provided 70 SPF of sun protection. The product is categorized as the cosmetic product that is manufactured,with the motive to protect the skin from the sun rays, by Johnson & Johnson.

As per Cooper (2014), all firms requires to have the capability to explain the issues and challenges. Identifying the issues is plain and simple, but it can be difficult for many if they don't have the patience to wait and repeat the process. Identifying the issues faced by Johnson and Johnson can help the firm to create a possible solution for future betterment. When Johnson and Johnson identify the issues, they will gain better knowledge about the firm, can point out the limitation of the business, opportunities will be visible, and can create strategies to achieve the objectives of the business. As recognizing the problems have many benefits, it also has some disadvantages that include lack of prioritizing the problems, can demotivate the employees, and can develop various opinions resulting in confusion.

According to Segal (2021), many products manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, such as lotions and sunscreen, contain petroleum that is harmful to the consumer. But according to Light, the public must utilize sunscreen as it protects them from diseases caused by the ray of the sun. The important factors of the sunscreen manufactured by Johnson and Johnson must not be taken lightly as they reduce the rate of skin cancer, aging of the skin, and burns caused by the sun. The agency that is responsible for checking the safety of products warns Johnson and Johnson to produce quality products and ensure the safety of consumers. Johnson and Johnson have faced many problems regarding the quality of their Neutrogena® Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 70+ (88ml). In the recent report of Johnson and Johnson, they have mentions the issues that the sunscreen product faces in securing quality supply chains. The major problem for Johnson and Johnson regarding the supply chain is its complexity. Johnson and Johnson do animal testing in very rare conditions as they usually don't test their product on animals. The process of animal testing is an issue for Johnson and Johnson as it is a lengthy process because it requires permission from the government. Animal testing is an expensive procedure, and it does not ensure the safety of human health as they don't produce proper results.

As per Johnsno (2017), in the report issued by the world health organization in 2016, the main reason for climate change is the increase in the pollution of air. As Johnson and Johnson is a big firm, they produce gas such as carbon in their manufacturing process that is harmful to the environment as it increases air pollution. Johnson and Johnson have entered the other international firms in raising tax for carbon emission in order to reduce the issue of change in the climate. As per the post by Washington, Johnson and Johnson have to deal with many lawsuits involving talc-based powder. Johnson and Johnson have to various responsibility that increases their political and monetary hindrance. The issues regarding talc products are very serious for Johnson and Johnson as it can lead the company towards bankruptcy.

The pollution of the environment can affect Johnson and Johnson in three ways that include the decrease in productivity due to the absence of employees, a decrease in revenue, and the cost incurred in preventing air pollution. Johnson and Johnson give higher importance to the political factors as the policies of government have a huge impact on the function of the company. The issues relating to political problems have a huge impact on Johnson and Johnson as they can increase the risk factors and results in a significant loss. Johnson and Johnson can enjoy various benefits by becoming an environment-friendly firm as they can reduce the dependency on environmental resources and decrease the cost of production through utilizing recycled raw materials. Johnson and Johnson will gain more fresh customers by promoting methods that are environmentally friendly.

As per the Statistic Brain Research Institute, more than 80% of teenage girls and boys suffer from acne problems and are unable to afford expensive skincare products. Neutrogena caters to young ladies who seek medically tested glowing complexion at an affordable price. Neutrogena does this through advertising in medical magazines, sending direct mail to doctors, attending medical seminars, and doing investigations at its individual Skincare Institution. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, SPF above 30 is recommended, but the photosensitive patients must apply sunscreen of at least SPF 50. The supply chain for Neutrogena goods local drugstores compels the customers to buy the products as it is very efficient. The Neutrogena cosmetics available at local drugstores are not tailored to any particular client. Natural resources, item provider, brand producer, wholesaler, dealer, and consumer are the phases through which Neutrogena manufactures its goods. Neutrogena distributes its products in large quantities to corner shops in order to restock the empty shelves. Johnson & Johnson delegates its distribution network upwards and downwards, as well as the core operations of the company. As stated by Peter Tarhani, who is the manager of Johnson & Johnson’s global networking, it can be noted that there is a widespread telecommunication system to manage the huge number of unique invoices.

As per Laughlin (2017), although some of theitems of Neutrogena are branded as "not experimented on creatures," this is deceptive, especially in their new Neutrogena Naturals range. They promote their business in China, where international beauty products must undergo animal experimentation. Neutrogena has not been deemed a cruelty-free brand as a result of this. By utilizing phrases like "unusual scenario" and "finding alternatives," Neutrogena is attempting to reduce animal experimentation. Nevertheless, as stated in their policy, they do testing on animals only when authorities or laws compel it.

As per Parsons (2018), about 70% of Neutrogena packaging can be recycled nowadays, and in 2021, they claim that they will be introducing improvements to increase the recovery and recycling of the rest of their containers. Neutrogena is attempting to teach creating DIY products by utilizing the leftover cans and containers, thus without wasting even a drop of the product. But on social networks, Neutrogena has once been chastised for releasing an "ecologically hazardous" cosmetic. This might be evidently because of the usage of polyethylene in their face scrubs and face washes. The Oil-Free Acne Face Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub from Neutrogena, in order for the product to function correctly, must be used with water. Despite the fact that this item may meet one’s cosmetic needs and wishes, it contains chemicals as well as other substances that are wreaking havoc in the environment.

According to Haupt(2021), on Everyday Health, Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen was detected with particles of carcinogen benzene which is harmful to the skin. The firm stated in a statement that it occurred "out of an excess of caution," and that everyday use of the goods "would not be anticipated to produce significant health repercussions."According to Light, benzene is a recognized pollutant in the petroleum sector, and many petroleum compounds find their way into cosmetics, ointments, and creams. In the total 300 sunscreen products, nearly 70 were from different brands. After finding benzene, a possibly cancer-causing ingredient, in certain specimens, Johnson & Johnson is withdrawing the majority of its Neutrogena sunscreens from U.S. retailers. Consumers should continue to use and trash the sunscreen, and Johnson & Johnson is trying to get the items removed from shops. Ryan Marino, an emergency doctor and research scientist, stated that it was the correct and most respectful thing to do.

As per the illustrations above, it has been identified that the chosen product has been dealing with some social issues because with the help of the pharmaceutical testing company, it has been found that the product has been containing detectable levels of benzene, which is a known carcinogen that has been linked to blood cancer and other major illness. The additional issues identified from the research are supply chain issue and animal testing(Brunswick, 2021). However, in order to mitigate these issues, the firm must adopt the following strategies:

Monitoring-Since the petition to the Food and Drug Administration has an order to ban the product that contains a heavy amount of benzene, the firm must make sure that the production of finished goods is conducted with the consideration of the given order. It means that the company must allocate a permanent supervisor who could take responsibility for the product manufacture and makes sure that the same has been manufactured with the prior consideration of the consumer health. It is extremely important to consider the lawful order because the product will be used by the consumer in their skin that directly relates to their health. Therefore, there should be a proper level of supervision or monitor of the manufacture of the product(Rendall, 2021).

Controlling-Another area where the company must improve in order to mitigate the issue is the controlling process of the overall production process. It can be said that the firm must adopt some effective controlling approach that could avoid them to deal with any product risks from the identified issues. It is important because the consideration of various significant aspects in the business while controlling the production process will lead them to have a positive impact on political, social, economic, and psychological environments(Ranadive, 2018). Therefore, the firm must make sure that the products that they manufacture contain such ingredients that are natural, organic as well as chemicals that do not harm the health of the consumer severely. In addition that, the organization must also adopt the controlling approach in order to avoid some issues in their supply chain and some environmental as well as psychological issues.

Adopt a Human-centered approach- The best way to mitigate the identified issues in the product is that they must adopt a human-centered approach, which refers to an effective approach to solve the problem. It is normally used in the design and management frameworks that develop solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in the entire level of the process of problem-solving. It would be helpful for mitigating the issues in Neutrogena sunscreen products that would ensure a higher level of healthy production(Silva and Marques, 2020).

From the Public Health Perspective, the potential future impacts of the product on a global scale are as follows:
Use of improved ingredients-Since Neutrogena ultra-sheer sunscreen is a skin product, the manufacture of such product must be done under the provisions of the Public Health perspectives. Therefore, it can be said that in the future, the firm will be using the best ingredients in their products in order to avoid social and environmental issues. The production process will focus more on the improved skin health of their consumers. These considerations will improve the overall supply chain of the firm that will eventually increase the profitability as well as the productivity of the product.

Maximized Expansion of the product-Since the product of the product will be done as per the provisions of public health, the product can expand in various countries with a large and increasing number of consumers in the firm. Thus, the increased level of Expansion of the product will lead the firm to expand their business all over the world by competing with the world-class manufacturers of the cosmetic products in the market.

However, as per my belief, the possible changes that the product by taking in the near future is that the product will include more effective chemicals that could protect the skin from the sun rays without harming their health in anyways. In general, it can also be said that the chemically manufactured products will change their manufacturing process because of the improvement in the law regarding public health and safety, which will enable the firms to pay extra attentionto the production of skin products all over the world. ?

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